Trey Songz Beef With Jeremih!

Trey Songz Jeremih Beef

HSK Exclusive – Is Trey Songz a dude who likes to throw shade at another dude? According to a crew who crossed paths with the singer, that’s the case!

We’re told Trey Songz was getting turnt up at Supperclub, last Thursday … when they overheard him dissing R&B singer Jeremih. Apparently, it’s a jealously thing. Know why? Because Jeremih has a Nissan Sentra car commercial and Trey Songz doesn’t.

Check it:

“Trey believes he’s a bigger star than Jeremih and he should be the one earning money and publicity from corporate sponsors.”


  1. QUEENS at it again, if they choose Jeremiah to do the commercial then that’s who they choose, act’en like a jealous bitch, stfu mad cause you don’t have a commercial, if his people’s doen they’re thing and get’en him gigs then get your people to do the same, how you gonna be mad cause he out here ON TOPA THANGS BABY(LoL) tray stfu sof ass lil punk, if it was me and step to me over something ridiculous, I’d slap the shit out yo bitch jealous ass,I’d smack yo ass like Charlie Murphy say he did rick james LoL, then I’d clown the hell outa you every time I see you punk ass.

  2. That commercial is definetly a good look for Jeremiah. I agree that Trey is a hater he doesnt have much talent and he rides on Chris Brown’s coatails to stay relevant. Trey was hating on r&b singer Joe and lets not forget r&b group TGT.

    • Let’s not forget that Trey tried to go in on August Alsina after he ” took August under his wing”, but August clapped back at his ass. Although they ” squashed” their beef, August don’t rock with Trey because he knows that Trey despises the fact that he has been in the game 10 years and has not had Chris’s level of success nor was he as well received as August coming in as a new artist. Trey is a studio singer and cannot sing live unlike August and Jeremiah, or dance his ass off like Chris. He tried the model thing for a while; it didn’t really jump off the way he hoped and now he just turned 30. His ego is larger than his record sales and its too bad cause August just took his spot.

      • Yes Chris can dance his face off..not too many can compete with him in that category but I do think Trey has a very distinct voice and I’ve heard him live and I thougt he killed it. I also respect the fact that when the rumors about his sexuality came out he basically owned it as opposed to continuing the charade. It kind of makes me wonder if somebody had footage or something because most of the time celebrities just deny

  3. Screw both of them !! Any black that gets into any parts of Hollywood must have sponsors typo make it. The sponsors for black celebs are white owned corporations, which is why most of then can’t speak out on any issues dealing with discrimination and mistreatment of the own people. Cause their bread is buttered by the race of people that mistreat and exploit us. So screw both of those sell outs !!

  4. what a damn cry baby, trey dissed the king of R&B!!, then trey said R Kelly stole Aaron’s look back in the 90’s

    then Trey says he’s good friends with Aaron Hill

    which Aaran’s brother denies

    • R kelly did jack Aaron’s look and sound back in the 90’s. By that time Aaron was too hooked on drugs to compete for his spot. (He made one well received attempt with ‘I miss you’.)

  5. Trey and Neyo has some issues at one time and he tried some funny shit shit with August Alsina and got checked.He don’t really want no problems with a New Orleanian because we’ll smear that little queens makeup!BTW,jeremiah is a underrated artist.

  6. Errrrr, idk wtf u saying….. Jeremiah can’t sing worth a damn and neither can Augusts’ auto tunin azz….I’m not a Trey fan like that but no need to stretch the truth! All they azzes “studio singers”…..which I guess to folks who don’t know real “sangin” I.e. Jaheim, RL., Luther…think this new r&b “thug” w autotune bs is music…..smdh …all of em wack AF and their music lasts bout as long as attentions spans of their dumb azz millenial fans who don’t know any better.

    • It’s obvious that you have not been to any of the above mentioned shows. Trey just sells sex on stage, vocals are not that strong. However, August takes you to church with those soul moving vocals.Not to mention his vibrato is a beast. You THINK he is auto tuned, but he is the truth. He sounds the same whether on YouTube ( plenty of homemade videos there), his Vine videos, or on a track. Ever notice that Trey rarely sings into his phone and publishes it? It has to be AUTO TUNED first! August is a real singer and Chris is an all around talent that is why he has stayed so long. Trey’s fan base has grown up with him and so he needs to reinvent himself to stay relevant or its a wrap.


  8. yo’ll hatin on Trey coz he has a dope album out august aint that good nigga be all over chris brown in a weird way …and jeremiah really that boy aint even in the game… niggas jus hatin on trey coz all your girlz be fantasizing about him

  9. all you dumb hos better not be talking nothing about my boy trey. you know he is the only one and the realest reals out there so you all better just stop and try to think about jesus when you have impure thoughts about him. you know what im saying i am from a small town and we dont really have those things where men go with me and women with women you dumb bitches holler you heard.

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