Chance The Rapper Blasts Spike Lee: “You’re a Liar!”

chance the rapper spike lee

Spike Lee has been in Chance The Rapper’s life since he was a baby, but these two are far from calling each other family or even friends at this point!

After Spike called Chance a “fraud” for refusing to be in his movie Chi-Raq, Chance has clapped back!

Chance call’s Chi-Raq a “sexist” and “racist” depiction of the Southside of Chicago. Chance then calls Spike a “liar,” and threatens to release audio of the director “begging” him to be in the film!

Chance isn’t the only rapper to speak out about Chi-Raq. Rhymefest, Twista, and BJ The Chicago Kid have all criticized the movie for its title and the film using comedy to speak about the gun violence that has plagued the city.


  1. Well let them do something better to to looks like Hollywood wants to cash in on blacks killing each other they're sating these dumb ass blacks in Chicago is killing for nonsense let's make a movie about it but pickna black director since no sane white guy will go near South side Chicago while these rappers complaining whites have cashed in and the gang youth will continue to be exploited

  2. That movie was a warning to Black folk in Chicago which is: You betta study how Bed-Stuy and Harlem become 25% and 36% white and how Watts is now Latino. No time to get butt hurt and offended.
    Y’all swear the Southside gonna last forever. Newsflash: NOT!! Y’all are helpin’ the whites re-gentrify, and on the cheap!!
    But I got an even more important message for all black folk: We voted in a Black president, now let’s vote out almost every Black politician until we see some real change for us!

  3. Comment:
    I enjoyed this movie. I guess critics who didn’t like the movie didn’t take the time to compare how the movie is Spikes interpretation of the play written by Aristophanes called “ Lysistrata” .

  4. That Spike Lee is questionable regarding his morals…
    Like why caucasian characters are always played by fake caucasians jews and nether by true caucasians fellas ?…?
    Remember these "italians" from his acclaimed Do the right thing : they were played by Danny Aiello and John Turturo, both are jews and not genuine caucasians…
    Remember that racist irish character from Bamboozled ? a role played by Michael Rappaport a jew not a genuine caucasian…
    Anyway I think his movies are bad for both africans and caucasians because these movies promote race wars between africans and caucasians…But a guess Spike Lee learnt well his lesson taught by his sionist masters : "divide and conquer"…

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