Chili of TLC: ‘All Lives Matter!!’

chili all lives matter

Chili and T-Boz Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter movement on Channel 4 UK news.

When it came to Trump, neither of the women care about him, but T-Boz straight up said she doesn’t care for him at all!

When asked what she thought about BLM, Chili said she didn’t go to any marches, but she thinks that “all lives matter.”

With the police brutality against these young black boys and stuff like that. All of that kind of stuff is wrong. Even if it was a Caucasian teen kid that this was happening to, it’s just not right.”

Do you think Chili is disconnected from what’s really going on? Is she selling out?


  1. TL who?… why are people still trying to make this duo relevant?

    You had your time, no one can replace left eye…time to move on!

    And if you do not know why things matter please STFU!

    • There really isn’t much worse in a psuedo-celeb than being out of touch and irrelevant.

    • The fact you all think these people have a choice in what they do is laughable. One the ink is dried the the Rainmans contract, it is effect for life. The only way out is to fake your death (watch the video) like Left Eye.

      • Oh Shut Up…plenty of people drift off to obscurity…which is something these bitches should do.

        Doris Day is one of the most notorious and I mention her because she has not worked in decades, which proves my point. She did say if someone asked she might, but she walked away and has not looked back.

  2. They have a new song with snoop
    Hate how they hated left eye its like they all knew she was gonna die left eye prepared herself to die

    • What? Since when? And no they didn’t hate Left Eye, they truly loved that girl, and her death had a huge impact on the both of them.

      • T blz and chili had been with left eye check the history they was on separate tour buses and fought like hell left eye dissed them in interviews

        She was selected to die

  3. Chilli thinks all lives matter? Rozanda needs to be smacked upside her head with a piece of pigs feet. As far as T-Boz is concerned, she looks like she has been eating too many pigs feet.

  4. Most black people who were born after the year 1999 probably don’t know who TLC are. In other words, these two middle age black women are past their prime and trying to get some attention. If these two black women are not going to help the black community, they should shut the fuck up and keep a low profile. One more thing, tell Tionne to get on the treadmill and lose some fucking weight!

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