Are Future & Ciara Shacking Up Again?


Forgive & Forget?

Ciara and Future are back together again. This according to a close friend of the rapper. Despite Future’s cheating on her with multiple women, and even leaving the singer to give birth to their baby alone.

Ciara is the fourth mother of four babies the 30 year old rapper has.

Here’s what’s being reported:

“Ciara and Future are living together again — and they’re also trying to make things work between them — so Future can help take care of their 4-month-old son, Future Zahir.”

Is Ciara a big dumbo for taking back Future the cheater? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Future’s BFF Rico Love.


  1. She’s a big stupid dumb chickenhead bitch because she didnt want to use a condom. most females are so retarded and they need to blame themselves


      • Because leaving him would be the equivalent of admitting that she made a mistake. See: Beyonce Carter

        • Ciara needs to cut Alice the Goon off like unpaid utilities. She should raise her little tank and keep it moving. Future used her like a 12-pack of Charmin double rolls. I would never!!!

          • I’ve noticed that some women are more…congenial during the first year the baby is born. After a year, they are usually pretty fed up.

            Then there are the ones who are preachers kids. Most times, they slap a ring on and keep it moving. They wind up divorced by the time the child turns 4.

            • They are probably hormonal. Future lost any respect I may have been able to muster up for him when he gave an interview basically saying Ciara was *ahem* “easy.” Who speaks of their gf, then fiancée/mother of their child like that? He is a joke.

    • I Don’t feel one bit of sorrow for CeCe! Really something is stuck in the basement! As in she isn’t too intelligent! Why would you allow this dude with SEVERAL baby MOTHERS to impregnant you? HE is showing an example of not being accountable for his actions. She being a single attractive sista with no children should have made better choices. She prolly thought he was going to change for her right? Wow so let her continue to contribute to this cycling of negative behavior babymamaitis! I just thought she was so much smarter than that!

  2. Ciara, in the words of Kenny Rogers…know when to walk away, know when to run…

    • he wont. she’s just delaying the inevitable. smh. like so many before her. One of which are getting married in Feb to save face.

  3. She has nothing going for her at this point. No music, movies, endorsement deals. I dont know what Future’s money looks like but with all that child support he has to pay to his 5 or 6 baby mothers it dont look good for you Ciara.

    • Ciara is the face of Givenchy and Riccardo Tisci’s muse. She is jet setting around the world. If that consists of nothing, then by all means, send me nothing via UPS by 3pm tomorrow.

  4. CIARA*******


  5. She need to get in the studio and make music off this experience using your art creativity is what made you famous get back to your roots do you boo cause you so busy tryna keep his decrepit sneaky ass @ home girl for what? He all over the place!!!! Take yo azz go get focused and get back to the money!

  6. Future not about that life, but, a Sista can dream as well. At some point, the Baby Daddy stuff gets tired. It’s too expensive to be impregnating multiple women nowadays… Child Support, Food, Housing, Medical, Insurance, etc. Donald Trump can do that, not Future. What we say don’t matter, Ciara trying to break the cycle. Call her naive, idealistic, whatever… She Ain’t Wrong! Let her fight for her man ladies… Chill Out! If it goes South, then, ya’ll can throw rocks at Ciara for being stupid. The days of women just giving up are gone. Ain’t no perfect man… He Don’t Exist—Jaheim—Check Out The Song Ladies? Future Zahir A Beast… That Boy Scrong Already!

      • B, Ciara did not blindfolds over her eyes. She knew Future played the field. As always, female ego assumes it can tame a man just because. A man has to do right based on his frame of mind at a given time in his life. Future too old for the mind games. Brothas worrying about the homeboys and whatnot. Just be a good dude and take care of bizness. Say what you mean, and mean what you say, don’t lie, no verbal or physical injury, food on the table, roof over your head…The Basics of Manhood! B, Tyrina Lee is not the problem. Come on Sis, women are never gonna change. She around Future a lot, he a man she a woman. They convo, talk about personal ish. Tyrina globetrotting across the world with a brotha… Sparks Fly! I know he was engaged and all, but, these brothas on another level female wise. They smash the finest of women, but, it’s not always about looks. B, I haven’t changed my stance on cheating. I just look at it in a different way than i used to. I want Ciara and Future to make it, Black Love is a beautiful thang. We need more of that as a whole, not just in Entertainment. Anyways, Stay True B!

  7. Future>>>please do yourself a favor and enter rehab for your sex addiction.
    Ciara>>>>please have your extended family around cuz Future needs a lot of help( how can Future help you and the baby if he can’t get himself help for his sex addiction)

  8. Future is a reflection of Future, no one else. I am so over the notion that when one Black man f*cks up, all Black men are presumed f*ck ups. That is a racist, white mentality. I know my fair share of Black men who pride themselves in fidelity. They aren’t rolling stones and they have no desire to be. If and when they become fathers, they would likely father children by the same woman. I won’t subject other Black men to such stereotypes because Future, Sr. can’t keep his anaconda in his pants. Nope.

    • I agree with you re: his behavior being basura and the collective Black race being stereotyped by the actions of a sole Black person. That generalizing and stereotyping of us doesn’t dismiss the fact that it is wrong. If you want to abolish the wrong, don’t judge all or a good number of Black men based on the misdeeds of one Black man. Give Black men more credit than that, because there are a lot of brothas who would happily be one woman men to the right sista if they could find her.

      *waves high to them* Lol.

      • Gotcha. I honestly thought that’s what you were doing in your original post. Thank you. I agree with you!

      • @B.Stiviano WE ARE OUT HERE(GOOD WOMEN)! Not sure what or where they are looking at! BUT WE ARE HERE. #TRUST

  9. Good Lord I just saw Future and Jeezy on Jimmy Fallon and Future now has dirty blonde hair. Sorta like Ciara and Beowulf. WTF?? Was that his “stylist’s” idea?

    • That brotha is likely being programmed as we type. A dark-skinned MAN with blonde hair?!. All of that isht means something. What grown ass man who is allegedly heterosexual is going to the hair salon asking for Miss Clairol honey wheat highlights?!.

      • I had honey wheat highlights. They were beautiful. Then again, I have a uterus and fallopian tubes. Future needs to leave the girlie shit to the girls.

  10. Honestly I don’t give a rats ass about this girl and her so called “baby daddy” the f*ck outta! You will never convence me that Ciera is straight, lesbians have babies everyday, just ask all the one in “Hollywood” this chic and her life is just a fraud like all the rest of those wack bitches…f*ck outta here

  11. future and Ciara are both from Atlanta.

    future has a relative who was in the dungeon family with outkast and goodie mob.

    he’s following the trend andre and cee lo started.

    • Rico is Future’s relative. Rico looks really bad these days, like he is on that narcotic. He used to be attractive.

  12. future’s d*ck must be good for c-error to hop on it again jeez women today are dumb no standards just d*ck!!!

  13. Why are these two even still relevant???? Oh! Yeah FUTURE wrote a song(s) for Beyonce and CIARA for Missy Elliot, Jay z, and being a carbon copy of AAliyah. Other then that neither have any real talent.

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