Chris Brown’s Life Taken Over By Codeine Addiction?

chris brown sizzurp 2

Chris Brown’s codeine use is getting out of control.  Family and friends have expressed concern for Breezy as he’s been drinking lean more often and they think he might be addicted.

There have been several photos lately that have captured Chris with a double cup.  Most recently was over the weekend at a pumpkin patch where he brought Royalty.  The photo shows Brown with his friends on bales of hay and several doubled-up red cups around him.

chris brown sizzurp

Sizzurp use can become problematic when it’s being used around kids, and the singer was filmed at a party for Tyga’s son and he was drinking from a double cup.  Earlier, footage was filmed of Breezy in the parking lot with a guy mixing a bottle of codeine and soda.

chris brown sizzurp 4

For friends and family the greatest concern is that with this public use and being filmed sipping lean around Royalty he could lose his custody battle.  He already tested positive for codeine once, but the judge was lenient since Chris had a prescription.

Brown learned that info about his lean use was about to get exposed and tried to get out in front of it on Twitter.  He said “[TMZ] called my publicist about some bulls**t a** story. It’s just sad. Now I’m letting ya’ll know it’s bulls**t,” in an obvious attempt to get people on his side.


  1. Quote from the Black Child Production documentary, "Celebrities stay high all the time because they are trying to forget what was done to them. All of these celebrities have been ran up in; they have been f*cked in the ass."
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  2. Everybody is always concerned. But who has actually tried to help him.

  3. don't drink cough syrup mixed with soda and jollyranchers.

    so what chris does drugs hell all celbs get high.

  4. He a stupid azz yung punk that will lose custody of that baby azz think he so f*ckin smart smdh f*ckin fool

  5. The Satanic inLUSTry" is getting to him. HE tried to break his Mk ultra many of times

  6. Why is it only BM are 'victims' of MK Ultra but black females are dogged and get no sympathy for their bullshit including poor Bobbi Kristina… yall need to take off your f*cking capes.

    • Who say they were't? Grow up and learn how to comprehend. The topic is about Chris Brown

  7. lets see who the media dogged out.

    bill cosby rep was recently destroyed.

    tiger woods rep was destroyed hell forever be known as a infidel.

    shall we go on.

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