Nicki Minaj’s North American Tour Gets Canceled After Low Ticket Sales

nicki minaj cancels tour

Nicki Minaj has just “pushed back” the North American leg of her upcoming tour with Future. Live Nation released a statement saying they “decided to re-evaluate elements of production on the ‘NickiHndrxx Tour’” following her surprise performance Monday at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

Nicki took to her social media to say the European leg would continue as planned, but she’ll have to find another co-headliner since Future is suddenly unavailable. She also didn’t know when the North American dates would be rescheduled.

News of the cancelation follows reports of low ticket sales, with a Live Nation source telling Page Six:

“Nicki’s tour could be the most disappointing ticket sales of the year for any artist. These are big arenas with up to 20,000 capacities. Sales for opening night in Baltimore is 2,000 tickets. LA is 3,400, New Orleans 1,000, Denver 1,300, Chicago 3,900. Even her hometown Brooklyn is only 5,050.”

Those who purchased tickets will be refunded.


  1. She needs to change her image ASAP. I personally think something is wrong with her and has a weird fixation with childish things like barbie and mermaids and shit. She’s playing out

    • It’s the pills she is taking she taking to many that’s why she is acting out the way she is some one in her camp need to really help her before she overdose on them.

  2. Nicki time up as a rapper she should go.into acting

    Cardi taking her spot

    She been.bipolar even if she quit talking about dolls she still has other personalities

    She was used to push the gay agenda now that the majority of the record label is about lgbt they don’t need her anymore

  3. This fix-a-flat hoe is done. Cardi B is the new coon! Nicki’s career and her life is going to go in the same direction as the porn star Lacey Duvalle.

  4. She should probably hold on to whatever dough she has
    left (ie, downsize from the big mansion to a dope condo,
    give up all the flashy whips, 50k a month shopping sprees,
    10k a month mani/pedi/facial, 10k a month grocery list,
    weekly gigolos, financially supporting entire family etc, etc, etc)
    because it appears her reign is likely coming to a end…
    we black folk must learn when to hold em and when to fold em
    she had a good run, she has nothing to be ashamed of.

  5. Yeah it’s time to sit the stale tail down!!!! Nothing wrong but it was a good run. Next Beyonce and Jay Z !!!!! Lol

  6. She’s needs ta get on the underground railroad to find her true fans.

    I love it when these arrogant entertainers get humbled. Music to my ears. Now she lookin like a “stupid hoe.”

    Future’s next. Arrogant nigga. Chargin $80,000 for a cameo. Fuck out my sight.

  7. Lol anon that’s a lacefront wig on her head?

    Now that she’s got a bag full of “L”‘s she want to be a part of the tribe…not I was through with her when she referred to Black women as nappy headed hoes that needed to fix they kitchens.

    SOS to Niki Mange, We Don’t Fucks With You!!! So miss us with that um down for my people mess, we don’t believe you.

    • @Black Enga

      Please. If you were at at Nicki Minaj concert and she pulled u onstage during one of her lesbian routines you would be twerking for her like there’s no tomorrow. Lol.

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                Suppose to be rich no life having asses, lol Oh my goodness, the irony

              • Welcome to my parlour said the spider to the fly….

                Ga head (in my best DMX voice) I dare you. Get caught up in the world wide web if you want to.

  8. She needs to put out more music, get on more remixes, and do a mixtape.

    She needs to get a decent part in a big film.

    She needs to do a short tour of large venues at only the biggest cities and nowhere else.

    Then again, she disrespected X and Tubman, so maybe she deserves.

  9. Why!! Oh why can’t she just tell the truth!? “Ticket sales are shitty” and because ticket sales are shitty shit is jumbled up. It’s that damn simple why lie about it damn!!

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