Draya Michele Gives Birth to Baby Boy

draya michele gives birth
Former Basketball Wives star Draya Michele and Dallas Cowboys Orlando Scandrick welcomed their first child together according to People magazine.

Baby Jru (pronounced Drew) was born on Friday April 8, in Burbank, California weighing 6.5lbs and 20 inches long.

Draya claims to have gone into labor 5 hours after taking this maternity photo.


This is Draya’s second child, and Orlando’s third.



  1. Daaam this is the fall of black men, impregnating all these thots smh Its the end!!!! Masika, Draya, Amber Rose, etc…..

    • Being pregnant is natural and sexy some what in itself !
      Dancing pregnant not soo much !

  2. Nothing like a Prego twerkin to da beat. I used to embarrass the hell out of my husband in the supermarket. I tried to tell him it's a form of Lamaze.

  3. This bird have birth to a preemie then proceeded to jump onto instagram and tell everyone about her snapback. Not one word about the baby or how much of a happy miracle childbirth is. Orlando got himself into a fix with this one.

  4. I used to like Draya because I thought she was funny and honest. Then she decided to show her true colors on the last season of Basketball Wives, when she said something nasty toward another cast member who previously battled cancer and who was supposed to be Drays friend. When Draya thought the cameras weren't rolling she told the girl that her cancer was boring and no one wants to hear about her story. I thought that was extremely low. Then I started noticing that she was scary because she would say stuff behind people back and be to scared to say it to their face. That's why she didn't show up to the reunion. The most classic moment when she said something that she probably thought the other person wouldn't step to her about is when I believe she said some about how she thought K Michelle was ugly or something like that and that day came when her and K Michelle wound up doing an appearance together and K Michelle brought it up. Lol. I know when her little relationship ship with this guy ends forreal forreal it's going to be one nasty split. And he's one stupid guy. She acts like she the one whose rich but really she ain't nothing but a leach.

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