Drake Gets Rejected By Serena Williams

drake serena williams

Drake’s trying to get with Serena Williams but she’s not having any of it.

While in London, Drizzy’s been attending almost every match at Wimbledon to watch Serena tear through the competition.  He’s hoping that if he just sticks around enough then the tennis star will take him out of the friend zone and give him a chance at those sweet tennis cakes.

Drake keeps hanging around her viewing box (that’s tennis terms for where friends and family sit during matches, not meant as anything lewd), and even taking her out to dinners to celebrate when she wins.

drake serena williams 2

People have been noticing, and a member of the press even asked the rapper what it’s like to be her “lucky mascot, but he just giggled like a little kid with a crush – typical Drake response.

Serena, who is in a relationship with her coach, shut it all down and let everyone know that the Toronto rapper is just a friend that she likes to have around.   She doesn’t view Drake as anything more than a little brother.

When a reporter (via The Associated Press) questioned Williams as to whether Drake was her “lucky mascot,” the “Know Yourself” rapper awkwardly laughed and put his hands in his face. The tennis pro rolled her eyes.
“We’ve been friends for, like, so many years,” Williams responded. “Just like family.”

Guess Serena isn’t a fan of Drake’s shorthair/beard look.



  1. Didn’t drake cause her and common to break up? Didn’t him and common get into it about her in the past?

  2. it’s so obvious drake aint serious about nobody he only wanna smash and pass so he can rap about it. very homo behavior.

  3. Drake loves transs so he looks for masculine women so he fell right at home dick lover !

  4. He is a professional jock sniffer just like his buddy Justin. He jumps on bandwagons when they are winning, this pathetic clown.

  5. Serena Williams is 1 FINE as sista, she and her sister Venus ought to be glad and very thankful that there Father pulled them outta Compton and into the world of tennis where they became World Wide Champs. There Father does not get enough credit for being an attentive father, I guess it doesn’t fit the negative image of Black Men in the news media. Serena Williams is really into White Guys, so is her sister Venus and there sister was murdered by a White Man a decade ago although she didn’t know the killer. Drake and Common need to take there silly asses home and get a Black Woman who really appreciates them

    • well im not here for sellout sistas. they better learn from the jessie’s pudding woman’s “suicide..” some of us actually know it was her neanderthal husband who literally hanged her ni99er azs ijs!!

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        • This entitlement you think you have over women who do not know you, is sick. If Serena wants to date white men, you will give her the same pass you give Kobe Bryant, Chris Brown, Terrence Howard, micheal Jordan, and the rest of the list 5:19-21 provided.

    • Serena is a man, do the research it might make you really sick to your stomach. I thought she was fine at first, but recently I learned the truth and now I KNOW she is.

      • #sellout #BWHaterAlert @Carl you are full of shit and Mr. Williams the BM who raised two tennis champions straight out of COMPTON needs to pimp slap your dumb ass! There are photos of them as little cute girls in pigtails with their proud daddy teaching them tennis I HATE bishes talking chit like you!

        Go ride Kanye,50, Tyga and Bustas jocks and only down low homies call BW mannish looking cause you like white trannies thats what up sellout bish!

  6. Can’t Drake just be a fan at Wimbledon supporting Serena without romantic intent?? She’s obviously not his type,, but I’m sure he admires and respects her as he should.

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    • Stephen You make me laugh and want to cry at the same time. You have gone off the deep end.

      Stop believing all the Youtube guru’s bullshit and learn about how things really work. Nothing is about to crash. No one is leaving the country. The economy is doing much better under Obama than it did under Bush and the stock market reflects that. Sure, there are a lot of folks who are jobless or underemployed, but that is not an indicator of a failing economy. As for FEMA camps…n*8*8a please.
      That crap has been around since Katrina. It is a complete fabrication dreamed up by the paranoid sheisters who live off the clicks from your visits to their sites.
      I realize that I can’t change your mind, but if you want a chance to better your life, you would avoid falling into the traps which are set just for the disenfranchised and delusional. Learn something which will BENEFIT you rather than continuing to lower your IQ by feeding on the bait set for the low hanging fruit of society.

    • the problem with american people they don’t believe anything they like to wipe it off. saw a commerical with ron paul telling to you that the banks are crashin goh yeah these guys like ron paul, jesse venture, alex jones, chris grenee, mark dice work for the elites.

  9. Who cares about Drake, he is a thot. I’m here to congratulate Queen Serena on winning today!!!!

  10. Instead of talking about Drake allegedly trying to sleep with Serena, let’s talk about her winning Wimbledon? That probably would make for a better discussion instead of Drake because most people call him gay!

  11. How awkward is this for Drake.. I can see he is very Desperate and it’s PATHETIC ON HOW DESPERATELY HE ACT’S. I CAN’T DEAL with a DESPERATE MAN. Drake MAN UP.

    • @5:19-21 Are you talking about….. Drake????. WHAT make You think that Drake’s a gold digger??? He got his on MONEY….

      • His money is TINY AND SHORT compared to Miss Willliams MILLIONS and MILLIONS and MILLIONS. If you think he’s balling you don’t know show biz LOL he makes pennies on the dollar. Look at her body lanuage she’s not getting played by a down low scrub trying to golddig for a showmance!

  12. Didnt drake already hit that? He had Common all emotional at one point. I think they both like to run through people. Serena on the white man trend right now. When that changes into the next trend she’ll break up and be ready to fit in with the next thing everyone is doing

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