DMX Facing 44 Years for Tax Evasion

dmx tax evasion

DMX has turned himself in to law enforcement after being accused of concealing his income for many years.

X allegedly owes $1.7 million to the IRS dating back to the early 2000s when he was making major money in the music industry.

To skirt around the tax laws, he listed his income in 2011 and 2012 as “unknown” even though he made $353K and $542K those years.

In 2013, he finally filed his taxes and said he made only $10K, but the Feds tracked down his income for that year and found out he actually made $250K. He hid his money in his business managers’ bank accounts and carried around cash most of the time.

When he appeared on Couple’s Therapy, VH1 took the appropriate taxes out of his $125K payment, but he complained to them and said he wanted the full amount without any deductions. As I’m sure you can guess, he never claimed the money he made and never made the tax payment on that amount either.

He turned himself in on Thursday, and if he’s convicted on all 14 counts of tax evasion he’s looking at 44 years in the federal pen. He’s going before the judge today so stay tuned…


  1. This fool love prison and boys he keeps going back over and over and over again yeah he likes sissies

  2. So crimes against the taxman are more heinous than murder in the eyes of the law. 44 years. You would get less for murder. How many kids do paedos. have to abuse before they’d see even half of that?

    • Pedos usually have hundreds of victims before they are caught & then only get get a slap on the wrist.

      You are right, the laws favor them, I think because most of the fuckers who run things are pedos. The destruction they cause is immeasurable and the pain they inflict lasts a lifetime, yet they are still allowed to breath, it’s sickening.

    • how did they come up with 44 years—jay z album 44:44 *pondering*
      Prodigy dies- he was coming out with a play called the illuminati, beef with jayz and exposed the industry… I have to look into this —deeper than rap

  3. We’re damn near 20 years into the 2000’s, and during this entire time, he didn’t once think to educate himself on how to manage his finances, and learn how to keep his money safe?

  4. DMX is mentally incapacitated to handle any life or money issues. They’ll get their money and he’ll probably have to be mentally evaluated or institutionalize/rehab in order to stay out of prison.

  5. I always wondered what he was getting paid on all these reality shows and how he was paying his bills.

  6. Crackhead X !!!! Time To Go To The White Man’s Jail !!! Hit’em Up !!! (You 2pac WANNABE/and Jealous Nigga)

  7. The IRS are the real crooks they are not even suppose to tax you on your labor but they do and anybody who questions it is fired. How could there be a deficit ? Every other day they are collecting millions from these celebrities non the least the blue collar workers. Where is, all the money going?

    • They are not collected from the real rich the 1%, that money is not even in this cun-try!

      And anyone who does have $$ figures out as many loopholes as they can so they pay the least amt possible.

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