Chris Brown Threatens Woman With a Gun

    chris brown threatens woman gun

    Looks like someone will be headed back to jail…Chris Brown reportedly threaten a woman with a gun, and the rapper is now the suspect in a criminal investigation.

    The incident went down early Tuesday morning when Chris and the woman were in a home. She claims they argued, and that’s when Breezy pulled out the gun.

    She called 911 and when the cops arrived, Ray J was leaving the home. He ended up getting handcuffed and had his BMW seized.

    Police are reportedly knocking on the door, trying to get Chris to come out, but no one is answering.

    Conflicting reports from people inside the house say Chris didn’t pull out a gun, and he was actually sleeping when the whole incident went down.

    Do you believe them?

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    1. This story isn't being truthfully told…
      Chris will continue to be targeted UNTIL he cashes out the previous staff mates he fired who have long since been extorting money from him or pays out exorbitant retainer fees for private investigators, new legal, suitable management & PR teams. Chris KNOWS exactly what's going & why.

      *IF the BMW was seized it was most likely nothing more than the "AUTO SHARE CLUB who owns it" was looking for it because the time lapsed or the membership had not been paid as Ray J is NOT owner of the many whips he tools around in.

      • If this fool would sit down and learn what the word "ETHNIC HATE" means he would stop hanging with jealous caribbean coons and separate himself and save himself.

        As long as he stays STUCK ON STUPID and keeps his haters around, he will forever suffer and they will drain him dry until he is dead or commits suicide.

        Know the people around you, KNOW THEIR HISTORY, KNOW that if it walks like a duck, sound like a duck and talks like a HATER, HE IS A HATER.

        American Jealousy/hate is TAUGHT TO POOR BLKS AROUND THE WORLD, FROM EARLY CHILDHOOD. If you're dumb enough to believe you are special and that they cant hurt you, you'll be a stupid lisaraye, terry mcmillan, ciara, chris brown, tupac, etc etc.

          • @Scorpiess!??????Frannie is very consistent!… She's gonna prove her point, I give her that!…I love you Scorpiess!????

              • @Scorpiess! you better not be, letting her venom get to you!…You're Caribbean heritage does not negate the fact, that you're Black, or from the Americas, like really!..Caribbeans are our people folks, whether we like eachother or not, we're for the most part apart of the same bloodline! Most of the Caucasians in America are almalgamated moors, but I hate admitting that!?????

                • She doesn't get to me but I am trying to understand how after all of the shit that Caucs have done to black Americans, she picks out Caribbeans for being the most dangerous people for black Americans to be around. I just don't get it.

        • Lies. Lies, Lies, Frannie. One day when you get sick or old, it will be a Jamaican who will care for you and be kind to you. And you will be so ashamed of yourself and the way you use to think, it will cut you like a knife. You'll want to die–but you won't. I laugh at the irony.

      • Yes, the issue was on RJ NOT Chris but look how his name is completely embedded in situation.

        • Facts, boo!…Chris will always be targeted, he's hated so much, by the very bastards that he runs with, and serves!…I know that he wants to cut his losses, and just get out, but he's in to deep, poor baby!…

          • BQ,
            LAPD supposedly arrested Chris & is taking him to the station to book him on WTF charges they claim. I'm in Las Vegas as is Trell, Tyga, those Katrashians tramps, Kanye & bunch of other people with them but they are packing up & jumping a flight leaving Vegas heading back to LA now…

            Don't be surprised if it's not a riot &/or LAPD related shooting tonight…

    2. Chris Brown was being set up for the fall, since the beginning of his career….I heard that the whole Rihanna incident was a set up to get Chris killed, but it didn't go down ass planned!…They completely destroyed that baby, and again much like Usher's mom, Chris' mom needs her ass beat as well, for failing her son!…These so-called women sold their babies out, what f*cking losers!…

    3. Raymond J??? Aint he supposed to be on his honeymoon??? Sounds like some kind of setup. 'Come on out J and we'll make it all look legit'. Christopher got to stop letting all these folks up in his house! Move back to Virginia and hide out for a year where he can see them coming for him!

      • I have been saying Tappahannock for the longest, but he isn't even safe in his hometown let alone his home state which is The Commonwealth of Virginia. He can't go back home. He would definitely will be knocked off the radar. I should know. I despises going to Virginia.

    4. As for who's going to take "the fall", it's either going to be Chris Brown or Katt Williams. Sad, their both being MK'd, and programmed to act out in order the push whatever agenda hollyweird is in coohoots with along with the government. Like I commented on another thread, funny how all of this comes RIGHT after the VMA's with the whole Rihanna and Drake, hug/kiss.

      Ray J too is a patsy, being used for whatever surreptitious shit those behind the walls of hollywood have got planned. Funny how Ray J is somehow near whenever some shit goes down. Whitney houston, and now this. Between him and Raffles Van Exel, except Raffles is an actual hollywood cleaner, extortionist, drug peddler and possible, possible hit man.

      • @Truman!… It's not either \ or, it's when the industry gets ready, and See's fit, to do so….Katt, Chris, and a whole host of other Negroes, are going to be set up, and used for the scheme!…It's all theater darling, (( Elizabeth Taylor voice)!…. They all have roles to play out, and orchestrate these lily livered, coward ass elites, and their agendas! ✌✌✌✌

        • True. I have a feeling that a LOT of hollywood niggas are going to take THE FALL, and some of the likes of which we've never expected.

      • I noticed that shit too Truman, Especially Waffles. After Whitney's death, I haven't seen Waffles as much. Now Princess is going to wished she had never ever married Ray J.

      • Hey TTS,
        Will you pleaee resend your email? My response bounced back to me & was in my inbox as "undeliverable." Don't ask me why…? but I send it again.
        We'll catch up there. Thanks!

    5. Black men have been targets for years. A few weeks ago the same story about Dr Dre. Don't believe the hype the truth will reveal itself.

      • Dre thought cause he was a billionaire and rock and roll hall of famer he can't be tpuched

    6. Kid Cali was shot and killed a few weeks ago. Some are speculating Kid Red set him up the same way he did Chris.

      • Heard about that as well. You mind elaborating on that a little more if you don't mind?

    7. Well…Chris is supposed to be released now. I hope this foolishness is over & serves as a SOBERING wake up call to this young cat. Nothing going on with him is a good look. Prayer, celibacy & a quality in-patient rehab is screaming his name & NOW is a perfect time for him to go… (NOT talking about club Malibu either)

    8. What about the duffle bag with Guns & Drugs, Alot of people and news outlets are failing to mention the face, Whether its his or one of his homies the whole story is not being told truthfully

    9. Can someone explain to me why the BMW was seized? This can only lawfully be done if they suspect drug dealing activity.. Clearly Ray J did not have any warrants because they let him go. But where is his vehicle? How is this possible? When will Blacks learn to live, support and thrive in their own communities. This whole story is filled with lies and bull. Sadly, America has failed Chris Brown. Its so sad. I deeply feel sympathy for him.

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