DeMarco Murray Makes NFL’s Latest Gay Sex Mention


DeMarco Murray Gay Sex

HSK Exclusive – Tension is no doubt filling up NFL locker rooms today … with at least one coach confirmed to run his team by promising to send players packing if they don’t stick to these rules:

  • ‘What happens in the Locker Room Stays in the Locker Room.’

But that doesn’t mean all athletes are following the coach’s ‘Keep It On The Down Low’ suit. Just ask DeMarco Murray!

The Dallas Cowboys running back has been blasted for keeping his homo on the down low! According to an Oklahoma Sooners teammate … they caught Murray having sex with a man while he was attending college.

Check it:

“The entire team knew all about DeMarco Murray’s homosexuality. DeMarco knew they were about to call him out. Why else do you think he slept with his Brennan Clay’s wife Gina? It was nothing more than a cover up.”


  1. This story makes no sense

    I’m sure there no tension about him being discreet with his sexuality, considering there other discreet players. The team’s are focused on winning games anyways.

  2. OMG! WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? GIRLS PLAYING FOOTBALL? Man I’m tell’en you I don’t look at football like I used to,girls play football now how do I look at them as men? This world needs a Anima for real, this is a sick please man I really don’t look at the game the same the NFL, NBA, is f*cked! They have to game’s are set, girls playing a man’s sport, they out getting high or caught up in dui, they beating their wives, the list goes on and on I’m wow, I don’t know what to think anymore.

    • @on topa thnags…men are the new women in 2014..the lines are so blurred now that even if U wear glasses U would still see wavy lines…I cant take this either, WHERE THE HELL ARE THE REAL MEN..besides mi homie Glok, men today are some str8 mitches..



        • @ 7:18 The whiteman who dates black women only tolerates you and views you beneath him and as his bed wench.He’ll never take you home to meet his family and the minute you get out of line he’ll call you a nigga than tell you to take your baldheaded,ghetto ass back to the projects.

            • So a black women only using white men for cash then? Is black men only with women for thier money? Is white women using black man for a big dick? And you told us white men only use black women for bed wench. Ba. God gave us love. I think you forget that sometimes. Love is the force that binds us. Humans are gunna fall in love with other humans. It’s gunna happen. If you like it or night. Everybody knows you got a thing for madonna.

            • @Anon 15:02 You have been misinformed and if you read Genesis the 26th Chapter the most high separated white and black and we were never meant to Amalgamate.I agree we as humans should love one another but the whiteman is not a human because the word hue means color which the whiteman don’t have so that makes him an Abhuman.Read the bible without that bullshit Christian understanding and keeps Laws,Statutes and Commandments and get your head out of the whitemans Ass!!

          • Really you seem to be an expert..or so you think..What do the black men that get with white women? This should be interesting.. DO TELL

  3. Satan is turning all things upside down and downside up. We need to pray for people and not judge them. We all have fallen short in some way or another. These demonic spirits are loosed and they are possessing people. Homosexuality is a spiritual sickness. Pray for this man as well as Michael Sams and Black homosexuals who are not famous. We need to ask THE MOST HIGH to set them free from that bondage. They can’t fight that perverted spirit with flesh and blood. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but we wrestle against spiritual wickedness in high places. We need Jesus Christ and his power through the Holy Spirit. Don’t condemn these brothers and sisters who are inflicted with this issue,pray for them people.

    • Lena Do you mean like the dude in the COGIC video “I’m not gay no more! I’m delivered!!! I don’t want no mens, I like womens now!!!”

      It’ll never work. It is virtually impossible to change your sexual attraction once it has imprinted on your brain. They can be celibate and not act on the impulses, but history and psychology shows that any so called conversion is short lived. Just ask all those ex-gay preachers who have been caught slippin.

      • Is there anything too hard for GOD? He can do anything and that includes setting homosexuals free from that sick bondage. You can try to make mockery all you want but i know some gays who are free today because people prayed for them and they are free. I know that Satan sends people like you to try and shake people’s faith,but you are barking up the wrong tree with me. I have seen with my own eyes that GOD can perform miracles in people’s lives. Nothing a demon from hell can tell me to change that fact. GOD is GOD at all times.

        • @Lena Amen! I agree with you sister and its true they can be delivered from that spirit as I have witnessed too people I know personally delivered from that and other things. We have to pray daily and die in the flesh daily to withstand the enemy, he is ever present trying to steal, kill and destroy each second, especially those who are strong in Jesus. Those of the world aren’t that hard to consume because they are already influenced, under attack.

          • No it wasn’t, study the prophecy. Slavery was a very deliberate thing. You would be wise to stop speaking against GOD before you find yourself in a world of trouble. If you don’t understand GOD then pray and ask him to reveal ALL TRUTH to you. He is willing and able if we just humble ourselves and ask of him.

          The GREAT I AM THAT I AM

        • I highly doubt they are “cured” from thier sexual orientation, how the fuk would you know anyway are you in thier bedroom when they fuk? Yall are so dumb and embarrassing

      • I keep telling people that calling them names like faggot and other derogatory terms only fuels the fire. I believe GOD and soon to make his move and now is the time for us to pray for souls of those who are lost. This homosexual spirit is moving across the globe in a mighty way and we must recognize what we are dealing with. Many dudes and even females don’t know why they are attracted to the same sex and they hate it. But,until and unless you know how the spirit world works people try to fight with their own ability and it won’t work. You cannot fight evil spirits with a flesh and blood mentality. That is why so many people fail.Jesus Christ said he is the way the truth and the life….no man can go around him. He can cast out evil spirits that are on human beings. He has that power,we cannot make it on our own.

        • @Lena, you can not say pray for them when they do not want to be prayed for. A lot of homosexuals embrace who they are and love their lifestyle, and the deviant sex involved. They love it. Maybe if it was a young man or woman still dealing with hormones and being afflicted then yea, but a full homosexual adult, those urges are 10 times more hard for them to fight, and they’ve embraced it at that point.

          • If those demons have them bound they may not be able to ask you to pray for them. Just pray and leave the rest in GOD’s hands…..he will do the separating. Not your place to make that judgement. Satan can trick people into not being able to see they are wrong, he is a master at blinding people to the truth. So stop being so mean spirited towards people. Have compassion and pray for them. Some of these people are in a very dark place inside and cannot see what others can. They need the light of Jesus Christ in them. Pray for that comes to them.

            • @Lena….my sister you are just beautiful to me although we never met your message is on time and very appropriate for these times we are living in. Prayer really does change things, i have seen it with my own eyes.

            • What Jesus are you talking about @Lena the white one or the black one?Because there’s no such person as Jesup and the last time I checked Jesus is a greek word and the jesus spoken of in the bible was from the Tribe of Yahudah and there’s no letter J in the Hebrew.So,it’s clear you’re praising that white pedophile fake jesus.Stop being so damn brainwashed and spreading that bullshit on this board.How the he’ll are you going to believe in a man you don’t even know?!GTFOH!

            • @ Lens, a lot of what you said I was taught growing up. Many Try to be politically correct so today homo is considered a lifestyle, not a spiritual affliction. However I don’t know if most that are in that life know that. I do know a closeted gay who knows they are spiritually afflicted. I don’t know if he prays for deliverance though.
              And like you, I call him Jesus because I’m an English speaker. Spanish friends pronounce it with an H sound, others pronounce it with a Y sound. In my heart I know he knows however o pronounce it, I mean HIM. So I’m good.

  4. I believe it and I don’t care. I don’t like them Cowboys anyways. Just don’t ruin a guy’s marriage just to keep the heat off you. Be a man, own up to what you do and be honest with yourself.

  5. This is a mess. Or are they only exposing most of the black athletes being gay? Come on black men. Stop it! It is a demon on the lose attacking blacks for real. Don’t ask me, ask Bill Cosby.

  6. Isn’t he married to a white woman who he is now divorcing? She knew he was gay. Many of these black men who marry white women are using them as beards. Craziness!

    • FACTS 90% where did you pull that statistic from?YOUR AZZ?It certainly defies any real intelligence or logic. You don’t even know 50% of the women in the world to arrive at that conclusion.

  7. We ve had nothing racial or inflammatory for two weeks. All of a sudden this race baiting shit shows back up. Interesting.

  8. What in the heck is going on in the background of this pic and what is it trying to say?

    *giving serious side eye*

      • I agree with you and Lucid’s comments. I think he’s trying to tell us “what’s in his wallet” in my best Samuel L Jackson voice *with one eye squinting*


    • It’s been reported that De Marco banged dude wife whom he’s now divorcing so I’m not sure when this story is coming from.Sounds like another reach by HSK.

      • Exactly! Seems similar to the story about Clay’s wife messing around with Murray when they were at Oklahoma University. Listen, do what you want with your personal life…just be a decent human being. That too much to ask??? A man can’t even trust his teammate around his wifey and his wifey can’t be trusted around her husband’s friends. SMH…A MESS! Then people wonder how drama enters their lives. DUMB ASS CHOICES!!!

        • Agreed..I have zero respect for a woman that cheats on her dude and any man that sleeps with another man’s wife deserves to be taken out back and put down.I’m with you on this because one whether male or female shouldn’t have to concern ourselves with fear of our significant other getting together with other trusted contemporaries after trust is established.Thats the a in reason while things about my personal life away from fraudulent individuals.Just can’t trust anyone not even family in some cases.

            • I Blame Jerry Springer For This Cheating Shyt
              All Of His Guest Were Attention Seeker Motherf*cker

              Cheating On Their Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Just To Appear On A Demonic Show!!

              Just To Stay In A Hotel And Be A Overnight Celebrity

            • Jerry Springer and Donahue made gays & transs a hot deal.

              Oprah helped black women reject their men.

              Ricki Lake made baby mommas & baby daddies the thing.

              Jenny Jones was for the hoes. I liked her show the best

            • @Willie Jones jr

              He Even Had Trannies On His Show, One Guy Married A Tranny!! After They Got Hitched The Tranny Told Him

              That He’s A Man!!, The Guy Was Pissed!!

          • And it’s a shame that that’s a REAL concern with some couples. I couldn’t live like that. Thinking everybody’s suspect, wondering if your female friends are gunning for your husband or if another dude is trying to get at your wife. What a horrible existence. Too much anxiety, I couldn’t be with a man that puts me through that. Give me the single life. AND I CAN’T AGREE WITH YOU MORE ABOUT FAMILY. You can’t trust anyone. Sick azz shit.

  10. When Frank Ocean Came Out The Closet, The White Media Were Cuddling Him, Even When He Started That Fight With Chris Brown The White Media Were Defending Him, Even Adele Butted Her Fat Self Into The Fight!!

  11. This reminds me of a story my older brother told me about 7 or 8 years ago involving some Miami Hurricanes football players. According to what was told to him…a couple of players on the team were caught red-handed engaging in homosexual behavior on campus…kissing,oral,and so forth. He mentioned some names of players that were outed,but,i’m not gonna put them on blast like that. The gay ish has been bubbling up from below for a period of time in sports. Again, we have to connect the dots. None of this is accidental. Brothas in Hollywood forced to wear a dress and lipstick,hatred of women in gangsta-rap,prison culture,pornography,etc. I saw this coming years ago,Why? Black male athletes have no real power,they’re tools of exploitation for others. Thus,the billionaires that own them and pay them can mold and shape them to be whatever they want…Higher Learning! It’s not like this is being hidden from us,no,it’s very transparent. Many assume that the overseers want college and pro sports populated with heterosexual brothas that love women…No! If they want these cats to disown their own black sisters,what makes us think they want them to love the opposite sex…Think About It Ya’ll?

    • @Tyrone

      Dow Low Nicca Wife Up White Women, Because White Women Are Easy And Simple, White Women Do’t Have No Standard Anything Gloats Their Boat, And Remember These White Women Love To Spend Nicca’s Money

      Black Women Do’t Stand For No Shyt, That’s Why These Dow Low Nicca Do’t Marry Black Women, Because Black Women Will Air Their Dirty Laundry Out!!

      • This is how i see it. As a blackman, loving whitewomen is not an option for me. Their fathers and brothers enslaved us, raped blackwomen, colonized our homelands all around the globe. I don’t hate caucasian women because they’re not the catalyst of this foolishness. Yet, are the primary beneficiaries of white supremacy/privilege in this day and time. Amazing how so many brothas forget the past. I don’t forget, none of us should. Sis, no black mother with sense wants her son to hate blackwomen…Real Talk! They have the right to be foolish, but i’m not giving them aid and comfort…Thanks Sis!

    • You’re absolutely right.
      It boIls down to no real male role models.

      No my dad wasn’t around growing up. TG because he was a child molester who had 50 some kIds.

      Being gay was never cool. Its gross to even think about this stuff..

      • We gotta challenge the alibi that keeps us in a perpetual tailspin. A lot of brothas grew up without fathers, and that’s a tragedy in every aspect. But, God gave us all the ability to reason. The notion of a man desiring to lay with another man should be blasphemous to all. Intelligent Design is not a mistake. Male and Female compliment each other sexually. Homosexuality is a man-made disease…Not From Nature! It’s a choice that some partake in, that’s all it is…A Wrong Choice!

  12. This story is pure click-bait. Probably generates a great revenue stream for HSK. It’s just like when Republicans talked about the “gay agenda”. It was like red meat for right wingers and the donations poured in.

    You all are being played!

  13. Rev 11:8 And there dead bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city, which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt where also our Lord was crucified.(This scripture is talking about America having the same vibration of Homosexuality as Sodom and Gomorrah had and we all know that God destroyed it just as he’ll destroy America.So,what’s going on currently should be no surprise and it’s bible prophesy)

  14. Fucking Your Best Friend’s Girl/Boy Is The Ultimate Betrayal, Hope People Can Live With Themselves In The Process…..

    Because Karma Is No Joke!!!

  15. So Murray plays running back huh?
    He be running back to my 13 inches of joy! It be a broke back mountain moment, as iam where out that rectum! I luv me some bussy!

  16. First of all u nasty as white men started this gay shit n why u want to try n throw it on black men its even more of u white men who are closeted gays so cut the shit u devil!

  17. Not Surprised we are dealing with Jerry Jones gay ass. The Cowboys been throwing that ass back on the dick since the 90’s. Why do you think Jerry won’t drop Romo lame ass? that’s his bitch


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