Detroit Rapper ‘Greenguy Webbie’ Flants HBK’s Stolen Chain On Social Media!


A pair of East-side Detroit rappers have been implicated in the beat-down that left Doughboyz Cash Money rapper HBK knocked unconscious, Wednesday night. This, after reports reveal ‘Greenguy Webbie’ turned up on Instagram sporting the West-side rapper’s snatched chain — and ‘Icewear Vezzo’ took to Twitter to address the situation.

Sources say there are now “fears of retaliation and talk of a bounty.”

Video of the violent Motor City melee has since gone viral, revealing HBK’s “friend” was also knocked-out during the incident — according to a source, “From Twitter, there is talk of a $30,000 bounty on Greenguy’s head.”


Here’s what Sgt. Mike Woody of the Detroit Police had to say about the on-going investigation:

“There’s a potential for a lot of bullets to go flying, and we’re talking a large group of people here that are making threats. We don’t want to see anybody do anything rash. We’re asking both sides to stay calm, give us a chance to work this out. This is really not worth anybody’s life at this point. There’s no reason to overreact here, we can still work this out.”

“[Police] say the folks who were injured really just received minor injuries.”

Here’s what Fox 2’s Amy Lange reports:

“This one has Detroit police very concerned. This is the beatdown caught on camera that now has everyone talking and a lot of threats flying. Police seem to be sitting on a powder keg here, hoping no one lights a match.”