Daz Dillinger Leaks John Singleton’s Tupac Script … Singleton Answers Back! ? ? ?

    In April there were rumors that the real reason John Singleton left the Tupac biopic ‘All Eyez on Me’ was because his script implied Tupac had been raped in jail and that his mother was a lesbian.

    John Singleton decided to respond after Daz Dillinger leaked the script while destroying its quality.


    Here is John Singleton’s response:

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    1. If it did happen or it didn’t doesn’t make the music less than it was. I stopped watching the movie after 10 minutes! Living through the time he was alive was the only way to really appreciate him not some movie 25 years later.

    2. Allowing Tupac to be buckbroke for the entire world to see would have RUINED his legacy… I’ll take the benny boom redbox Alex

    3. Let’s start with the fact that Tupac clearly stated on camera that he never got raped and he would kill his self before he let that happen. Now, I will never watch another John Singleton movie again. This is just not something anyone straight wants to see. I don’t watch any movie that shows anything like this. That’s why I could not watch prison break or whatever it was called. And trying to figure out why Daz even realeased this, he knows this will make ppl speculate regardless of the truth. im wondering if he is trying to tarnish 2pacs legacy himself.

    4. Think daz was trying to expose what john was doing to PACs legacy

      If PAC would have gotten raped you would have heard stories by noe too many street dudes who was connected to every rapper in NY for that to not be heard I mean somebody would have came out with the story by now hellnwe hearing all these other stories

      That about the film bout PAC being raped was the whites telling john what to do why you think afeni and big syke was killed

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