Dej Loaf Sent Former Manager To Hospital During BET Awards

dej loaf fight BET awards managerFemcee, Dej Loaf, sent her former manager to the hospital after an altercation at a BET sound-check.

She was rehearsing at the Nokia theater in preparation for her performance at the BET awards when two of her former managers that she has beef with showed up.  They wanted to “talk it out” but Dej wanted nothing to do with them.

A fight then broke out at and the powerful female rapper f**ked them up.  Her new handlers and her brother were involved in the fight, and it left her former manager with a cut head that sent him to the hospital for stitches.

Guess the lesson is, if Dej Loaf dismisses you then cut your losses and leave her be.

[Via TMZ]


  1. STOP!!!!!!!!
    It ….she ain’t tough !
    Her everybody else did the real damage this lil midget ain’t busting a grape in lesbian fight lmao !
    Y’all blowing shit up to make it news know ones buying it know one smart try me try me lmao !!

  2. Everyone in entertainment industry are fake, many celebrities lie about their upbringing just to look tough, and to make money

    for example.
    Eminem lied about living in black neighborhood, he also lied about having black friends. (a Youtuber exposed his ass)

    8 miles was fake, he made it up just to make money, and to look tough.

    We know beyonce is fake, she told so many lies just to look good.

    Def Loaf isn’t tough, it’s all a front, a gimmick if you will, don’t believe the hype these celebrities tell.

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