Derrick Rose Smashin’ The New Rachel Dolezal on the DL?

Derrick Rose New Rachel Dolezal

“Stop trying to tell me who I am just because I don’t look like what you’re used to mixed people looking like.” — Alaina Anderson

HSK Exclusive —  Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose is trickin’ off on a white chick. That’s all gravy n everything but there’s just one thing … It appears that this female might not be all there upstairs. Know why? It would appear that she is the new Rachel Dolezal!

HSK is being told, “Derrick don’t want everybody to know that he’s dating a white girl.” But it seems there’s a lot more lays to Rose’s so-called “panda” problem, and we’re not talking’ about her race. Don’t you agree?

The drop:

“Derrick has been dating Alaina for a few months now. He buys her fancy designer purses, yeah … but he’s also taking care of monthly bills and in return he gets to blow her back out. Now she’s pushing him to go public with their relationship.”



    • A thought he was married had a rape case pending wtf ???
      Wasn't he injured too bad to play ball for a while ???

      • I wonder if he has been 'coerced' into being seen and linked to this white woman. He had a rape case pending but now he's dating a white girl – which is what the media wants all black men to do by the way.

  1. She a pretty friendly lady who is definitely biracial and not white. I've met her out and about in and around Chicago. I don't understand the issue here.

    • She is biracial. Her mother is black and her father is white. It's so sad that we as black people still continue to do this to each other. Black comes in every shade and every hair texture. Please read and educate yourself on African American history especially the Jim Crow era where one drop of African American blood made you black. It's 2016 people, wake up. We will never win if we stay divided.

      • This heifer can pass as white meaning that she has white privilege. I don't care if she came out of a vagina darker than diddy. She and my black ass do not have the same lived experiences therefore there can be no "unity/solidarity" here.

        • ^^^ Ooohhh So THIS!!!!!
          And ole Anonymous @ 16:02 talking about Jim Crow era 1 drop rule yet still trying to apply it today to make this ho black. LOL her ole silly azz.

        • Okay…EVERYTHING Sarah said word for word.
          ALL of it…100% and damn sure couldn't have said it in any way better.

  2. These sad ass black men would date any trashy looking woman as long as she's white.. They have slave mentality, wanting something they couldn't have a few decades ago.. Then when they divorce y'all butts you come crying back to the black community.. Get out of here with your Becky and your sorry ass looking self.. Becky will break you in two pieces and never look back…

      • First learn how to spell and don't come for me, unless I call you.. My eyes are 20/20 check your eyes my brother..

    • @ I know that's right,

      "These sad ass black men would date any trashy looking woman as long as she's white.."
      OR at least look half ass white. Even that will do for most of them…for real though!

  3. These dumb ass black athletes will never learn! I told you these white trash beckys are after your money. IF they don't get it, they will claim rape or sexual assault and they're running to the police. The second person they will run to is the extortionist name Gloria Allred. You stupid black athletes obviously didn't learn a damn thing from OJ. You think the white trash becky won't f*ck your lift up? Ask Tiger Woods!

    Speaking of Tiger Woods, After his white trash becky scandal in 2009, he hasn't won a major tournament! Brothers, the white girl is not your friend. She is your enemy!

    • Shut up you bigoted old man. Tiger Woods has a lot of physical problems too. You can't blame his ex for his decline. He is the one who cheated and treated her like the dirt under his feet.

      • U shut the f*ck up he just telling the damn truth tiger ain't shidd luv those wht girl sorry ass mf

  4. Quote from Dr. Umar Johnson, "If a black man dates a white girl, he may go from wearing a Brooks Brothers suit to a blue prison suit."

  5. well he'll be losing a lot of fans now who always thought and see him as this so-humble, super nice and quiet guy since this is now being made public with his lighter than most chic. now he's definitely gonna be looked at differently on and off the court.

  6. well he will be knocking her up next, which will be what she wants, so that she can have him and trap him for the next 18 years at least. stay tuned for the preggie update soon, if becky aint already knocked up by him.

  7. Mixed?? She looks like a dirty white woman, black people came in all different shades, but she looks white! Black men need to think, before they pull down their draws, to white women, they well and truly evil, they only bother with black men
    for money and fame. If Derek wants to date a light skin woman, I suggest he date a real black woman, not a cheap knock off!!

  8. The black people wanting to claim this crazy wench as a black woman makes me realize that white people still own our minds. We want to claim everyone else but each other! We claim the mexicans, indians EVERYONE, but look down on and laugh at dark skinned black people. Its madness

  9. SMH… Either "right" you stand up for it's still Self Hate to a HYBRID! Get a new racial category standardized while your golden mulatto is still in office to help ya out! To hell with all this confusion. Dual allegiances means someone's going to be double-crossed on the battle field eventually. #ConfusedTragicMulattoProblems

  10. say it aint so DRose. if it is so, DONT DO IT BRUTHA! i hope you aint that naive and vulnerable to fall for the evil pale skin ghost. because this becky is clearly out for an easy payday and white chics see men like you with money only for a cashcow. and furthermore this heffa is clearly a white chic…NOT BLACK! for you fools that are saying she mixed? open your gotdamn eyes and stop trying to give her a pass simply because she hangs out with nothing but black people or calls a black chic "wifey" on her twitter account…smdh

  11. Do your research people. She is biracial. She has pictures of her African American family all over her Instagram.

  12. There should be a category for all mixed people like her. I'm tired of people who are 'black by default' when we know they'd have chosen to be white or whatever if it was easy. These people are rejected by the other side, but put on a pedestal by the nigga side of their family who think they're special. They can be worthless pieces of shit, but as long as they're mixed, they'll be worshipped more than dark skinned black people who have actually achieved something in this racist society against all odds, even against negativity from their coon family who love their mixed reject more than them

  13. Only in America! People of color shading other people of color because of the shade or tint of their skin. Most of y'all have a "whitey in a woodpile" in your DNA.

  14. I'm guessing the "ya digg" part at the end of her rant came from her black side…loll…..

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