Chris Brown’s Inmate Card For Sale!

Chris Brown Inmate Card For Sale

Chris Brown’s inmate card is currently being auctioning off to the highest bidder by a correctional officer who’s employed at the San Bernardino County Correctional Facility.

Here’s what fan of the singer revealed:

“I am a huge Chris Brown fan and I think something should be done about this! As I’m browsing on Facebook, I happened to come across a post on a private group forum that I am apart of. They were auctioning Chris Brown’s inmate card.

Last I checked they were willing to pay up to $10,000 for this card and counting.”

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  1. If his card is being auctioning of, Im curious as to who will being buyining it for ten grand. I know that sounded crazy but I’m just trying to keep it consistent with the article.

    • Yanno. Highest I would go is 1000 usd as a novelty gift for a younger cousin who is a die hard CB stan. For her sweet 16, she was gifted front row tickets to his show and cried like he was MJ. When I used to babysit, she would force me to watch his interviews/disocraphy on cable on demand. Even knows all the meaning of his tats and was the first one who told me that the illuminati was trying to ruin him during the Rihanna scandal at age the tender age of 11/12. She freaked when I sent her a pic of him while at a nightclub. Shes a college freshman now so maybe he doesnt have the same appeal but it would be a neat gift.

  2. If i was CB I would have to gracefully bow out the industry. He should give up the spotlight and jus write songs or produce for other artist. Off point but he looks damn good in that pic.

  3. Anon 10:12 I agree CB should just play the back field and write songs and stay out of the limelight. Give me the money any day over the fame

    • Da Baawse say all money is legal, if it’s bout a dollar, it’s legal. And when you can buy wings top with the EBT card. All drug transactions with EBT will be accepted too. Signed, Baawwse!!!!

  4. I know that CO’s don’t get paid much (and rightfully so cause they don’t do sh*t), but this isn’t worth it cause they could get fired (unless they split the little profits with an equally ratchet boss.)

    • They get paid six figures in So Cal prisons with overtime and So Cal county jailers get paid handsomely as well. Most of them are pretty dumb though because you only need a GED to apply (no disrespect to those holding only GED’s) And you are damn skippy they can lose their jobs for this!! Watch the news at 10 for the story on the CO getting fired for selling county property. Idiot.

  5. wouldn’t say that this dude is seeing a come up.

    same with dude who sold Eminem’s garbage bag on ebay for a few hundred thousand and yes somebody bought it.

    tell ya celebrity worship is too much sometimes I wouldn’t pay for anybody’s garbage.

  6. Sounds illegal to me. How did that person get a hold to it? If you finds someone’s ID, you should return it or cut it up.

  7. This is embarrassing to the utmost. Jail is a badge of honor among many…Zombieland!

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