Did Usher Accuser Quantasia Sharpton Lie About S*x with Usher?

Quantasia Sharpton aka Angel Valentino, who held a press conference today while flanked by celeb attorney Lisa Bloom, apperantly lied on Usher.

Dig the drop:

“Various reports say that, she never went back to the room with Usher. further they say she never spent anytime alone with the singer. Quantasia has a known history of being a liar. One such incident included August Alsina, on whom she made claims that she, “ran a train on”. She also lied about having twins. There was a time she was telling people she was in a relationship with Keith Powers and she edited Luke James Wikipedia page to say that they were in a relationship.”

Or, this could all be a distraction from the real victims…

Quantasia Owens and her friends jumped on Facebook live after her press conference to celebrate the lie. In the video her friend says this is what she does to celebrities. In the beginning Quantasia is on the live with him but she hangs up. After you watch her part SKIP TO 10:13 for the real.


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  2. Anyone who’s been affected with herpes would just tell their story playing flat and won’t be reading off papers looks as if she’s reading off cue cards

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  3. He is gonna prove/say he is clean to save his rep and the attorneys are gonna demand a settlement regardless. This is news for today which will soon go away once that settlement paperwork is completed.

  4. Usher and Rihanna can have a herpes hoedown in front of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes!

  5. Very interesting that white supremacy is using a plus size black woman to play the role of the victim. By the way, we should always suspect something devious if Lisa Bloom or Gloria Allred are involved. Those two white women’s number one agenda is to financially extort and destroy rich black men! My guess is white supremacy is using this black woman so they can get black women to despise Usher. Don’t trust everything you see on tv. I’m not saying Usher is guilty or innocent. Remember, network news is controlled by the same people who are lynching us!

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  6. Even if she is lying, this still does not negate the fact that there are still 2 accusers( male and female) who are accusing him of infecting them with herpes. They are using this big bitch as a distraction.

  7. And in 2012, Usher settled a lawsuit with an unnamed woman who claimed she had contracted the virus(herpes) from him.

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