50 Cent Squashes Beef With Mayweather After Hayes Murder Suicide

50Cent, Earl Hayes & Money Mayweather

50 Cent has reached out to his former BFF, Floyd Mayweather, in the wake of the murder suicide of Earl Hayes and his wife, Hit the Floor dancer Stephanie Mosley.

HSK exclusively reported that it was 50 Cent who introduced Earl Hayes to Floyd Mayweather Jr..


  1. Ummm okay maybe 50 is growing up a little. He nee to reach out to his son and squash that beef instead.

    • He’s too damn dumb to know his CHILD is his responsibility.. Not just money—spend some time with your son and stay out of other ppl business.. He’s a messy ass man

  2. @ My x is Jack your right, 50 is truly a Mitch. That’s ur mans text him it’s not for the entire world to see. @ Anon 9:59 he ain’t groww up shit yet. He’s a Queen, Queer as ninja…

  3. Yeah tweets are not personal or sincere in a time of crisis. could have at least PM. I feel the same when people advertistize donations to charities instead of being silent givers. Think hes just trying to outshine JayZ who met Prince William and Kate courtside Nets game. My caucasian comrads and Beyhivers text me to death. Im not on twitter but I am sure there exists a hastag about the baby Nets jersey giftrd to Kate.

    • Wtf r u rambling on about. Stop hi jacking the thread with your bullshit. It ain’t about YOU neither.

        • Are yours? Cuz right about now you coming across all sorta Stan-ish and ass kissy, like u ain’t that interesting your Damn self

    • Are you kidding me? The rumor is that Wills and Kate may be doing an Italian yacht cruise with the Carters this summer.
      Bey may be slow, but she knows how to raise her profile internationally. I would love to be a fly on the wall when Kim and Kanye see the pics of the Carters and the royal couple!! They couldn’t even get any bonafide A listers to come to their wedding.
      Imagine how they feel hearing that along with Lebron James, Bey and Jay are the 2 American stars they wanted to meet! Kanye will lose his shit.

      • I met Princess Diana back in the day.She came to my job and I ended shaking her hands 3x even though I dont think she realized it. Very nice and humble woman. An event I dont think I will ever forget
        So people besides these 2 have met and greeted the royal family or 1 of the member on a regular basis. Not just Bey and Jay

            • Cool thank u : ). It was very cool and she was so so nice. I really think those evil royals set her up for dating that arab guy. I know the arab guy’s father believed that
              But Princess Di was such a kindred soul. She even took pictures with the border babies (aids and drug born babies) without any protective clothing or anything
              I know u cant catch anything by normal contact, but this was around the time aids had just came out and I think that was very noble and loving of her to do so : )
              I believe Prince William take after his mom.Id bet remember a lot about his mum

  4. Why is 50 Cent sending condolences to Earl Hayes anyway? His so-called mentee just destroyed the lives of untold numbers of people by murdering Stephanie Mosley in a Los Angeles apartment. Instead of empathizing with the victim and her family, he shows his true colors.

    • I don’t condone Earl Hayes behavior, there are mad grimy chick’s out there, you just have to get away from them. But his life and family was destroyed by his impulsive behavior also. RIP Earl!!!

  5. SEems fishy the satanic elite froze 50 money last week this was reported on tmz their website yes harvey is a satanist too. And its around that season of blood sacrifice as we approach the winter solstice.

    • Not sure I follow….are you saying the murder -suicide was blood payment to the elite for both Fiddy and Floyd? It seems.odd that Fiddy would insert himself publicly into such a tragedy.

      • I bet on judgement day u r going to say the same thing to the Most High. U will probably call the Maker of The universe ridiculous, Smh

  6. And the hash tags sms audio# power # seems like he has SMS audio on him about something and they are power for 50

  7. word was Stephanie was getting sex from trtey sungs and earl went crazy and killed her.

    guess eazrl didn’t want to do the time or he was that depressed.

    not gonna blame 50 for this not gonna say earl was carrying out secret orders.

    earl could’;nt take being heartbroken and had personal issues.

    but the elite is still gonmna celebrate their deaths regardless.

  8. Funny how it takes someone close to 50 dying for him to squash some of his beefs. Same shit happened when Chris Lighty died–50 squashed his beef with Fat Joe, one that looked like it would never end. In any event, the two songs he did with Hayes were dope, particularly ‘Business Mind.’

  9. I’m sure I’ll get my ass handed to me for saying this but I’m taking my changes, I’m sure I’m wrong for saying so & will repent later BUT…

    After everything 50 Cent did to OPENLY & VERY PUBLICALLY hurt, humiliate, expose & destroy Floyd Mayweather there should NO WAY IN HEAVEN OR HELL that Floyd should associate with him again in this or any other lifetime. Floyd should be wise enough to fully forgive that idiot with all his heart & NEVER associate with him again. The things 50 did to Floyd publically was diabolical & outrageous & all the things he did behind his back were equally as bad.

    Floyd would do well to think “good riddens to bad rubish” in regards to 50 Cent. He is neither a man or friend to anyone who knows him.

    • Reg I think you 110% correct with your opinion on this. I hope Floyd is wise enough to do just that.
      I have to say though, after that inopportune appearance he made at the basketball game immediately following his getting the new, I am unsure of his capacity for good judgment.
      Fingers crossed.

  10. Floyd seem more like a ladies man and more amily oriented then 50. Maybe except the time he allegedly hit his baby mother, Floyd seem more approachable.
    U never know what type of reaction u may get from 50

  11. 50’s a bad luck omen.

    he’s evil and treacherous.

    made a 1000 diss sdongs to all his enemies diassing ja rule years after he won the disswar.

    irv and ja even said 50 won but 50 still wanna diss him.

    50 has a ego problem.

    young buck went back causde he had nothing else to fall back on.

    kidd kidd the newest member of g unit was shot after he met 50.

    50 was phukking chris light’s wife.

    aftermath was a bad luck label along with dre and em who had their fair of tragedies themselves.

    • Hey Chris,

      You KNOW I love YOU!!!

      May we put this post of yours on
      “READ, CUT, PASTE, REPEAT” mode?

      You bring the heat with the truth when you tell anything!

  12. These two were lovers amd 50 was dumped by Floyd, and 50 was a bitter ex like Ms.Jackson and His Baby-Mama. Now 50 wants to open his mouth for MayWeather to cum and shit in it.

  13. Yall missing the point. 50 is implying Floyd wanted to kill himself. This is a diss not an olive branch.

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