Cynthia & Peter’s Divorce Story-line Last Season of RHOA Was Scripted

Last season of RHOA, Cynthia and Peter story-line was about their pending divorce…. BUT as it turns out, no filing ever took place! Despite Cynthia claiming the divorce was final, in what aired on the show.

Case # 17FM2524 / Cynthia Bailey Thomas vs. Peter Thomas, was filed on February 21, 2017, so there is no way the divorce could have been finalized when the claim were made that it was…


  1. These Celebrities are doing anything for fame and Money nowadays. Unfortunately, Cynthia fell for the Trap this year and it looked like they encouraged Cynthia to Sink to a Low Level I never thought she would stoop to in order to keep a Spot on the Show. I wonder, if it was worth it. Cynthia, You didn’t have to do it…… You didn’t have to do it. We loved you for who you were, Your Beauty, Your Class, Your Dignity and even your relationship with Peter.
    It seems based on rumors, after all of that selling out for fame Cynthia was dropped from the Show anyway. I guess getting a divorce or pretending to be in the divorce case at the time, showing her Breasts and going to get her VJAY , Jay tightened on TV for mIllions of viewers to witness and see was not good enough to keep her on the show.
    I hoped she learned it is not worth it and to keep her Dignity in tact. She is to Beautiful for all that Bufoonery….. Good Luck Cynthia. Don’t let the Media Prostitute You . Find another way to Pay Your Mortgage.

    • She had to recoup the money that she invested with Papa smurf somehow. These shows are about a product or some kind of propaganda in the end. They have found a way to get us to watch an hour long commercial without knowing it. Take it for what it is and know that there is a chance that Ms. Bailey has been in the know the whole time. This season was to de-villianize Peter–remember, if his business does well and she is still married to him, that works out for her. Plus RHOA cast mem. get pay increases every year they are on. So in the end, she is not being played–we are.

  2. Wait a second. Is there anyone live person out there who believes any of these reality shows are real?

    • yes, because I cant understand why these people would want fame so bad they are willing to sacrifice, they kids and spouses. Never would i ever pretend im getting a divorce for no tv show or pretend my husband cheats and I would also never put my kids on TV before 18.

      These people really have issues if all this stuff is fake. I mean i know Bambi and Scrappy is, thats obvious. But the rest of these people taken stuff way to far for it to be fake

    • if its fake, these people are sick and crazy. That Peter Gunz story line has to be fake though, when you think about it It cant be 2 woman in the world really that dumb.

  3. I’m scared at the direction that reality shows are taking. Making a mockery of marriage and promoting deviant sexual behavior. What’s next? Killing someone for a storyline? Reality TV is becoming very disturbing.

    • Kinda already happened on RHOBH, one of the wives husbands committed suicide between seasons. She decided that she wanted to continue with the show. Go figure.

  4. @Lovelylady yes, Tara and Amina are that dumb. I believe Tara is pregnant right now. Peter never had a vasectomy. Low self esteem is real. I know its mind blowing…

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