Deb Atney Gives Advice to Women: Keep Your Legs Closed!

deb atney women legs closed

Deb Atney – a.k.a. Waka Flocka’s mom, manager, and guest star on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – gave some advice to women in the entertainment industry, and it all has to do with keeping their legs closed!

Peep the interview:

Was this directed at her former client Nicki Minaj?


    • You know men don’t listen she can say all she wants, but they want listen to anyone , there mother, Jesus. In one ear and out the other.

  1. Here, let me fix that:
    Ladies, do keep your legs closed.
    Men, do keep it to your self, including your hands.
    Sign your contracts for consensual engagement to protect yourself.
    Take responsibility for your own reproductive health.

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