Drake Under Fire! Daylyt Plays Enforcer For His Diddy!

Daylyt vs. Drake

It seems like anyone who’s got a problem with Diddy has a bigger problem with Daylyt! Just ask Drake, who may have just learned how much Diddy means to the Battle rapper.

You’ll recall … Daylyt previously announced his “I wanna f*ck Diddy” campaign.

In his recent message to Drake, Daylyt made it a point to let two things be known. “If you [Drake] lay a muthaf*ckin finger on my man, you gon have problems,” Daylyt said. “Diddy is my b*tch.

Here’s what Daylyt put out there…

“I just heard Diddy just punched Drake. First off, let me talk to Drake real quick. I told you, you can not take Diddy for no sucker. Diddy ain’t no bitch nigga, he has a real crip nigga as his boyfriend.
Now this is what I want to address Drake. I heard you got some goon on your squad OVO, but let me tell you, if you lay a muthaf*ckin finger on my man, you gon have problems. I don’t want nobody, nobody, touchin my son’s daddy, or my son’s other daddy.

Ain’t nobody gonna touch Diddy, because Diddy gotta raise our kids. I’m gonna make sure I stop that by any means necessary, Drake…that’s my bitch, Diddy is my bitch…that’s my son’s father and you not gonna touch him.
I’d f*ck Diddy. I’m not gonna front. I’d f*ck the shit out of Diddy… Why not? Diddy’s attractive. Get him off like a bottle of Ciroc, a shot of Ciroc. He got plenty of Ciroc. Get him f*cked up, I’ll f*ck…I’ve always been infatuated with how he dances–it’s something about like the arms and shit. That shit’s sexy, yo. Like, pause. No homo. Let’s really be honest. Diddy’s thick, yo.”

Drake Released From Hospital


  1. Diddy should gone ahead and stick his D*ck in Daylyts mouth. Queen, Queer azz ninja…

    • Way to go in perpetuating the intellectually redundant cycle for the next generation… Talkin’ all that stoopidity with a kid [young boy] in the back seat… totally mashed up ish!

      • Exactly! Somebody call CPS because that psycho should NOT be around people’s kids!

          • Didn’t know that was his child. His unstable should NOT be around any kids even if the child is his. Dude irresponsible as hell to talk around his child in such a reckless manner. Just like another poster said, there is no telling what that psycho is instilling into the child.

          • Yes and his wife is educated, fit, attractive and non-white. Also his business partner and helped him when he was in a rough spot. Like some of his fans say if he keep playing gay to generate a buzz he will eventually will have to polish a knob for real.

            • Non Importante According to Wiki, Daylyt is Rakim’s son and Kendrick Lamar’s first cousin. I am trying to find a second source for this, but no luck thus far.

    • You on point finding these clips…lol. Did anybody notice the child’s actions at about the 1 minute mark. The kid looks like he saying “this ninja at it again” he even look like he is trying to unlock the seat belt so he can get out the car while it’s still rolling, the kid can’t take it either. He hates to be see with dude…and what wrong with this dudes hands?

      • My younger sibling is a tatted up suburban-thug 90s baby who keeps me young. Yanno the type that wear Jeremy Scott adidas and prps jeans. My polar opposite and personal urbandictionary since I was never and will never be hip. Ive tried but I give vibes like Shemar Moore with those dusty cornrows in that Tyler Perry movie. We are so Huey and Riley.

        Daylyt kid is too cute and has awesome hair. Looks similar to mine before I whip out the CHI ceramic and Aveda smooth infusions before work. I hope he relies on talent instead of gimmicks. He will eventually have to take it in the azz or one of those LGBTers will fight him for mocking.

    • Non Importante After watching the clip any lingering doubts I had as to whether this was a goof or not were extinguished. This dude is a comic and his whole “Diddy is my man and my baby daddy” is part of his act. He really is pretty funny too, although I’m curious as to how this whole thing s resonating with Puffy. And now his bringing Drakie into the mix just adds to the potential hilarity.

  2. What in the flaming f%×&£ is this??? This has to be a joke. And who this clown staring in the camera from the passenger seat of Volkswagen beetle, looking like a Tangy Idris Elba? Moments like this make me believe in on site execution.

  3. Well that would explain the picture I saw some time ago of Diddy adjusting his pants as he got out of a vehicle, and the other guy that was riding with him smoothing down and straightening up his hair as he got out of the other side…

  4. “It’s something about his arms and shit. That shit’s sexy yo”…???? What in the hell…LMAOOOOOOOOOOO. Uhhhhh, I’m Dead

  5. This fool got a little mixed boy (?) In the backseat he’s probably teaching this nonsense to..

      • Cause some white woman is probably cosigning this mess.

        I read above his lady is not white but Ima need Maury on this one..

  6. I definitely heard from tho guys mouth I think on glad tv some extra homo words

  7. Well, if a homosexual male can fight…whose to say he can’t f*ck, oops I mean kick a straight dude’s azz. I mean we are talking about Drake…my abuela can kick Drake’s azz on a randome Thursday.

    • @TB Oh most definitely a homo can get down, I used to work overtime at this DC nightclub and two dudes were coming out the front door arguing, one had on a dress, next thing you know, he pulled his dress up and put his fists up and commenced to whooping other dudes ass. After they fought, he wanted to act like a woman again…that was the funniest thing I saw that night.

      • LMMFAO!!! @Maia, I just spit my juice at the screen. Holy Isht…my Friday is starting off lovely…But Real Talk, you can’t underestimate anybody. You never know…

        • Yes it was hilarious! It just amazed me that he was all “womanly” at first, then he pulls up his dress, voice got all deep, started fighting and then pulled his dress back down and again started acting “womanly”. The other dude underestimated him because he had on that dress. Honey I have seen some the wildest stuff ever. I used to be a DC police officer and working the clubs was the funniest because you never knew who or what would be attending or coming through those club doors.

          • Oh my…I can only imagine the things you’ve witnessed at these clubs at night. LMAO…good story.

  8. I remember him from that Vlad TV clip Jacky posted a month or so ago. I could be wronger than wrong, but my take on him is that he is some kind of rapper-comedian hybrid whose schtick is the “gay rapper who loves Puffy” bit. In the TV clip he went on and on about what a sexy dancer Puffy is. Now you KNOW that has to be a goof, because Diddy is famous for his wack dancing.
    I am doubtful that dude is even gay. If ya think about it, what better way to take Puffy down than to have an “gay rapper” claiming to be madly in love with him?

  9. DAYRX STFU BITCH WIT YO RETARDED LOOK’EN DICK RIDEN ASS, just because you wanna suck diddy’s nuts dry bitch errr body wit sense know diddy ain’t shit! Only yo sweet candy bitch ass think that shit, look’en like a retarded thunder knock off stfu, because that cat is softer than cotton punk, GET OFF THAT WACK ASS NIKKA DICK! now bow down and continue dick riden cause I hear you real good at it

  10. This is a bunch of.foolishness. some of.these negroes need to grow the hell up and be a real man not some buffoonery clown azz out seeking attention. He sounds silly gay or not. I know many gay men and not one act this damn retarded.

  11. Damn, Your’ll never know it could be true, or damn right lie, but keep it in mind Diddy has been known to f*ck men in the past, Mark Curry’s book called (Dancing With The Devil) exposes Diddy’s shady character

  12. WHAT GAY LOVE SONG is this?
    These Folks need to grow up.
    These are GROWN ASS BLACKMEN with no benefits, no 401k plan… And no plan for the future.
    threatening people on the internet, will land you in jail.
    But then all these gay black men do what they can, to go to jail.

  13. So Daylyt is a faggot? I just need to be sure with all these fruity ass comments and referring to Diddy as his boyfriend. Something is up Daylyt been saying he want to f*ck Diddy for a while like he know something. Any who Tucan “Faggy” Sam, is on some powerful ish

  14. daylyt is a fag he wants to phukk diddy.

    if diddy told this guy to kill himself he woukld.

  15. toucan sam was a fag himself he was so sweet rainbows in every commercial and exotic fruity flavors.

  16. lmao truth is Daylyt is far from gay. What he is is an attention seeker and he ay all day long. u can never take him serious and u will never know when he is serious.
    as long as yall are takling daylyt is mission accomplished TO the BAT MOBILE! as he would say lmao QUILL

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