Drake Ditches Dad: Abandoned By Aubrey in Arizona!

Drake Ditches Dad

HSK Exclusive – We’ve gotten word that last year, Drake, kicked his pops to the curb … literally! A tipster tells HSK the tipping point happened in Arizona, when Drake’s pops Dennis Graham “flipped out on him.” and that “since then the pair haven’t been on good terms.”

The drop:

“Drake’s dad is living his second childhood when he’s with his son & it pisses Drake off. Drake left his dad stranded in AZ last year.”

Drake Abandons Father Arizona


  1. Was he with some group decades ago.. Well old people these days are acting like an asshole trying to be young.. But if my father was alive, no matter what, I'm not kicking him to the curve.. IJS
    Drake get out of self and find your daddy and make amends now, no never you might not get a seconds chance again……..

  2. Whateva happened to that Alana Kushie chick?
    I bet Drake father had fun that nite, lol
    She was hot!!!!!!!!!

  3. Some black males don't know how to be a father can't be blaming nobody but themselves his daddy is a f*cking punk!

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