Steve McNair’s Doc Names Mistresses for Money, Including Ne-Yo’s Baby Mama, Monyetta Shaw!

Steve McNair Ne-Yo Baby Momma Monyetta Shaw

“Fearless Discussions are transparent conversations about real topics …” – @monyettashaw, April 14, 2016

HSK Exclusive – You’re looking at a handwritten doc drafted by the late Steve ‘Air’ McNair, who would have been 43-years-old today – may he Rest in Peace. Not only does the doc provide proof of McNair keeping his jumpoffs ‘kept’, it also gives us a glimpse into the late NFL legend’s monthly financial routine. More specifically, funding his extracurricular infidelities of activities.

“Monyetta Shaw was with Steve McNair at the same time that she was with Ne-Yo.”

This drop comes nearly seven-years after the reported “execution-style” murder of then 36-year-old Stephen LaTreal McNair, who was married with kids at the time of his tragic death. Our intel also comes to you on the heels of the celebratory events of one Monyetta Shaw aka Ne-Yo’s “ex-fiance” — whose name is scribed on McNair’s list alongside the names “Alexis Randall” and “Andrea Kibbe”, complete with banking account numbers.

“Steve had a lot of h*es. He was paying Monyetta’s monthly bills and sh*t. Monyetta wasn’t the only one. He was paying that chick from Flava of Love too … Krystal Stevenson.”

Throwback to 2009. You may recall that’s when first word of the Ne-Yo and Monyetta Shaw hook-up began to spread — word which Ne-Yo flat out denied at the time. Just ask T-Pain! Now, not only does our intel clearly reveal a greed-driven paper trail appearing to be (with all due respect) headed for another Maury Povich unveiling — but, Ne-Yo may have known all about Monyetta’s goldiggin’ into McNair’s pocket’s from the jump!!!

“Being transparent isn’t always the easiest thing but I’m so grateful for the lives I’ve touched thus for.” — @monyettashaw

The Drop:

“Monyetta is nothing more than an industry hoe on the take. They’ve all been through that. Ludacris, Dwight Howard, Hosea Chanchez, and many other athletes and male celebs.

If I remember it correctly, isn’t Ne-Yo the same guy in 2009 that told the press in the Philippines that Monyetta was his personal assistant? He knows why he didn’t wife that up. What Ne-Yo needs to do to order a paternity test because Steve McNair could be Madilyn’s real baby daddy.”

Here’s an excerpt from Money-etta ‘Home Wrecker’ Shaw’s bulls*t ‘Bigger Than ME’ spiel:

“Sterilization was something Ne-Yo and I discussed thoroughly in the months leading up to the baby’s delivery. We had a daughter, Madilyn, in 2010, and two children seemed like more than enough for the both of us.”


  1. Neyo stays paying child support for kids that aren't his. Monyetta had to get sex from a straight man, I don't blame her.

  2. Leave it up to you to cut through the bullshit, Jacky. And all the while, Monyetta has been painting the picture that she is so accomplished and a class act. What's done in the dark will most assuredly come to light.

  3. Steve McNair the black man whore who cheated on his black wife and mother of his kids with a string of hoes, one of whom killed his black ass. The murderer was an Iranian chick who killed herself. Oh well.

    • THANK YOU… This only makes these man-hoes look like non discipline having, sex-crazed, low character idiots that no one should want to date nor marry. Hoes will be hoes, but there wouldn't be any without stupid azz men-sluts with money.

    • Oh really? A CAUCASIAN Iranian female terminated McNair's life? Some Black men underestimate the natural killing programming encoded in Neanderthal mutant ape-hybrid DNA.

    • @Anonymous 11:00-It doesn't matter if he cheated 24/7, he didn't deserve to be murdered. NO ONE has the right to take another life just because they feel slighted, because the MARRIED man wouldn't leave his wife.

  4. Well I do declare, aren't they all whoring in one way or another.. That's why it's called "Hollyweird"
    because everyone is sleeping with each other.. Neo s no better than his ex, he was whoring with both sexes..

  5. So yucky. I hope they all wash their nether region before jumping on to the next. Yuck.

  6. Excuse me, can anyone please direct me to where I can have Steve McNair pay all my monthly bills?
    I'm not requiring any information & don't want any details.
    I simply want my monthly bills paid.
    Thank you!

    • @SCS, go to I'm sure Steve will help you with your bills

    • Suggestion why don't you become a pimp and only hire white Asian Iranian and Hispanic girls then have them target rich black man with money that is how you get that dumb rich black man money!

      • That's some truth in your post.. They lose their minds over something that wouldn't look at him, if he wasn't wealthy..

        • @I know that's right, thank you for understanding my post.
          You got what I meant!

          • Oh yeh I feel you. Pimp dem tricks! All you need is a white, Asian, Hispanic, Iranian, etc. anything but Black chick and bam, they money be stole. thats what those non black hoes do, play black male tricks. word is out, bm with money are to dumb and to be played, the proof is obvious.

          • I got you loud and clear.. If you want that money quickly, just start your own pimping business..
            But what most don't understand that if you don't do something good with that money in a hurry.. You still won't have a dime.. Now that's just a fact..

            • And you know I was being facetious about pimping however there was truth if you want to get a black man's money just send a non-black pretty woman smiling in his face he will be a broke joke in five minutes.

              • I know you were joking, but I'm just telling the whole truth.. I listen quite well to the older women that told it like it was… Everyone wants a quick $$$$ these days, but don't realize those $$$$ will cost you something… They have very low self esteem in my eyes..

    • No woman puts a gun to a man's head for dick. However, a man will put a gun to a woman's head for p*ssy.

      This is why the black athletes can't do shit for the black community and build and own, cuz their paper is goin' to hoes.

      • ^^^^^DEAD WRONG.






            • That's a got-damn lie. I applied to the NAACP for a scholarship and denied so many times. I eventually went to school part time at night and worked full time during the day to go to school. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" my azz

    • Nope MAN is the top predator if a man can't mentally outplay a hoe, he's a chump!!

  7. Now I see why Neyo didn't wish his "daughter" happy birthday on his social media recently…

  8. Ne-yo is gay. he finally tied the knot and got married with some dense in the head bimbo who doesn't care about him being gay to quietly cease those forever ongoing gay rumors about him. don't forget that fool was so in love (undercover and discreetly) with a guy 'til he wrote a long song for him and thought no one knew about it.

    nevertheless, them kids the homewrecker slash side-ho slash Monyetta has probably is Steve's. and all the while as she was getting her piece of Steve's NFL checks, Ms. Ne-yo didn't give a damn because he was reaping the benefits too. Ne-yo? no matter how many kids you assist in bringing into the world and no matter how many dumb in the brain, vulnerable, star-struck women you marry, you're gonna always be living a boldface lie about your sexuality 'til the day you die because you like men. and stop trying to please your damn momma (rumor also has it). sad.

  9. I believe this was leaked by the family members/friends of the very rich white man Monyetta has been dating in Atlanta.

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    • From whom did they contract it?

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  10. Neyo had tests done on both Kids they are both his. They had AN arrangement though. There are many couplre in Hollywood that have arrangements.

  11. Tell it, Anonymous!!! You can take the Caucasian out of the caves, but you CANNOT remove the caveman mentality from the Caucasian.

    Some Blacks are just TOO emotionally-invested in WHITE PATHOLOGY and Caucasians to the point of being suicidal and BLAME themselves for adversities caused by Neanderthal-apes through their global criminal systems.

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