Cast Of ‘Selling It In The ATL’ Aired Out For Fakin’ Da Funk & Keep’in It Grimy!

Seelin' it in the ATL cast exposed

So the seven cast members of ‘Selling It In The ATL’ say they’re boss women of the real estate game? If that were the case, wouldn’t they first be on top of their own real estate — as in where they lay their head at, at night? Word is … that’s far from being the case!

“Gwen and the other cast members are a mess — literally and figuratively.”

One real estate agent to emerge early from the pack is

That would be Gwen Boyd Moss, the ex-wife of former NBA player Damon Stoudemire — described as “one real estate agent” from the pack that “keeps a nasty house … and her swimming pool that has not been cleaned since March.”

Check the word:

“Chile at one of the taping’s last week, they say one of the cast-members pulled up in a Nissan Sentra and got out looking like a raggamuffin. Another one of the real estate agents is bootleg, and helps drug dealers and people with bad credit rent condos with no verification, and they say one of the shows main characters Gwen Boyd-Moss keeps a nasty house.

Gwen’s bestie, Sheree Whitfield, is an executive producer on the show. Whitfield is credited with assembling the cast. She also collects a paycheck from her recurring role on this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta.”


  1. Blacks need to stop with the fake ish. All these fake folks you see on TV have no talent accept to keep interested in something that is NOT real. If you need to be a part of something real, go to Chicago and stop the black on black murders that are being caused by the white man behind the curtain.

  2. What kills me is that so many black people continue to watch these stupid ass tv shows. We as black people need to do something better with our lives, like reading books by Dr. Michelle Alexander or Dr. Joy Degruy.

  3. I hope you don't call yourself a journalist.
    This story is bogus and you need to fact
    check just a little before putting lies in print!
    But as they say in celebville, press is press!
    Ms Moss is a class act and trust and believe
    she ain't the one driving up in a Nissan!
    She The Comeback… As in coming back into
    the game. You don't have to be a broker
    (owner is case you didn't know) to be a boss! Instead of spreading lies you should
    be uplifting the black women who are doing
    big things. Not all reality TV is ratchet. ms Moss is using this platform not to crate lipstick, not to sing or sell! She is hoping to bring awareness to mental illness and specialness children. Before you judge ask a person for their story. I guess it's not funny now!!

  4. You must be one of her cheerleaders and the last time I checked if someone is being defamed or libel is created on their behalf, they could easily walk into a COURT OF law to dispute the claims. Something you should be used too.Becareful not to choke on all that pubic hair down your throat. thanks for sharing your thoughts. Str8 Gaza Strip club. ?

  5. her belly button looks gross…like a worn out vag hole…it's leeeeeanin and black lol swarming with various shades

  6. who is the rapper this broke heffa was a hit-it-n-quit it one-night-stand with is what i wanna know and who aint claiming her austic child. because the other two withe the same father is by an ex-NBA player by the name of Damon Stoudamire (sp). and that bellybutton does look a mess.

  7. I have to agree the show looks contrived an not real. Especially the Nigerian seen was definitely fake.

    • Ohhhhh lord was that scene painfully fake! It sad that most people will watch this garbage and actually believe it.

  8. That Atlanta u fake it till u make it everybody n atl is somebody smdh just pitiful

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