Chris Rock: ‘Women Cry Rape Because They Want Money’

chris rock women cry rape

Chris Rock tried out some new material on Thursday night and almost got booed off the stage.

When talking about why he no longer hires women to work for them, Chris said he would need a “crew of witnesses around him at all times so he wouldn’t be accused of rape.”

“They cry rape because they want money,” – Chris Rock

According to sources, no one was laughing, everyone was booing, women in the crowd allegedly called him a “sexist pig,” and two people in attendance got kicked out.


  1. Duh.

    Chris Rock should know better. U can’t criticize women.

    Some are opportunistic victims smh.

    • When you hate your own race, call every black person who does something you don’t like a coon.

      • No, I call Black people who do what white people say to put down their own race a coon. Don’t get it twisted.

        Like sheriff Clark for instance…

    • I sure am Black as hell and proud of it, now sit cho young ass down and be quiet when grown folks is talking.


      • Definition of enigma

        1 :an obscure speech or writing
        2 :something hard to understand or explain
        3 :an inscrutable or mysterious person

        Ummm, okay. Wow, because I called Chris Rock a coon…

          • My ass is Black but it doesn’t talk, your mouth unfortunately speaks from whats within your heart and is most unclean compared to my ass.


  2. That’s funny. I wonder how many dicks he had to suck at the start of his career to get the chance to say such rubbish today.

  3. Dear Chris, one day when or if your daughter tells you that she was raped please be brave to tell her that she was not raped but is only crying foul because she wants money, you useless ass.
    I dont know why the hell men think its ok to make fun of serious issues affecting women when they have no idea how hard it is being one in the first place.

    • Chris is right the Weinstien women are liars. They engaged in transactional sex and now want to burn him as they are old and ugly like Satanist Rose McGowan. Black women need to stay out of this as we know you are the least raped women statistically!

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