Da Brat Drowning in Debt, Files Bankruptcy

da brat bankruptcy

Da Brat has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, claiming she has over $7 million in debt.

According to court docs, she has assets totaling $108,700.65, but her liabilities total $7,782,249.57.

Some of her liabilities include a $6.4 million judgment owed to her victim and former cheerleader, Shayla Stevens, who Da Brat hit over the head with a bottle in a nightclub.

She also owes $1,255,128 to Sony Music and $12k to Ally Bank. She has $2,284 in credit card debt, $2,284 owed to the Georgia Department of Revenue and an unknown amount to the IRS.

Her monthly income as an entertainer/radio personality is $9,319, but her expenses total $10,506.55 a month.


  1. I hate this heiffer. Hit someone over the head w/a bottle & then ran. COWARD. And her ass is still stupid when I saw her on Rickey Smiley. Her & her nasty little dogs. I hope she ends up broke & homeless. And so it is.

  2. Shit, they move their assets, then file bankruptcy so they don’t have to pay the full debt amount. Makes them appear broke on paper, but doesn’t mean they are completely broke.

  3. Monthly income = $9,319
    Monthly expenses = $10,506.55

    She needs to cut out eating out and alcohol from her budget
    Suspend all her credit cards
    Cut cable
    Live within your means

  4. Funny wendell called thiz bitch out for being broke & ready to file bankrupcy, yet she tried to act like she waz good…I guess wendell iz having the last laugh on thiz one…LOL!

    • People seem to be in love with the myth/fantasy that their favorite entertainers are fablously wealthy after producing a few hit records. There is NOWHERE NEAR as money in entertainment as people think there is or would like you to believe. Perfect example: the lead producer/group member of a group that had two multi-platinum albums and a gold album in the late 90s- when people actually bought albums – lives in the same apartment complex I lived in when i was in college. Another person i know who had two gold solo albums works as a tutor at Huntington learning center. Nothing against making an honest living – but reality is usually far different from fantasy.

  5. Brat used to hop on everybody remix along with Missy, snoop, Nate Dogg and jd ratboy looking ass always letting folks know this is do so def

    Brat is so so broke

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