Aretha Franklin Died Without a Will or Trust

aretha franklin no will trust

Although Aretha Franklin reportedly battled pancreatic cancer for years, the singer didn’t leave behind and will or a trust at the time of her death.

Her four sons filed a document on Tuesday afternoon, listing themselves as interested parties in her estate. One document signed by her son, Kecalf Franklin, and her estate attorney, David Bennett, check a box acknowledging the absence of a will.

Her niece, Sabrina Owens, has also asked to be appointed as personal representative of the estate.

Aretha isn’t the first artist to die without drafting a will. At the time of Prince’s death, he didn’t have a will either, which sparked a legal battle over his estate.


    • No will means next of kin will get the money, her children. Her sons would not get any money if she specifically did not name them in her will, which none exists.

  1. “Aretha isn’t the first artist to die without drafting a will. At the time of Prince’s death, he didn’t have a will either, which sparked a legal battle over his estate.”

    Wow…how convenient for tptb. Now I guess we can all watch them swindle her children out of an estate worth 80 million, smh.

    • People will come out of the woodworks to claim they had some deal with her and she owes them money. That money should be split in however many kids she has. Oh yes, kids will start coming out saying she birthed them.

  2. According to what I read no will in Michigan means her 4 sons will split the money equally after the estate pays off the bills. Aretha supposedly had to be taken to court to pay her bills. She was also supposedly known to get her concert money in cash before she took to the stage and she either gave it to someone to hold while she performed or put in her purse which she put on the piano she played on that night. Reason being concert promoters have a rep of not paying artists in full or not at all.

  3. But I am surprised she like Prince left no will as they were DEFINITELY about their money. In her case with her supposedly being ill since 2010 did she not leave a will on purpose or was not leaving a will a way she fought the disease. Meaning if she left a will meant she was acknowledging the inevitable.

  4. Michigan Law will distribute equally to her sons. Retha wasn’t stupid so sounds like nothing will be challenged. The PTB will make a huge huge fortune off of everything related to her. Movies. Books. Rereleased albums. Maybe they even have a hologram concert planned. Clive’s celebration is in November.
    Tons of money will be made.

  5. She left a will. GTFOH. If there’s one thing artists like her learn after being in the music industry that long is how to deal with money. At first they might not, but eventually they knock it off. That’s why Ron Isley insisted on cash payments, even though the tax man got him (THEY probably ratted him out). That’s why eventually they all figure out ways to work around the industry and get more control of their earnings.

    Any other artists they claim didn’t leave a will, left a will. This is just a new way for THEM to exploit BLACK artists.

    How are they gonna have lawyers that they use all the time, but somehow never get a routine thing done like a will? Stop it.

    • Her attorney or manager was quoted as saying he could never convince her to put together a will. But I guess you know better than everyone who knew her including her 4 sons.

    • If she did have a will, she would keep the original with copies to her attorney and everyone one of the children that would inherit or at least the executor of the estate. With so many copies floating around, no one can swindle the family. Unless her attorneys snuck in the house and grabbed the one will and made it disappear.

  6. The attorney who said that name is Don Wilson who repped her for the past 28 years He’s based out of Los Angeles

  7. James Brown left a will and none of his kids get nothing except Tomi Rae and her son by him

    You really think Aretha left no will or prince or mj

    Mj lawyers control his estate and his business affairs

    Don’t forget Clive davis benefits from Aretha death

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