DMX Headed to Rehab in Los Angeles!

Where there is smoke… there is usually fire!

After X suddenly cancelled his concerts earlier this week and while friends and family worried, the internet went wild with worry that the rap legend had relapsed. The rumors were true and now he is on a flight with his wife and kids as his manager awaits to escort him to the rehab center.


  1. Aren’t they divorced. Iyawnla couldn’t fix his life so how is this going to help. Hope he’s not running from the drug dealers he may owe!

  2. Sad, I think he might have been sexually abused by momma’s boyfriends when he was young. He is too talented to be going through this and not being able to kick his habit! I mean crack, WTF, didn’t that go out 15 years ago?

  3. Shawn carter has DMX back on the road again every since they reunited a couple of months back. Jay-z knows DMX is heavily on drugs and is not well, but he’s fine with pushing him back out there after all these years he stops messing him. I smell a possible set up, not fooling me one bit.

  4. When.jay z became CEO of def jam dmx pissed off said I refuse to work for that guy get me off def jam now

    Jay, x and ja rule was supposed to form a supergroup called murder inc but Kay and x couldn’t get along

    Believe me this was before Irv gotti formed murder inc records Irv was gonna produce the group

    Now x like nas both somehow ended up working for jay

    Nas aibt doing much now and jay want dmx publishing

    Poor dash he might as well dress up in drag and become jay tranny whore since jay fucked him out of everything else

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