Is Charlie Sheen Really Winning?

is charlie sheen really winning

Charlie Sheen’s My Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour is about to take Charlie all the way to the bank. Know why? Because Charlie is about to generate $250,000 to $275,000 a show.

That’s not including the money he’ll pull in for after show parties, and his cut of merchandising. Charlie is set to do 21 shows, where he’ll be sitting in a chair telling his audience about his adventurous life…all of those dates are already SOLD OUT. Part of the deal he struck with Live Nation says 85% of the profits is all his (Lady Gaga or Madonna get 95% from Live Nation).

It appears to me that Charlie Sheen is winning when it comes to making money (solely because people are obsessed with train wrecks), but sadly Charlie may be losing when it comes to his health, his appearance and his outlandish ego-maniacal attitude.

What are your thoughts?

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