Chief Keef’s Baby Mama Stunts $26K Child Support Check

chief keef baby mama

Chief Keef’s baby mama posts photos of her spending $26,000 check.

One of the women that had a child of Chief Keef’s went on Instagram to floss the new child support check she got and how she’s going to go spend it.  The Chicago rapper was sued for child support – by two separate women – and he failed to show up to the court hearing.

chief keef baby mama 2

This meant the judge ruled against Sosa and granted each woman around $20,000 a month in child support payments.  Facing jail time if he didn’t make the payments, Keef cut the woman a check and the first thing she did was go to Instagram to post it.

In her caption she admits that she’s going out to buy something for herself first, “#bouttospendthisF***inCHECKon ah newTOY.”  It’s surprising she didn’t add the #BANGBANG hashtag to add insult to injury.

chief keef baby mama 3


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  2. She’ll be broke in two months. Doubt very seriously that he’s got the kind of money to pay that every month.

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  8. I don’t know who this Chief Keef person is, but he done set his dumbass up to pay not one, but TWO GOLD DIGGIN ASS BABY MAMAS WHO IS NOT THINK TO PUT SOME OF THAT MONEY UP FOR SAVINGS NOR HARD TIMES!!

  9. chief keef had a bad rep from day one he promotes gangbangiong hes been in fueds his friends been shot his cousin was killed hes been involved in homicides with rival rappers who are gang related he thinks hes the baddest thug around his music isn’t that good unless you’re 13 years old.

    now this why keef thinks anybody decided to get pregnant by him hes a rapper and maybe was;nt nobody richer wasn’t around.

    this just shows young girls you want a big fatpayday get pregnant by a entertainer.

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