Dame Dash & His $6M Dip Set Takeover Revealed!

Dame Dash Dipset Takeover

HSK Exclusive – Insider word has $6M dollars as the trigger that set off the beef between Dame Dash and Jim Jones.

Sources say … Dame landed the multi-million dollar bank loan earlier this month, adding that once Dame secured the loan he set out to pull a Dip Set takeover by claiming Boss.

Dig the Drop:

“When Dame got his bank loan he called up Cam’ron and had a business meeting about Dip Set. Then, he kicked Jimmy out of the group because he bought Cam and the rest of them N-ggas.”


  1. He’ll be broke again REAL QUICK. 6M cant keep him in Butlers. He’ll blow that cash and still owe 80% of it to the banks. Dame has burnt so many bridges that I’d be surprised if he can get decent distribution.

  2. This whole thing gonna flop. Aint nobody waitin for a reunion of these weak ass niggas. We got Gunit already comin back strong n thats good enough

  3. dame remember when you tried this and jay z ratted you out to the boule and you lost all of your money just stop man no one cares for you anymore only time people cared about you was when you were with aaliyah before you scarficed her i guess isn’t wasn’t worth it after all when you had money you blew on niggga shit now you want people to feel sorry for you f*ck you man

    • To the boule? They don’t run no labels and distribution. Niggas just be making up shit.

  4. Dame nigga you ain’t never loved JayZ as you’ve claimed.You Loved the money that came from that association.Pippin was nice around Mike but without him he wasn’t shit!!It’s called(RBA)Rich By Association and without Jay, Dame is a leftover Roc nigga.

    • She is cute to me also. Cam has always showed love for pretty darker women. Dated a friend of mine from Philly who is prettier than Juju with less of an ass. I wish that she wasn’t always in something revealing or tight.

  5. Is that a trans in the pic. Looks manly ..boob with the tattoo. Talk about agendas! lol

  6. None of you commenters have a clue how much Dipset is worth necause we don’t know what the details of the business are. What if each artist sugned to DipSet has to give money from every show, royalties, etc. It could be smart could be dumb but we don’t know from an outside perspective.

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