Love & Twitter: Kimbella And Julez Take Their Drama Social

Julez Kimbella Twitter War

Love & Hip Hop NYC cast members, Juelz Santana and his baby momma, Kimbella, took to social media only to throw some shade each others way.

Julez Kimbella Social Shade

Kimbella & Julez Twitter Shade


  1. As I was read this I swear I heard ‘Booooooo’ as soon as Juelz came into the room and then chants of ‘Sit Down Whore, Sit Down Whore’ as this bird started chirping.

  2. Its about time she stop sitting there being a pair of titties and a smile and show some back bone to this weak ass nigga who always looks like he would rather be anywhere else but with her, now I finally got a pitch if respect for this chic..

    • I couldnt have written a better response, cosign and kudos to Kimbella for developing a teaspoon of self respect.

  3. WOMAN WOMAN WOMAN WOMAN WOMAN WOMAN WOMAN WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus will these motherf*ckers learn context before trying to air each other out……Fucking Idiots

  4. julez lucky a woman even wants to be with him dude haven’t made an album in 10 years.

  5. Nobody cares who these people are and what drama they’re serving. Juelz who? Kimbella who? Exactly!

  6. Juelz is a has been thats why he was on love an hiphop kimbella a well known industry thot an there you have it.

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