HSK Exclusive – Insider word points to Sean P. Diddy Combs as a man who may be lying on his pockets. Just ask his Polydor peeps. So, Could Diddy’s entire public persona be nothing more that full-fledged lie? We can’t confirm the answer to that question. But… we can tell you the that Diddy’s azz seems to belong to a Ron Burkle!

“Clive Davis is really the man behind Bad Boy Records. Ronald Burkle is the man behind the other companies Puff claims.

Ronald Burkle, 61 — a Cali-based Supermarket mogul — has been named Diddy’s longtime sponsor… said to be responsible for “investing” $100M into Sean Combs’s Sean John clothing line.

“Sean Combs doesn’t have the type of money he would like the public to believe.”

Here’s the drop:

“Puffy don’t own Ciroc, he’s the face of the liquor brand… responsible for tainting teens and turning them into alcoholics.

He even admitted that he doesn’t have money like Jay Z or Dr Dre. He’ll continue to pimp the Black community for his lifestyle.”

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  1. Exactly so FORBES has to update their list because we already know that MASTER P is the riche$t lmao im not surprised if Diddy loves to sodomize alot of old crusty white men to put on a front SMH

    • master p is the biggest front artist ever. i worked for priority when they were distributing his album. dude didn’t sell ten percent of what he claimed. albums for mia x and them type of groups wouldn’t break 50 thousand dude would buy an ad in the source and claim they went double platinum

      • Say what! U mean to tell me all this time Master P was just front in to make it seems he had it going on?

      • It’s rumored that most labels are fraudulent for such practices. However, Percy was also known for giving his artists cash and a crib. What they did with it, is their business.


  2. Well I’m not surprised he (P.DIDDY) is not worth the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ he claims in them songs he is worth, because remember he had to cheat his artists (name me one artists from the 1990’s or 2000’s who is still signed to him now in 2014) in order to stay afloat with the deal he had with Clive Davis (ARISTA RECORDS) that distributed “BAD BOY RECORDS” for years. I don’t believe he is GAY though

  3. only thing new about this is his sponsor I think anyone w/ half a brain been knowing he’s a bi or gay lapdog for the man…people that have wealth don’t brag about it or have to publicize it

  4. Burkle also financed Rocawear, Dereon, Magics movie theaters and Jesse Jackson’s sons beer distributorship.

    • True!! Hes the money behind magics la dodgers ownership
      And ron is a big supporter of UCLA this is why Diddys son recieved
      A football scholorship from UCLA

    • Thank you, Smarter. I’ve been telling niggas for years that Magic is the face of select Starbucks, Fatburger and Friday’s locations. The Japs were supposedly backing Magic up as a means of setting up businesses in predominately Black communities. Slowly but surely, as they’ve done with the Ladera Center in Los Angeles, Magic gets phased out and is no longer the face of the aforementioned locations, but the businesses still stand. It’s all a hustle.

    • Baby of Cash Money is having financial problems. Lil’ Wayne is having financial problems. Puffy has been trying to liquidate property, which is usually a tell-tale sign that someone is having financial problems. Misa had a house that went into foreclosure. If Puffy was worth $500 million, why not give the bitch $750k to pay the house off?!.

      Most of these celebrities are rich on paper.

      • Say What! How in the hell Baby and Lil Wayne broke with all them drugs coming in by the banana boat from Cuba? Mannnn B. them fools have that 100% uncut the purest finest coming to them in the Port of Miami.



          • And that is why Baby and Lil Wayne majority of their money is coming off the banana boats.

      • None surprises me at all about any of them except JayZ and Dre who are ACTUALLY intelligent as well as talented. Think about it. Puff Daddy/Puffy/PDiddy/Diddy/Sean Combs was NEVER smart. Remember when he first came out back in the late 80’s and on every interview had his mouth hanging open. He had to have professional help and coaching to train him how NOT to do so because it was so unsightly during TV interviews. He was on the short bus at a Catholic Academy in Mt. Vernon,NY where he was a decent football player, thus his acceptance to Howard University. He’s full of himself as is evident by his constant need to legally update and append his stage names for crying out loud. To me this is emblematic of a guy flailing wildly in an attempt to stay relevant. And yes, I also think that Mr. Combs is on the DL. Like a lot of his peers in the industry. When word went out a decade ago that Samuel Jackson had to sleep with George Lucas in order to secure his part as Jedi Master Mace Wendu in the 2nd Star Wars trilogy I figured most of Hollywood must be on the DL.

        • “When word went out a decade ago that Samuel Jackson had to sleep with George Lucas in order to secure his part as Jedi Master”…wait a minute where did you hear this at???I’m LOSTTTTTTT where can I find this info at???

  5. its all coming to LIGHT now lmfao Notice how every body that was apart of Bad Boy Records said that they got cheated out of paychecks SMH and i remember when the News reported that Styles P beat the shit out of Diddy because everybody believes that he set up Biggie Smalls for murder so that he can exploit him. wow karma is really ketchin up to all of the frauds LOL

    • straight lies. styles p aint touched diddy. in fact you canactually find the recordings of them on the radi talking and diddy calling in and telling them i was standing right next to you and you wouldn’t even dare look in my direction. and told styles and jada that they knew the exact location where he was at and they could get off the radio and come see him. and they didn’t. i aint a diddy fan and think he aint cool. but facts is facts. styles aint touch that man and when he talked about he was thinking about running up diddy challeneged him to do it and styles backed off

    • Styles flipped a table in anger at a BadBoy meeting with Puffy present but he never actually laid hands on dude.

  6. This proves that Puffy aka Diddy aka Sean CockBwoy Combs sucks the most cock in the game and is down to some cock for an few millions

    Its an shame that this CockSucker FuckBoi calls out Obama but is in the studio laying on his back swallowing beats of cock LIKE WTF

    Burkle loves nigga cock and Puff is his best nigga by far cause with white teeth like Diddy this cunt catchs more balls than an hoe in St Louis aka Nelly swallowed Diddy cock for the Sean John ad
    These guys suck more cock than the Hoes down South

  7. Trump is no better. Many of the buildings baring the Trump name are owned by the Arabs & Chinese. They pay Trump an annual fee for the usage of the Trump name. They pay because of what the name represent or rather USE to represent back in the 80’s and 90’s.
    Burkle financed Sean John and paid Diddy an annual fee for the use of his image and to represent the Sean John Brand. As old as his ass is, Diddy is considered successful cool, the party guy, beautiful homes, beautiful cars, beautiful girlfriends (J Lo & Cassie). Burkle wanted that to be the image of Sean John.

    • You are absolutely correct. And the richest man in the Middle East is HRH Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal AbdulaziZ Alsaud! BTW….That Prince is handsome!

    • And what makes it so bad, Trump sold that yacht to Prince Al-Waleed because Trump went bankrupt. Prince Al-Waleed pimp that yacht out and sold the yacht back to Trump for a double amount. Hell, at the rate how these men doing women Imma get me an Arab man. At least and according to the Muslim customs, that man has to provide that woman a house!My first cousin just marry her one with money of coarse.

      • Trump filed bankrupctcy so he didn’t have to pay people that he got money from. That bitch never been close to bankrupt. He plays the system, he cries broke while he gets richer.

          • Are you serious???? Oprah is a billionaire, Trump refers to himself as a billionaire. I don’t see his name on any billionaire lists.

          • @EDDIELONGS….I’m curious myself, what’s the name of the site, that has Trump listed as a billionaire.

          • Trump is not worth more than Oprah. He claims to be a billionaire, but he is not. He has a lot of real estate holdings, but his debts are also excessive. Trump has filed BK at least 3 times, and not to “reassess his debts.” He makes horrible business decisions and ends up leaving investors to hold the bag for his terrible decision making. I’m not sure why anyone f*cks with him. Trump is a hack/low grade, cheap imitation of his father.

            • People asked where did I see Trump listed as a Billionaire. I don’t doubt that Trump is a Shady businessman, he’ll what Billionaire isn’t? Though Trump may be shadier than most, that does not mean that people won’t see the name and jump into bed with him. But I have never seen Trumps official bank statement nor have I seen Harpos. I figured Forbes was a reputable source, that’s the name everybody hollers when you hear millions and billions. But they got it written down, if Forbes is cooking he books then take it up with them.

            • I wasn’t questioning your source because that isn’t my style. That’s what our resident “client liason” aka flight attendant does. Lol.

              Damn, these sticky keys that aren’t sticky because I’m using a touch screen. I know Trump always purports he is a billionaire. I need some receipts from Trump that don’t consist of a fudged Forbes listing.

              Pleadings and discovery, oh how I’m loving thee…

            • Ok i got you. but See, I didnt think Forbes would do that. Plus I checked some of the other people on the list with other sources and the billionaires all were consistent within about 400 mill and the millionaires were all within about 400 grand so I figured it the numbers in Forbes were pretty approximate.

            • I think Forbes counted his RE holdings as assets and possibly ignored his massive. I don’t know what their qualifying criteria is. I respect the fact that he has investors, because what fool would risk his own money on those types of developments, but Trump knows he is a fraud. I don’t believe a word he says.

          • Of the topic. I am cracking up LOL at your screen name. EddieLongsTragicHairPiece!! Man that brought back memories of another DL hypocrite. And that painted coif of his WAS an absolute tragedy. I wonder if his mega church is still open? there in Stone Mountain, Atlanta, GA.

        • I remembered that but when he was over there in Dubai. Image if MJ was alive and he signed up with Prince Al-Waleed. Goodness gracious he would have been mega rich! I think Jermaine wanted to follow in Mike’s steps. Hell, Jermaine even married an Arabian wife! Go figure!

          • Yes,Jermaine was green with envy when it came to his more successful brother MJ.I’m sure you’ve heard his side record to Michael Jackson called”Word To The Bad”.Jermaine resented Mike and wished he was the bigger success which never happened.

      • Arabs were the 1st to enslave black people & they have black slaves to this day…they castrate black boys & they colonized North Africa!

        • @Anon:5:50 Those are not only enslaved,killed and sold our people they’re also responsible for building the ships during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade that bought the Hebrews here to the Shores of North America.But of course since our people are oblivious to these facts dirty Arabs like DJ Khalid can invade hip hop and benefit from it all at the same time.

          • You can’t tell black people that as far they know white people are the only ones that threaten our existence. Everyone else is cool. What a bunch of dumbasses, I swear. They also stole their identity and polluted Islam. Also they are the biggest pratictioners of sexual deviancy just like their kinfolk, whites. I guess that ain’t none of black folks business either huh?

    • Wait a minute…U mean to tell me that the Chinese and the Arabs paying Trump annually just to use his birth name?

      • Trump has been broke for ten years. If it wasn’t for licensing deals and shadow financing he”d be Hammer. Traditional lenders won’t f*ck with him. Nickname slow pay no pay. When his development deals go bad he just walks away. If he actually had some money he would be sued weekly for all the lenders he’s left holding worthless paper. The other poster is correct Shadow financiers are often Arab or Chinese.

  8. Well we knew that he didn’t do it on his own. Diddy doesn’t have OLD money. Diddy’s money comes the sacrificing of his OWN. One after the other.

  9. Ronald Burkle was mentioned as giving Puffy money to start Sean John in an article on here a couple years ago:


    “…The music industry is also controlled by people who don’t even work in it. People who control commerce, financing of deals, fashion. Dudes like Ron Burkle who gave Puff 100 mil to start Sean John. You think that dude can’t call a shot or ten? Think again. I believe he also extended lines of credit to other so called black owned hip hop clothing lines.”

  10. This!
    Sean John and Ciroq were hugely successful ventures, Puffy must have balanced his loan at this stage, no?

  11. No man is going to give someone money for nothing; especially $100 million dollars. Knowing how hollywood is, it wouldn’t surprise me if Puffy had do puff on Ron Burkle’s dick to get that Sean John start up money. I’m sure Puffy had to puff on Clive Davis’ dick too. Satan’s son already admitted he is into guys and we know what Puffy did to Mase and Usher. What kills me is black people didn’t give a f*ck about Ciroc until Puffy started endorsing it. Why are so many black people followers instead of leaders? Why do so many black people drink alcohol?

    • Ron Burkle is definitely NOT gay. That’s not the basis of his interest in Puffy. Believe me. Burkle may not be very attractive, to put it mildly, but he is never at a loss for hot model/actress/escort arm candy. Ron likes the ladies.

    • Does anyone here understand what a venture capitalist does? Of course they get something in return: royalties and ownership percentages.
      This is how businesses get off the ground. Why on earth would you assume that Burkle is effing Puffy or that Puffy is somehow Burkle’s “boy” and he is the massa? That’s repugnant.
      If that were the case, then 99% of white folks with ideas and inventions are “owned slaves” as well.

      • Because most of these morons posting are uneducated, unsophisticated, and uncultured. Burke is not gay! I know this for a fact! I don’t know about Diddy, but I KNOW BURKLE IS NOT! Someone said that no one gives $100 mil for nothing? Do you actually think in that thing you call a head? No one would give Diddy’s ugly ass $100 mil to eff him! God you people are dumb! BURKLE invested in these companies with a return in his favor. Most of these so called black owned companies are really owned by private equity groups like Burkle’s! Educate yourselves! That’s why most black people are broke – because they don’t know shit about finance and how capitalism really works. SMDH.

        • You really have to be out of the loop to think that Burkle is interested in Puffy sexually. That man is as promiscuous and horny heterosexually as Puffy is homosexually.

  12. Puff the magic dragon isn’t the only black pimpin blacks. Russell/Kimora Lee are pimpin blacks to the core. Kimora doesn’t even wear her own fashion line because she knows it ghetto. Kim K caught on to how bad black celebs treat their own. That’s why she has jumped on board with keeping in tune with blacks by marrying Kanye. She even changed her body to look black.

  13. Some of her stuff is cute but you will never see her wear her own fashion on the red carpet. Hmmmmm

  14. Not surprising.All of these so-called black celebs are asset Rich and cash broke.Ask Michael Jackson.Puffy is just another Mascot who has to go to the white man in thirst,nakedness and in want of all things.Basically,he’s Jet Fuel.

  15. Puff Daddy, Jay-Z, Magic Johnson, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, damn near every rich black celebrity is either a mascot, puppet or a spokesperson for a group of racists wealthy white people. Show me a black person who is self made without a racist white person financing them.

    1. Puff Daddy: owned by Clive Davis and Ron Burkle

    2. Jay-Z: owned by LiveNation and Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov

    3. Michael Jordan: owned by Nike and the NBA

    4. Magic Johnson: owned by the Guggenheim Group

    5. Tiger Woods: owned by Nike

    6. Oprah Winfrey: owned by investors and shareholders of OWN

    7. Denzel, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith: owned by the hollywood mafia

    • Do you know how hard it is to tell a black person what you just written? I always knew that, these negroes out here really think black anything out in Hollywood got it made.

      • Well that tells U I don’t idolized celebrities. But I keep hearing she was that. Hell I didn’t know.

    • Out of the 7 U mentioned, I rather be in Tiger Woods situation. I will rock the holes outta Nike! Damn straight I would! And my favorite sneaker is the Air Max! Where can I sign up!?

    • Ok, NBA!!! People stay mentioning Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, etc., but they never mention Phil Knight.

      TMZ showed Eddie Murphy leaving Mastro’s one night after a dinner meeting. The idiots shooting footage missed Jeffrey Katzenberg standing off to the side.

      Bitches could go to Louis Vuitton and recognize their sales associate, but miss Bernard Arnault if he walked right up to them and complimented their shoes. The behind-the-scenes people are always the ones who matter most.

      • Damn that name Bernard Arnault sounds familiar. Damn where did I hear his name from? B. Help a sistah out!

      • SO TRUE!

        I wanna know why the media deliberately helps the behind the scenes folk stay behind the scenes?

        • JMO, but people who aspire to be famous are egotistical and narcissistic. Again, IMO, they didn’t grow up receiving the love, attention and/or living the life they wanted to live, so they sought fame as a means of healing old wounds and gaining the affirmation they so desperately crave. Not saying this applies to all celebs, but I would say at least half of them. You have so many famous people today who lack talent. That is very telling, IMO.

          I wouldn’t want people fishing through my garbage, following me around, asking me for autographs and photos, etc. It actually happened to me on a few occasions, and it is no fun.

  16. This is just proof that black people dont own anything and that white people continue to be the slavemasters. Its sad that black people are not allowed to own ish!

      • Agreed. G Unit Records is owned by the group and distributed through Caroline. 50 Cent knew to run far away from Eminem, Dr. Dre, and the rest of the Hollywood sellouts.





      • 50 is in the same boat as Jay & Diddy. No black men got no power in the entertainment industry.

  17. Of course Puff doesn’t have any money… it’s called ‘Child Support… lol! Plus- didn’t he have a fit about Forbes naming him one of the richest entertainers?? (Presumably because of his support awards to each baby mama and possible contridictions to how much money he makes….)

    • You are dumb because Diddy is the richest man in hip hop. He got “way” more money than me & you. Child Support isn’t shit to him. Jack loves lying on black celebs.

      • At @Anon 12:47…

        ..and how much money do I have, troll?????

        Because you know me- right??

        I stand by what I said- Diddy is a played out producer who fronts about how much money he actually has. He is more famous than he is rich.

        Get Over It.

      • Please see The Chris Rock Show “Make You Wait Hair Salon” skit on YouTube. I swear, HSK is MYWHS 75% of the time.

        “Lil’ Kim got WAY more money than Oprah.” “Girl, he had a bunion on his d*ck. I ain’t lying.” That comment about Puffy having WAY MORE money than people on the forum is laughable. I bet the majority of the people here are financially better off than he is purported to be, with higher FICO scores.

  18. Everyone knows that Diddy is a industry f*ck boy and whire. Diddy lay dick or butt hole wide open to the highest bidder.

  19. All of y’all are f*cking derelicts! It’s called “investors” and most fortune 500 companies start off with “Investors”. I don’t see y’all clowning Zuckerberg & Peter Thiel who “invested” in FB. It kills me how y’all will tear a man with color down and not congratulate them with the utmost. Puff, Jay, Russell are all self made…Let’s be clear Black Americans don’t have generational wealth like whites because of the history of slavery..So for these men & women to create a legacy in their lifetime should be commended…u don’t even see how white folks have brainwashed us.. smdh

    • None of the people you wrote about are self made, including Zuckerberg.
      This article is about Diddy, no one is tearing him down it’s just a reality that he doesn’t have as much money that’s claimed.
      I personally do not commend Diddy or anyone else who steals from young, Black artists and then uses that money to take care of his multiple baby mothers. But you go right on ahead with your praise.

      • Once again, number one. what does what he spends his earnings on have anything to do with you?
        secondly, then you must hate all of Hollywood and all music executives cause all the major labels are all make big bucks off their artist and these blockbuster movies. It’s not stealing when you sign off on it. It’s actually just called business. I praise a man of color that has made a legacy. and FYI I am sure you have bought some STUPID shit with your money before.

        • Truthbetold
          I don’t hate anyone but I do have a strong dislike for those who rob young people, chews them up and spits them out for their own personal gain. I especially feel some kind of way about a man doing it to his own people.

          Where does it say I should automatically respect Diddy, Simmons and Jay Z just because they are Black men making money?
          You are stuck on money but money means very little to me if the person with it lacks character or morals.
          I have tons of respect for the young Black men out there who have worked their way through college while struggling to make ends meet without cutting any corners.
          However, Diddy will never get my praise. You are so stuck on Diddy being a Black man that you are busy making excuses for his trespasses against his own people. In reality you really should be holding him to a higher standard BECAUSE he is a Black man.

          • You must hate America then cause thats the basis of this country. u are spit out ya mama and all America does is “take, take, take”. America took our culture, takes our wages, takes our taxes & takes our rights but u want all these men to have “love” in business. These are business men. Period. This country is ran off money. This post was not about who is the Dalai Lama.

      • Yes they are all self made. meaning they earned it all with nothing inherited to them. Everyone has had an investor (one way or another) along the way..so i guess barely anyone on the planet is self made. smdh. broaden your limited mind frame. Im sorry but do you own a company as large and as influential as his? are you a household name like him? Give praise where praises are due. He should you a black man from harlem can make it. be inspired. u don’t need to know him as a person to respect his business acumen.

        • Why respect his business accumen when its largly a front. He has debt up his destroyed ass and Bad boy is basically a shell at this point.
          Also you are wrong Zuckerberg isn’t self made in the least, and he has some family money and the company he supposedly started wasn’t even his idea. Just ask the Winklevoss twins and

          • So true Anon. I don’t think some people know the real meaning of the word self made.

          • @Anon:

            Keep spittin’ truth and school! Salute!

            Why are investors only interested in Diddy to promote garbage to black folks?

  20. Asian Interviewer: “Can you address their concerns Mr.Chang?”

    MR. CHANG: “The concerns of Black people? Yes I can. The fact is, that we all live under a system of White Supremacy. We Asian people look back at our long history of conflict with the European. We observe their strategies and develop our own, in response and in kind. There is no need for loud mass movements on our part, because we intend to overtake them in time, through action and personal sacrifice”.

    Asian INTERVIEWER: “And the Black man?”

    MR. CHANG: “He does not count into our situation. He is simply here. We do not hate the Black man. We just love the Asian man most. Real love–not cliche. We want to see Asian man happy, so we employ him. We eat together. We spend time with each other. We want his kids to be educated, so we invest in our own schools that offer our children the technical abilities to change the world’s power structure in our favor. We want to see the Asian man safe, so we purchase and organize our own communities. We want him to remain Asian, so we reduce the outside influence of others ideologies and cultures. While he fought to sniff behind the White man, the Black man has had the opportunity and every right in the world to do the same, but he chooses to indict people like me for not hiring him over my own brothers. For me to do this would be foolish and that would not be Asian love. In contrast, the Black man will fight for the right to be up under everyone else other than other Black people who he should feel the most love for. If our indifference to their situation make us racist, then what would you call the Black man’s indifference to his own situation?”

    • Seems logic to me.That is why we are so behind. I’m not surprised if we started talking Chinese. If it wasn’t for China to bail our asses out, we will really see a lot of folks killing themselves, and whatever comes to mind.

        • 16:24 might as well get to learning cause China is going to want their money back.

          • I know Da Radient or we may go t war. Our leaders are stupid enough to give the finger to a country of 1 billion who own our asses.

    • THIS here statement is “THE MOST PROFOUND” i’ve heard since coming to this site! No, it does not make my heart rejoice to hear the truth, what it has done was give me confirmation. Thank you, & may the “MOST High” keep you! 🙂

    • Profoundly poignant! Question is: Where do we go from here? Who or want is going to gather is together like a Hen gathers her chicks?

      • Why not start with church. If we are lost why not start with God. We are his churens and he died for us. We can at least give him time he deserve.

        • what I respect about asians is they go by last name first. meaning u rep your family name your “dynasty” first. we have become a country of being “political correct” when we (especially hip hop) at a time were conscious and politically incorrect. We need to gain the “us & we” mind frame not the “I & me”. be accountable, show genuine LOVE for one another. Give praises where praises are due. we need to get back to referring to one another as my brother, my sister.

          • there ain’t/ain’t no more you/it’s just us niggas with no f*ckin unity-Ceelo Goodie, SOUL FOOD album 1995

        • So true there is so much peace and wisdom in GOD and his has the ability to help all of us to raise about the igorance of man. Do not go by your own understanding for he is not like man and has no need to lie. Opening up yourself to GOD is a spiritual and far beyond a natural awaking.

    • Great post very eye open and profound and a lot of us know this but we would still have to become a community to begin to produce these ideals and structures. I have listen to interview of high Jewish Satan worshipers and they laugh at us and all races because ultimately they feel that we put our own self into slavery conditions. And if we are not going to educate ourselves and start to create a platform for ourselves then they are going to continue to use us and not give an fk because we do have the power to change it all just like Mr. Chang said in its interview because they like mocking us as a whole

  21. we all know celebrites are liers they lie about everything money/car/cribs

    P Didy is no different he’s a f*ck boy. Ron is probably f*cking P Didy and Clive is f*cking Ron probably at the same time
    in these sex parties

    Hollywood is just an illusion it’s dream is not real if you want to make it big you have to do a lot of nasty disgusting shyt

  22. I don’t know why this news surprises people, it’s common sense.
    If any of those rappers and singers had the amounts of money Forbes claimed, they wouldn’t still be shucking and jiving it up on television. They would have enough power and the time to focus on the many social issues out there today.
    That’s why I always say Forbes is nothing more than a promotional tool for the so called rich and famous.

  23. This is the canary in the coalmine dilemma that we are forced to deal with. Who controls the athletes, singers, rappers, etc? It’s definitely not us, based on what comes out of the culture. Can’t say that i’m surprised by this revelation. Smoke and Mirrors is what comes to mind… Poof!!!

  24. Wheere are you, Jacky?
    I wanna see you spill the tea on the Mariah/Nick split. Nick’s confirmed it. Holler back, dude.

    • Yeah. Just heard about them splitting. Can’t say I’m surprised.u know mimi must be difficult to live with.

  25. Who cares if he’s doin the oochie-coochie with old white men as long as he doesn’t pic up another dam microphone to sing or rap…im good

  26. Is Michael Jordan as wealthy as claimed by Forbes and other magazines?

    Some music insiders have said the Michael Jackson was allegedly cash poor for many years. Sad

  27. What’s Up Sis! Right now, the game is beyond foul. Puffy giving up his backside for an illusion. Like most, i assumed he owned the majority of Bad Boy and Sean John. Ciroc and Revolt are partnerships, i get that. What’s sad about all of this, is that, we don’t have a “Money Tree.” Our people spend a lot of money, but not with each other. Puff was impatient, he took the short view. So, he found an investor/sponsor/sugar daddy to get the companies up and running. Ownership is all that matters. This circle never ends. Black Culture Is Rich, We Ain’t! This needs to change… Real Talk!

    • U know what’s so bad about that Ty is that we got the resources but black folks don’t want to help black folks out. We are the most stubborn ass people on the face of this Earth! Look at the Mexicans, The Russians, The Indians, The Chinese, The Japanese and The Koreans, all of them work together and help each other out. Bit Black folks? Shittttt, these fools is every for themselves.

      • Isn’t that the truth!! Sad,disheartening, crushing, but the truth nevertheless ! The need to be accepted by other races,needs to be substituted, for the desire to be accepted by our own race.

      • I agree DaR1.
        I have read articles where people say the root of our problem stems from the separation our ancestors experienced during slavery. But at some point we have to change our way of thinking and come together.
        We would be unstoppable if we took the time and effort to look out for one another in the workplace and in our communities.

        • Exactly Cheese! And we are one of the largest of our kind. We can move mountains if we all can come together. Bit, noooooooooo these soulless motherf*ckers want only these two things, Greed and Gluten

          • @Da Radient, I have never laughed so hard. You made the start of my weekend glorious. Greed and Gluten! Bless ya heart Greed and Gluten!

  28. So much hate for no reason.I don’t like diddy but damn! All this site does is tear down black stars that did better than the failed rapper turned “journalist” who runs it! People don’t ever wanna look at facts, they would rather make shit up out of thin air and convince themselves it’s real.If he is gay, why is it any of our business?It’s always the social outcast who go online to spew hateful shit..Can’t front,it is entertaining

  29. p diddy is a devil remember one episode from making the band he made all the constestant get him a cheesecake when it was snowing
    plus they had to be fast because the cheesecake store was closing DEVIL!!!

    then the motherf*cker made his contestant recite bigge’s song juicy over and over again
    when they didn’t get it right he yelled at them Devil!!!

    now he’s a f*ck bwoy for a white man!!!! let that white man wear that black crackly ass!!! so hard this cooney looney can’t walk for month




  30. Ron Burkle is giving me Peter Griffin realness with his butter yellow teeth, butt chin and rosacea. Jesus, be a 1-800-DENTIST referral, an awesome dermatologist and a face transplant.

  31. it’s not surprising to hear ron burkle fronts combs cash, infact the article should of been titled, “Puffy works for burkle ding dong.” So does magic jahnson who had black nyc tricked into thinking he owned innercity broadcasting corp. in reality he was burkles front man to keep the black community stuck on stupid, and not to question why johnson helped put innercity broadcasting corp out of business in the first place, black folk betta learn to connect the dots and stop thinking everything is a conspiracy and that these so-called black celebs are really out their makin moves, cuz they not!

  32. LOOOLLL, wow, never seen so much fabricated BS misreporting in my life. wouldnt be surpised if this was written by suge knight himself. first off, clive davis is NOT the man behind bad boy records. bad boy was originally started/formed as a joint venture between arista (cliva davis’s label) and bad boy (puff’s label) and the deal lasted until 2001-2002 when puffy finally bought arista/clive davis out of the deal and then retained the full bad boy catalag/100% ownership/master recordings etc. As for ciroc, hes not the sole owner, but he owns half of the company and is in a partnership with someone else for it. about the jayz/dr dre thing …well that would mean that everyone else on that forbes list is not really as rich as it would claim either because if forbes “estimate” is “inaccurate” for one person then itd be innacurate for anyone else on the list as well …common sense. also, its quite clear he said he doesnt have as much money as forbes said he did because he wanted to seem humble/modest or whatever etc lol …again, COMMON SENSE lmfao. btw, he never said anything about not having “jayz/dr dre money” so again, very bad reporting.

  33. And a huge part of f*cking up the minds of our youth was lying about the wealth of the blacks they looked up to. Every black kid wants to be a rapper. No school and lots of money and trim. Pipe dream clearance sale. The rappers went along with the illusion.

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