Dr. Conrad Murray Claims Michael Jackson Was Sexually Abused in New Tell-All Book

conrad murray michael jackson sexually abused

Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s former physician, is releasing a new tell-all book where he makes a startling confession about the King of Pop.

In the book entitled This Is It! Murray alleges Jackson privately confessed that he had been sexually abused as a young boy.

MJ allegedly told the doc, “You see, Dr. Conrad, I’m a victim of sodomy.”

He went on to acknowledge the stories of his father Joe’s brutal beatings during his early years.

“Everyone always spoke to the fact of how I was beaten by my father, how I was called names and told I was ugly. I agree that all of that happened to me…I’m sure similar experienced as happening even today to children in many families, but they are not sodomized. I don’t think that is common,”

Murray also claimed MJ changed his appearance to help “forget” his past.

Do you think Murray is full of it?


  1. I knew he was sodomized as a kid already by more than his father. They raped all those children. Joe, Quincy, etc all raped them.

    • Everyone in the industry have been sexual abused and used to become a star.. I wouldn't let my twin never anything of that kind.. They ALL have been abused and they are still used and abused to stay in the limelight.. It's disgusting to know about it.. That's why I don't envy nothing they have, they paid a heavy price to get it.. I don't know how people let their small children enter into the industry.. Walt Disney was one of the worst abusers when he was alive and all those kids on TV, they are paying a price for it.. I fault their damn parents for allowing that to happen.. Some kids never heal from that and some go in to abuse others..

      • None of the ppl in Hollyweird is happy. They only smile when the cameras are rolling. All of them are drug or alcohol addicts

        • You right and I love your name love myself some Freddie saw him in concert and have seen the BGees in concert decades ago.. Some of the best live music you can see..

        • BooHooHoo cry me a river, as long they're getting the millions, no one cares these actors/singers/drug addicts are never the real true 1% of the global elite.

        • Marilyn Monroe said it best:

          Hollywood is a place where they'll give you $50 000 for your kiss and .50c for your soul.

        • @Anon… Of course! Rappers and OG's aren't exempt and they don't have any power anyway all that mean mugging is fronting a bitch! why do you think so many rappers are so angry because they had back that thing up and serve their masters!!

          • Thank you know one is exempt, unless you are a child of someone already in charge of everything.. Those rapper butt holes is looser than ever..

            • Rappers are the weak hypocrite always talking about killing black people and taking drugs

              • True facts and I still say black people are the ONLY race that don't stick together.. They kill each other for a dime bag of weed.. Children in the ghetto running and hiding from bullets, because the gangs thinking they run the streets.. It's all disgusting and then they turn around and sell drugs to the teenagers.. GTFOOH
                with that bullshit.. Why do you think it's a good ideal to get someone young hooked on drugs.. They have too many people already during drugs.. It's all sickening in my eyes..

          • Not all 100. The ones who aren't turned out get arrested, their careers ruined with scandals, or just killed. Remember, it is all about that $$$. If you aren't put on, they will squeeze what little money they can get you to earn and then get rid of you in the most shameful or final way possible. Why work on your spit in order to get into the nastiest "club" there is? Better to be a nobody in the streets than get azz-poked in the sheets for fame and money.

    • True. Very sad but true. Joe jackson deserves to burn in hell. His mother Catherine too for being complicit with the shit.

    • I heard the following story :
      Just before the Jackson 5 was on their way to tour as a band under contract with Motown Records, Joe Jackson forced his sons to get naked and to bend over. Then some dude entered the room and raped them all one by one…
      Apparently Joe Jackson ordered this group rape in order to make sure that his sons will obey them no matter what…
      This story I believe is true, after all the Jackson family is all about secrets …

      • I heard that story as well. The jackson family is absolutely terrible and is just as bad as the debarge family. All these family's are nothing more than multi-generational abuse family/hierarchy's who once had a credible amount of influence in the world of entertainments.

  2. Michael is dead, and can't defend himself against the man that helped to " KILL HIM"! Really ninja??? Why does he believe that he should tell Mike's story?? Why does he think that people will believe his ass??? And what does Michael's disgusting, miserable, bullshit childhood have to do with this money grubbing creep?? Fuck you Conrad "murdering" Murray! Oh my God! Deport this heavy accent ass dude! Uuuuugh! Black people can't even die in peace, out this mutha f*cka! Shit!

    • Thank you his family should have sued him and barred his from disclosing anything he told him.. What happened to the doctor and client confident.. He's a no good lazy ass sorry excuse of a man.. But his estate should be sue his sorry ass..

  3. If given the opportunity to enter the music industry I would NEVER! I heard that on initiation into the industry you have to have sex with the guy signing you plus, they record you and a same sex partner having sex. It is all recorded. Then after all that you are 'allowed' to sign your deal.

    I also heard that black females get it the worst. One female artist apparently had to f*ck 50+ men before they would allow any of her records to be played on the radio. When she finally had enough (i.e., heavy drug use stopped numbing the pain) they told her: no more sex = no more airplay, no more anything. Eventually (after frequent trips to Dubai – to be ? on by the Arabs), she resumed her sex work in the industry. I believe her records are back on the radio now.

    Women and men (boys and girls) are basically hoes. That is what is expected of you. One member of the group 1D was pimped out by his boss so much and so regularly that he is now a full blown heroin addict who could literally die (OD) at any moment.

    If you really hate and detest yourself then send your demo off to the nearest record label!!

    • Chuck Berry had a document video of telling how he sold his soul to the devil and how he was trying to find God.. It's a sin what they do to people and parents need to be beat down for allowing their children to be abused and given drugs to be able to do whatever these old men and women want to then.. Behind the gold doors in Hollyweird anything goes.. Whitney Houston was lying when she said Clive Davis is the devil….

      • Whitney was lying? Everybody says Clive's the devil. Isn't the saying:Tell the truth and shame Clive Davis lol?

        • She said it on TV during an interview with Diana Sawyer, she said, you are allowed your opinion this is America… She's not the only person to say it either..

            • Michael said that Tommy Mattola was a devil too. Some of those witches and warlocks work sex magic too. And not just to humiliate or black mail but to gain power or steal essences. I've heard that the reason there is so much same sex action is that the magic is more powerful. I've also heard that BM and BW are more abused bc melanin is a great superconductor so the energy gained is more concentrated and potent. That industry is fuked up.

              • Truth! This is also why they rape and kill children as well, because the spiritual energy of children is very immense. As for melanin being a great superconductor, have you ever thought as to why so many black celebrities all come from extremely f*cked up and dysfunctional households, with many untold stories of rape and some type of abuse? MK ULTRA aside, the more "corrupted" these black male and female celebs are the more easier they are to coerce; becoming victims to the "vices" that execs and handlers temp them with. Our people especially have to be careful in how hey tip toe around the world of entertainment.

      • Never heard of Whitney ever saying Clive Davis was the devil but I've heard others say similar things about him. There's lots of urban legend and stories if you will, about Clive having people killed for all sorts of reasons over the past 30 years.

        • Yes there's plenty of information on him.. I do believe some of them..

    • 50+ men??? Now that is a women who experienced abuse over a prolonged period starting at a young age. So sad.

      • Yeah. 50. After all that f*cking you would get a number one record – 'thanks for being a good whore' type of thing. It is just morally wrong. How can this be allowed to continue? What other industry would make you sleep with men as part of your obligations? It is abuse. I feel so sad for the young kids on talent shows. No one is exempt; everybody pays their dues .

      • Do u realize how many men and women Beyonce slept with as an MK ultra I can tell u it's waaay more than 50. That's why she can't conceive a child too many abortions in the past!

        • Damn… Ive heard about the abortion rumors, but if that's true, thats some really rough shit. Women and men get passed around the industry like blunts, especially black ones; regardless of level of respectability.

    • Where did you read that information on one direction? I think you're referring to Zayn Malik.

      • Datalounge. Yep you are right. Simon pimped those boys. They all are on drugs but Zayn, Harry and another one got it the worst.

        • I've been reading up on Zayn for a while now. Ever since he was fired from the group. I just thought the drugs were from him being bipolar, it never occurred to me, that he was pimped out too. Plus, the other is probably Louis.

    • Are you talking about Ciara? I read a letter back in 2010, she would talk about " how the industry is really run" if she wasn't let out of her contract … She was let out of her contract immediately.

    • Um yeah, if I had to go through all that shit-and sometimes literally) I would never even DREAM of stepping into the entertainment biz period. For most these days, life is already trying enough. No need to add on top of it!

    • No wonder why almost every singing artist is a drug addict…
      Coincidence ? I think not…

      • Yup! The drugs serve as two purposes- to dull the pain once they remember and reflect back on the things they did, and to also loosen their inhibitions, to make the coercion process go a little easier. Drugged up people are of course easier to "handle."

    • All facts! So imagine all of the artists that were signed by Clive "grandpa Munster" Davis! They all had to suck him off! Mind you, He's a Herpes infested, child raping, Sodomite! I've never wanted anything that bad! This world is infested with base individuals!

  4. Mike when he was a boy stayed at Diana Ross house and he admitted he wNted to be her and sing and dance like her while Diana encouraged him I believe more went on I do believe Diana was filling u Mike to be a fag then and then all those Motown guys and associates would f*ck Mike while in girls clothes sorry but it was abnormal to be a boy and wNting to be a woman Diana said years later why her and Mike never worked out was because he e wasn't Man enough

      • well Miss Ross married a Norwegian billionaire + her millions with The Supremes so therefore being a devious evil witch really paid off for her. Its only way to get ahead, just ask our future President 🙂

        • Not really. That billionaire had a prenup and they divorced before he died in an accident.

          Why do you think Ms. Ross be in that bottle?

          Her kids made out okay, but you can bet that billionaire's WHITE children are running that shipping company.

          Some very very high end hoes do marry their tricks. I think that was Diana. Then she got outta pocket and he let her know who was runnin' shit!

          • His name was Arne Naess and they WEREN'T divorced when he died, it wasn't final. The boys of course made out, I don't know how SHE made out, though with the prenup.

            • They divorced in 2000 and he died in a mountain climbing accident in 2004.

              Ms. Ross hit da bottle heavy after that



  5. Funny-I was just looking into and reading up on the Debarge family just the other day, and remarking just how similar the family's were. Severe abuse, rape, drug use and abuse; followed by repeated cycles of abuse from the brother Bobby Debarge onto the other family members. I know EL was abused as well, but they keep that well hidden since he's carries the family name. And of course El debarges connection to the sick bastard Quincy Jones. All these MK ULTRA/monarch programmed celebs have been to "the couch", the mansion parties, or the executives suite. I would never step foot into the industry or allow my children to enter, even if supervised by myself. Even then, too much shit goes down.

  6. Years and years ago I read at Page 6 – yes I'm one of the few people who actually saw it I didn't hear about it I laid my eyes on the story — Jermaine Jackson had a manuscript outline part of it was he was saying that his father basically pimped Michael out to music business executives Michael would come home crying and was a mess for days afterward funny shortly after I read that I never heard anything about the book I guess it got shut down and Jermaine was told to shut up.

    • …to clarify JJ said their father would take Michael at night to hotel rooms with businessmen… now what does that sound like when poor little boy Mike would come home a sobbing mess? And you can clearly see there is a period in Michael Jackson's life when he goes from basically happy go lucky abused little boy to a sad and gloomy looking molested little boy you could see it in his eyes.

      • If you listen to the word in some of his songs, they tell a story.. Michael was truly a gifted person, but they didn't allow what God gave him alone to take care of the whole family.. Joseph made so many bad deals for his sons, when they left Motown they were basically broke.. Then Quincy the devil took Micheal career to another level, I'm sure that cost him something.. But it's like I been saying Hollyweird is just as bad as the old people said decades ago.. Talent alone don't get you anywhere, to me it seems like they break a person down, them bill them up and after that you're just a cash cow to them.. Then people wonder why these people doing drugs, they are trying to forget what has happen to them.. So don't recover they overdose and die.. It's really sad and it's getting worse now days..

      • I know what you're talking about now! I heard a woman on youtube by the name of "Hollyhood"(a former insider) mention it. It described some really horrible and sick shit in it, describing how before show airings, Michael and a few other child stars would be taken in the back, where there were tons of strobing bright lights, and they were each brutally raped for minutes at a time. Now makes sense as to why Michael underwent as much plastic surgery as he did, because every time he saw the man in the mirror, it was his father staring right back at him.

      • Yeah I too have heard about that particular book. There's a lot of real sick and evil shit that goes on behind closed doors in hollywood. Joe Jackson is a sociopath and a narcissists like may parents who give their children up to the industry, and allow them to be pimped out. It's just even sadder that Michael couldn't deflect from his program and get away from his father or rebel against him. All these stars, ever last one of them are extremely damaged people who were once innocent flowers that were corrupted. Whats sad is that many of them are so heavy under mind control that they even allow their own children to be given up to the industry.

    • Yes I remember when Jermaine said that Joe would get Michael at twelve midnight and claimed he was taking Michael to a meeting. Another insider said that all the Jackson boys got bent over not just Michael.

    • Omg! Latoya revealed how Joe would smell thier underwear, and go into their rooms at night. Men like Joe Jackson always get with weak little church mice, with zero life experience! The Debarge mom is all about her Jesus as well! They made sure that they shut Toya up and her a liar..That's why Joe Jackson is fighting so hard for his life, he's afraid of what he soon will have face…

  7. Brooklyn Queen: I agree. Why hasn't this bastard been deported. How dare he desecrate a national treasure AFTER HAVING KILLED HIM.

    This bastard has kids all over the place in the Caribbean and America, married a WW, divorced her and he is just a f*cked up mess who believes all should bow down to him because he is doctor. And he couldn't do that right — apparently when the EMT arrived in Michael's bedroom, the doctor was incorrectly administering CPR. Furthermore, why would he violate the confidentiality of one of his patients (that he killed by the way)? Pull the medical license too.

    He is Hollyweird's new drug dealer (filling Cosby's shoes). That is why we saw him hanging with James DeBarge in a picture last year. I hope he gets either beat down, arrested and deported.

    America gave him a chance and look at what he did with it. He was a destroyer to people rather than a helper. There needs to be some kind of conditions on citizenship. And please don't come at me, none of my grandparents were born in the USA. I'm just callin' it as I see it.

    • A six-times accused Pedophilic/Hebephilic Child Sexual Abuser who paid $20 Million to silence one family (while admitting in the out-ofcourt settlement he kissed/fondled/masturbated/preformed oral sex on their 12/13-year-old son), $2.4 Million to silence another family, and $300,000 to silence a third is a "national treasure"? Come back to reality, please. And before you argue that "Michael was found 'innocent'", the jury members that acquitted him al, stated that they each believed he was a serial Child Sexual Abuser who abused other children, and probably abused Gavin. Look up the profile of a AutoPedophilic/Pedophilic/AutoHebephilic/Hebephilic Predator, and it fits MJ to a tee.

      Conrad Murray was found "Guilty" of "negligence" which resulted in MJ's death, but not of 1st/2nd/3rd Degree Murder — in which an individual kills someone with malicious intent. I don't care for him at all, and I couldn't care less if he was deported to Trinidad, though. He's revolting.

      Your grandparents' nationalities, don't change the fact that your words are words of an Xenophobe. You are just more likely to be a self-hating, Xenophobe.

      • OOC settlement was confidential so how do you know what MJ admitted to?

        Also, the first boy admitted it was a lie and his father committed suicide. Significant because the father was the one who pushed the case.

        Yeah, Conrad got off of murder/manslaughter whateva only because he was able to hide behind his MD

        I am not a xenophobe, I am just calling it as I see it. Any other country would have run Conrad out if he had killed a beloved icon.

        Not self-hating, you don't go to other people's countries and take such liberty.

  8. Wasn't this 'doc' a patsy / fall guy? It is widely assumed that Michael was disposed of after he began to slag off Sony. He was quite vocal and he wasn't gonna shut up. He called them out then he died. He was not up to performing any more. His tour no doubt wouldn't have been one of his best: out of breath, not moving properly. Weak. As we all know, one way or another, the label makes its money. How much have Sony earned since his passing – 1B$ + ?

    • Ever stop to wonder why Michael lightened himself and took all the melanin out of his skin??

  9. Any time you gotta have an IV in your arm to go to sleep cause pills don't work any more – shit has gone too far. The ruling aristocracy created MJ and more like him. Someone just said that black music is America's #2 export! All about the Benjamins. That's why MJ made 'they don't really care about us' long before we really understood.

    • "Any time you gotta have an IV in your arm to go to sleep cause pills don't work any more – shit has gone too far"- Reading that line man… Really just sounds off an alarm and sticks with you.

  10. All of this physical and sexual abuse Michael Jackson suffered and yet so many of us still want to be hollywood celebrities? Why?

    • Only the those withing the brainwashed, ignorant masses. Fuck fame. Hollywood can keep that shit.

  11. Quote from Scorpiess, "I also heard that black females get it the worst"

    I wonder what Halle Berry, Kerry Washington and Zoe Saldana did in order to become rich and famous. Those black actresses are the biggest in hollywood. How many men and women did Halle Berry have to do the ghettogaggers on? Did Kerry Washington have to f*ck Shonda Rhimes? How many men and women did Zoe Saldana have to suck off?

    P.S. I guess that Black Child youtube video is true after all

    • Go check out Thug Hunters.com you will see what black males do for pennies to serve their white masters…the same thing that Kevin Hart Kendrick Lamar Kanye West Little Wayne Taye Diggs Tyrese The Rock Vin Diesel Will Dr. Dre Ice Cube Snoop Ice T etc… Had to get down on their knees and serve their white masters. They get f*cked by their white masters and they love it!

      We know those males love white peen that's why they're always talking about the white man because they want to be him and want to suck his penis.

      So now you know what black males do to get ahead in Hollywood

      • white masters look white because they are evil joowish bloodlines who had bi racial children with european whores…

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