Draya And Orlando Are Engaged – She Shows Off Ring

draya orlando engaged 2

Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick are back together and engaged, and Draya has the ring to prove it!

As if anyone is shocked to see Draya and Orlando back together after months (and years) of on-again off-again battling, the two have made it official (again).  After reconciling in June and then suddenly getting engaged, the Dallas Cowboy player called things off with his fiancée.

The battled it out very publicly over the summer, but are now a couple once more, and the reality star diva kept the ring.  To show off her (old )new ring, the Basketball Wives star posted a photo on Instagram of her at Kniko’s soccer practice.  It was just an excuse to show off the hardware.

draya orlando engaged

People called her out on IG for using the kids as an excuse to post the ring so she later deleted the post, but this means that Draya and Orlando are together (for now).


  1. I feel so sorry for Draya.Dude is dragging her and making her look like a circus monkey for that ring. I still do not think he will ever marry her.

    • Crazy girls are the best in bed !
      But…WARNING they crazy !
      Make a man do and go through some things !
      If you’ve been with one you’d understand their relationship !
      Best sex ever…….!

  2. It “SEEMS” that she IS TRYING to turn HER LIFE AROUND! “IF SO, I COMMEND her (FOR THAT)!!”


    “I’M (VERY) RICH!!”…..THEN ACT ALL SIDDITTY ON US! laughing!

  3. TYPO! ^ “SADITY”! …

    I (DON’T) USE THAT word (A LOT), SO “PARDON ME!” 🙂



  4. Draya and Orlando are just as confusing as Joseline and Stevie J. I just read about their shenanigans, laugh at them then I move on.

  5. Message to Orlando Scandrick: Don’t do it. I’m not into any of that new-age propaganda, but she lives and breathes negativity and is exactly what is wrong with this world. Having our Sisters and Daughters think they shouldn’t let things like A JOB, A KID, no education and no money get in the way of having a good time. She shows no responsibility nor accountability towards anything she does. It’s that opposite energy that constantly tries to surround itself around the light, causing bad things to happen to good people like yourself. Ask yourself this: Has ANYTHING good happened to you since you’ve been with her? Declining numbers from 2013, PED use and now an injury causing you to miss this season. The irony is, you not being injury prone (until yesterday) was what you were known for. Now what are you going to do? You going to be a responsible adult and get a gig commentating while your healing for next season (a learning a skill-set to work for you after the NFL) or you going to keep partying with this women around the country? I know which one she’ll pick for you if you let her. I’m don’t tell anyone how to live their life, but look hard in the mirror. You can do better Brother.

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