Cool C Lives To See Another Day


    Cool C Stay of Execution
    Philadelphia rap veteran rapper, Christopher “Cool C” Roney, will not be executed today for shooting and killing a female police officer nearly twenty years ago. Know why? Because a local judge granted Cool C a second stay of execution.

    Here’s what’s reported:

    ” Cool C will live to see another day — and then some — thanks to a stay of execution granted by a Philadelphia judge. Christopher Douglas Roney, a.k.a. Cool C, 45, was scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015 after an execution warrant was signed last November by Gov. Tom Corbett.”


    1. remember this clown from the 80’s he had beef with three times dope.

      cool c, steady b and another dude made one last attemnpt to make some cash by making that group ceb then it failed so low on cash and broke these dudes robbed a bank and some officers lost their lives.

      no illuminati conspiracies for this 1 these dudes robbed a bank for their own personal reasons.

      steady b got life though.

      cool cx was interviewd and he said he had it all women, sex, cars and drugs and lost everything once his rap cvareer died.

    2. I’m glad his life was spared for now. I read that his mom said he was cooking breakfast when the robbery/shooting happened.


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