Tommy Ford From The Martin Show Gets Hit With Restraining Order


Actor and comedian, Tommy Ford, who is best known for his role as Tommy Strawn from the Martin Show, has been served with a restraining order from the mother of his child, Vanessa Simmons.

Along with that restraining order, Simmons is asking for full custody of their son and and child support. In addition, she wants Ford to continue to pay her rent, car note, cell phone, insurance, utilities and medical bills all the while she stays in his home in Atlanta.

Simmons wants more too… She also wants Ford to pay for her relocation back home to Las Vegas. And she requested Ford pay for her personal belongings, vehicle, furniture, air travel for her and their son, her attorney’s fees and court expenses. This could add up to be tens of thousands.

But besides requesting Ford pay for all of that, Simmons filed for a temporary protective order. Alledgedly, Simmons, Ford and his wife Gina Sasso got into a three-way confrontation — which escalated with the actor yelling, “F*ck both of you b*tches!”. This resulted in Ford shoving her backwards while she threw a Purell hand sanitizer bottle at him.

According to Simmons, this isn’t the first time Ford physically or verbally abuse her. She then recalled a time that Ford violently beat their son with a belt.


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      • No one knows Tommy baby’s mother at all, but yet all you dumb people think that you do. And if Tommy keeps up the lying about her, I’m going to bring everything out of the closet that he doesn’t want anyone to know.

  2. Not all women are raised with the same values and morals. I would rather have a good dude in an apartment than a dirty dog in a mansion. Also, having babies for money is a distaster waiting to happen. You may end up with something money cannot repair. Decernment

    • Good point.

      But the minute I saw his wife was named Gina Sasso, he gettin’ everything he deserves, LOL!!

      • But him having a wife is the very reason she ain’t getting half the shit she asking for. I don’t see a judge giving her anything other than child support.

  3. Good luck getting all that out of him. I don’t know why she trippin, don’t she know “Tommy ain’t got no damn Job, maaaaan”

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  6. And a partridge and a pear tree. She want his whole life dont she. Dont she kno he aint hot no job maaan lol

  7. All together now:

    “DAMN, TOMMY!” (Martin voice)

    lol But on the real, shit like this is always messy and hopefully will be worked out soon.

  8. She is tripping hard! Why do women think they can get all that for 1 kid? I doubt it if he beat her and did all these things. We would have heard about it on the web. She should have called the police pressed charges. Especially when he beat the kid. Where are the bruises? Lying baby moma drama!

    • He hits her whenever he feels like it, a n d, he beat his son because it was her son.

  9. All Tommy needs to do is pay child support or file for full custody of his son. This woman Vanessa Simmons sounds like a bum. Get a job!!! These women need to stop depending on a man to do everything. I have no respect for woman like that.


      • That ain’t all, and if he don’t stop I will publish everything including the shit that comes out of his azzhole.

    • Tommy doesn’t want his son, he only wants the mother that comes with the son. But he doesn’t want to let all of his friends down by saying that. It would dis-credit him.

  10. she wants Ford to continue to pay her rent, car note, cell phone, insurance, utilities and medical bills all the while she stays in his home in Atlanta.

    Bitch please! Get off you lazy ass and pay your own bills.

    • NO, BITCH PLEASE….First of all, she don’t want shit but for him to take care of his child….he begged her to move to ATLANTA, but nobody knows the real facts, just dumb mofo’s commenting and don’t know shit.

  11. Rich sweetie not all women are that way maybe it’s just the women u pick believe me I haven’t been around but I have picked my share of shit heads too but I am still a hopeless romantic and waiting for the man of my dreams lol I don’t trust most but I’m not on some I hate all men crap

  12. Big men with toy dogs bother me. More so than Tommy’s poor choices with his penis.

  13. Well she’s up shit creek without a paddle because we all know “TOMMY AINT GOT NO JOB”

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