Another Harvey Weinstein Accuser Comes Forward

kadian noble harvey weinstein accuser

Aspiring actress Kadian Noble traveled to Cannes in May 2014 and was approached by Harvey Weinstein. She claims as they entered his hotel bathroom, he grabbed her hand and forced her into a sex act.

After he was finished, he stepped over the mess he had made on the bathroom floor “as though nothing happened.”

He also promised to help her acting career.


  1. Now do y’all see what I mean about all the make up, some where under all of that is a beautiful person. It’s so over done that she looks masculine, smh, like most of the people in the industry. I guess you have to look so called flawless and photo shoot ready 24/7.

    Any how, I didn’t watch the video because as soon as I read “She claims as they entered his hotel bathroom” she lost me. Why were you in the hotel bathroom?

    Why all of this now against so many high ups??? I mean Matt Lauer, REALLY? Um calling bullshit, somebody pissed in the bed, left the seat up and forgot to take out the trash in Hollyweird.

  2. I’m so tired of these fake victims slapping REAL VICTIMS in the face w/bs. I believe she accepted his invitation to his room, in order to further her career. She’s now coming out to jump on the money train bc her ass ain’t been booked for a gig… here’s ur chance. For christ sake, she cnt even act her way thru this damn press conference.

  3. Women need to stop contouring their faces like men! Men contour like that so they can have softer features if your a woman you don’t need to do that it makes them look like men ??‍♀️

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