Sherri Shepherd Is Now Dating Eddie Murphy’s Ex?

Sherri Shepard Moves on w/ Johnny Gill

Sherri Shepherd has a ‘New Edition’ to her love life – Johnny Gill is dating the former “The View” star and she’s smiling again. The twosome have been jetting back and forth to see each other since they met on The View last June.

Here’s what a friend of Sherri Shepherd had to say:

“They met on June 25 when Johnny performed with his band New Edition on The View and they’ve been seeing each other ever since. Sherri is a big New Edition fan and was excited to have them at the show. But she and Johnny really connected and exchanged personal contact information.

She flew out to see him in Houston, Virginia Beach and Los Angeles. She enjoyed being out on the road and enjoyed getting to know him.

After their special date night in Houston, Johnny tweeted: ‘you’re the best, I had so much fun hanging with you, love love love you!!!'”

Johnny Gill Sherri Shepard Dating



    • Don’ t be surprised when the truth comes that Sherri Shepherd’ s true love is Jenny Mccarthy.

      • The do seem to have a certain vibe with each other.But I will miss both of them on the View.

  1. So who is using who for a beard? We all know Gill is gay. So what does that make Sherri Shepherd?

  2. Yuck wow sherry u could’ve done much better i guess you can call it bi sexual type thing for Johnny gill but sherry what are you thinking? I hope she didn’t give him none and won’t don’t go there sherry please but you a grown woman do u ma lol

  3. Somebody get Eddie Murphy on the phone and see if he authorized this shit. Until then, stop the motherf*ckin presses, stop em damn it! !!!

    • I typed the transcript from my convo with Eddie:

      Eddie: I was tired of Johnny Gill being in my pocket. Whenever he asked me for something, all I could say is “my, my, my.” I was also sick of Johnny complaining all the time. “Eddie, you treat me like AN-I-MAL!!!” I never treated Johnny that way. Next thing I know, he wanted half, so I had to pass him off to some desperate, unsuspected Black woman who has a decent net worth. I’m sorry she is built like the Goodyear blimp, but Halle is currently on husband number 3, Will has Jada and Regina King is still wondering why Malcolm Jamal-Warner won’t marry her. Sherri was the best I could do on short notice. Paige and I are off to The Coffee Bean. TTYL.

      Hope that clears up everything.

      • B Stiviano…

        Have you been a personal assistant? I notice that you know information that I know….

        • No, I haven’t. I was laughing when you said you’re low key. I’ve never been in the industry, but I have been in certain circles that made me privy to certain info that I may or may not share here. 🙂

          That transcript was merely me being a beyotch. Lol.

          • Why did you laugh when I said I was Low Key ?….

            SMH… Well these type of things I don’t play around with… I have lost so many friends in the industry due to lies or talking too much… The industry is nothing to play a round with…

            • You stating I wouldn’t/don’t know you because you’re “low key” is somewhat implying that I’m not low key my damn self.

              I knew some people who are pretty high on the food chain as it pertains to the industry. I have one relative who was and may still be a personal assistant to a few very well known artists in the hip hop industry, one of whom is deceased. The other artist is now a mega mogul. They also worked for a publishing company. The funny thing is, I met their boss one night @ a club my former bff was spinning at. I invited him in on my +5, and he ended up buying me and my homegirl drinks. He gave me his business card, which I didn’t pay any mind. When I got home, I saw that he was a head honcho at the same publishing company my relative works for. I used to see said relative at industry events, the last being a private party at a hip hop mogul’s ex-wife’s former home several years ago.

              L.A. is such a small city. I see people EVERYWHERE. Coffee shops, Neiman, CVS at midnight — you name it. Lol.

      • He could have passed JG off to the chick that was in coming to America, she ain’t doing shit either, last time I saw her she was in a Z list movie with the f*ckin Game……you talking bottom of the barrel, that’s so low it, it’s a hole in the bottom

        • Shari Headley is still working. She is on The Haves and the Have Nots on OWN. She was never a household name to begin with, but she still works.

    • HSK,

      You guys are on the “Late Freight” again. Damn this nonsense about Sherri & gay-ass Johnny Gill. You guys need to post an article on SHANTEL”Digging For Floyd’s Money” Jackson Suing Floyd
      Mayweather 2 weeks before his next big fight.

      Get THAT story uploaded so I can drop this tea & share my personal opinion.

  4. NOTHING to see here! I doubt she has the correct pheromones to attract manly men / she has low self esteem / I don’t feel sorry for her because she just jumps from one bad choice in so called man to another I hope Johnny gets a lot of money & finally makes a bomb album from her money / good for him!!! It’s official sherry Shepard is a beard!!!!

  5. I guess Sherri enjoys being a beard! I guess you can call this unfunny bitch a “Professional Beard”. Hell, this whole stunt is funnier than all of her stand up performances from the past decade!

  6. I read the Lil twitter exchange, that shit reads like two chick’s who were friends in college. One is getting a divorce so they a had a all girls sleepover…lol.

    (Big Brother almighteee voice) Johnny Gill don’t want no Paaaaaaaaaartssss of the Puzzee! !!

    • Johnny Gill is dipping it low and picking it up slow if you have 8″ or mo’. Can you say “power bottom?”

  7. Sherri seems very desperate to get a man straight or gay. I heard that Rosie Perez will be replacing her on the view.

  8. Chile they ain’t nothing the “girlfriends” crying over they men!…SMDH! If it is amything more than this, then please provide reciepts.

  9. Johnny Gill was supposed to wifey some Greek/Latin chick a few years ago. I guess the union fell apart. Sherri know the backstory with Johnny Gill… She Grown! They’re vibing with each other… Toast To That!

    • They’re friends and friends hang out and help each other get through bad times. Nothing wrong with that. A man and a woman don’t always have to be screwing and I don’t think Sherry is looking for a man in that way. They went out and sounds like they laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Good for them.

      • It’s All Good! That’s his homegirl, they can kick it like that…Well Stated Sis!

  10. Cmooooon son! These two chic’s is nothing more then makeup buddies, fixing each others hair in shit, Johnetta is probably on a break from his real boo Edna Murphy..these two not dating.,cut it out y’all lol

  11. Hollywoods got me laughing my head off. If you step back and look it at, real Hollywood as a movie would be funny az farrk. Except for all the people getting killed of course. Just saw Katy perry with riff raff. All in demin. Lolol. Must be time to make that fool famous. Haha. God help em, cause I’m to busy rolling round on the floor.

  12. I need to send Jacky a photo of Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and AJ Jewell from back in the Xscape days. In case you got the connection, AJ is the same guy Kandi was engaged to who died suddenly after an alleged fight at a strip club he owned. I could not believe Kandi was engaged to someone whom Tiny had possibly been with (AJ and Tiny looked close in the photo). They were standing next to Monica and Rocco. Again, this is an old photo.

    All these industry people do is hop from lap to lap. Pam Anderson is now married to Paris Hilton’s ex whom she had a sex tape with. They share dicks and diseases. It is ridiculous.

    • I have noticed that a lot. It seems like a sick rule these guys adhered to. A twisted form of ‘keeping the fluids pure ‘,by sexing from a small gene pool,which is available to all members of a macabre club.

  13. johnny trying to prove to folks hes not gay.

    eddie left his ass for a white girl.

  14. johnny wearing sherries jeans asking her girl do this make my butt look big.

  15. Well, I love Johnny and if Sherry gets bored with him she must just pass him to me .. .. Lol

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