Chris Brown Beefs W/Kevin McCall: “I’ll Show You the Devil!”

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    Chris Brown went all the way crazy last night during a social media beef with his “Deuces” collaborator, Kevin McCall.

    Apparently, Kevin couldn’t get in contact with Chris to tie up some loose ends on the business side of things, so he sent out a tweet to ask Chris to handle things like an adult.

    That’s when Chris snapped! The bipolar singer called Kevin everything from a p***y to a “bottom feeder.”

    “You better check them loose lips for I show u the real devil my n****. You ain’t shit, ain’t gone ever be shit, broke ass bottom feeder when I busted my ass so u could have the life u wanted and career. You are your own worse enemy,” ~ Chris Brown

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    After his rant, people were more concerned with Breezy’s repeated references to Piru and the fake hood persona he’s still tryna rep!

    So Breezy hopped back on Instagram to let everyone know, he’s not claiming to be a gangsta, but he has a “black soul”

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    Is he possessed or just crazy as shit?

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    1. Well he sure said a lot. I'm not sure if he's crazy our he was just mad and went overboard. He said the guy is down low so they don't f*ck with him. He threatened the guy multiple times…well we can't say he's on some fake shit, he says what he says and never apologizes for being who he is…that is if he's trying to get back one of his girlfriends, that's another story.

    2. Chris Brown Called Him A DOWNLOW HOMOSEXUAL AND A BOTTY BOY !!!! ( Why did hollywood street king leave this part out of the rant ??? ) P.s. I saw it on mediatakeout !

    3. CB f*ck niggas. I can't wait for somebody to bloody his shit. He talks to much fake blood as cornball from va. Bloods in va? This nigga talk shit but got mad security and by security I mean bloods he pay to be his dick riders. Foh.

    4. CB sounds like a spoiled grown ass boy that needs someone to treat the shit out him. Treat = beat the f*ck up

    5. So I guess its safe to assume that the whole "young wholesome pretty boy popcorn " singer image that Chris Brown hit the scene with was some manufactured industry crap. Is this what music has come to? Singers with beefs.. trying to prove how tough they are! He's pathetic and he looks a f^cking mess these days! He needs to be seen asap by a mental health professional.

    6. They both sound like scorned lovers. They both beat women and need they're behinds beat.

    7. "Fuck fame and Hollywood shit" said CB…but being an entertainer like him is all about fame and hollywood…
      I call it… schizophrenia

    8. i was never a CB fan but the boy is talented and gorgeous it's sad how he turned out crazy as hell.

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