Come Get Your Daughter Laurence … Montana’s DUI Video Shame!

Ike Turner’s Revenge?

During the last days of Ike, whom I spent much time with just before his passing, Ike spoke often of how his portrayal by Fishburne had broke him. Broke him beyond which he thought he had ever fixed.

“I’m not tripping. I’m a f@$&#!g ratchet.”

Montana Fishburne (the former porn star daughter of Laurence Fishburne – Morpheus in The Matrix) was pulled over for DUI near Ft. Lauderdale in March, after rear-ending another vehicle. An open bottle of wine was found in her car. She had trouble keeping her dress from riding up above her waist during the stop. At one point, against instructions from the trooper, she climbed over the guardrail, pulled down her underwear and urinated. At 1:02 she tells the trooper (who is trying his best not to look), “I am not tripping. I am a f@$&#!g ratchet.”

Montana failed the roadside tests and blew a 0.18 – more than twice the legal limit and was arrested for DUI. After Montana’s short porn career embarrassed her father she moved to Florida and turned to stripping and exotic dancing. Montana has prior arrests for prostitution (2009), battery and false imprisonment (2010).


    • He obviously does not give a shit.

      Since he dogged his own mother this is not much of a surprise…fuckin’ shame.

      • Yeah most black people do not want to talk about Laurence Fishburne mistreating his own mother.

        • What happened. Never heard of this situation. It seems his daughter started this mess to get his attention. Easy to figure it out since she didn’t even bothered to change her name for porn.

        • I’m not surprised. He is voodooed by that super ugly cuban he married and had the goofiest looking baby I ever saw. She separated him from his family to make sure they get nothing when he dies.

        • Some of y’all need to realize that SOME mothers may not have been as loving as your mother was to you. I bet he has good reasons why he mistreats his mother…who’s to say she didn’t mistreat him?

          • Oh STFU…you are the one who does not know shit.

            He had a good relationship with his mom before he married the bitch he is with now.

  1. Well that’s just too bad now isn’t it? Just throw her in jail, and keep her in there for a while. She needs it. I don’t what the fuck was going through her mind so much to the point where she decided to go and completely fuck up her life by doing porn, drugs, and wilding the fuck out. I couldn’t blame Laurence Fishburn for cutting her off completely. He has some standards.

    • Wow the most evil and stupid bitch on these boards is okay with disowning your own family…shocker!

      • Minus the Stupid bitch part- Yes, Im all in favor of disowning a reckless child who I taught better. She had every opportunity to make something out of herself, and went and fucked it up. She deserves no one’s sympathy. Laurence Fishburn did the right thing. Fuck being PC. And why do you keep “trying” to throw barbs at me, and stalk my comments in the post on this site? You got a bone to pick after the last time I ripped you a new ass?

        • Bitch you have no children you dried up and out old maid!!!

          And if you treated your children like garbage over some skank you married and they act out, then it would be a reflection on your BITCH ASS!!!

          So go fuck yourself on being the most ignorant POS here.

    • She is a ‘Hollywood child’. We can all guess what that means. She probably never stood a chance. Don’t judge this personality disordered child until you know her story – her ‘real’ story.

      • It’s very strongly possible that something traumatic could have gone on in her childhood, or was exposed to some fucked up shit like most other hollywood children. I do look at both sides, and take that into account.

        • No you don’t, fuck rag…you are just back tracking like the confused loser bitch you are.

      • I can believe that, he seemed to have a good relationship with his mom & daughter before he married that thing.

        • Just sayin’…. santeria is more a Puerto Rican thing than Cuban.

          You really think that his wife voodoed Montana into porn, prostitution and drugs? C’mon now.

          • Where the fuck did anyone say any of that?

            What I said is spouses poison relationships with family all the time to keep the person they are with under their control.

            And children do act out if they are hurting from parental relationships.

            FYI…Just because pr is where most of those people are does mean others don’t practice that shit.

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