Chad “Ochocino” Johnson Is Expecting Baby Number 5

Chad Johnson Baby Momma

Chad “Ochocino” Johnson’s girlfriend, Crystal, jumped on instagram to announce that her former NFL player boyfriend is going to be a father for the fifth time.

Here’s what Crystal wrote below her sonogram picture:

“Why me lord ???????? SHE’S healthy tho and that’s what matters most…”

Chad Ocho Johnson Baby #5


      • She is , I just reeling with shock that he got with another sister. I thought he had crossed over to the white side.

  1. So he is going for over age 30+ black chicks with kitchen weaves now that money is short. Any woman who would let this dude paint her walls with semen should be spayed. God bless that innocent baby.

    • Agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY! Ain’t it amazing how women of the lighter persuasion get ghost when the money is gone? When are ninjas gone learn? SMDH.

    • …So she’s Blac Solo Cup then, because I don’t see any hint of ‘Chyna’ here?



  3. Gotta admit this is the first time in a long time I have seen Chad smiling like he’s really happy which is a good thing. Good for them.

    • Yeah people are dragging them, but I agree. They look happy. Maybe Ocho finally learned that the overseers posing as sports agents and coaches really don’t have his best interests at heart. Maybe 80 million is chump change if you have to sell your soul to get it. Maybe stay w this one ,marry her and stop sraying your seed far and wide. Oh and get a steady non sports or entertainment job Ocho and take care of that brood you got.

  4. So what! This cat is retarded and so is she because he has a bunch of kids and no money if he can’t pay for them kids how he gone do anything for this baby?

  5. I agree with the black men + no money = light/ white girl, gone with the wind! Lol. They cheesing it up in that photo. Is that a first class partition I see? You go gurl with your average self.

    • I bet he is paying for those adult braces that her parents couldnt afford in middle school ala Raphael Saadiaq circa Tony Toni Tone. Nothing wrong with a good come up BUT she should have continued her Depo shots while getting the perks and choosing a better dad for her unborn daughter. Splitting a has been’s check 5 ways will not send the kid to college. She is getting that reality tv smile ready for dependable income.

    • Nope. I’m fairly sure they are in F/C on Delta. The seats appear to be navy leather.

  6. She is mentally ill did she really think that having unprotected would not increase her chances of getting pregnant.

  7. She need to be worried about this crispy nigros women beating past while she’s getting pregnant, I smell another Evelyn situation in the near future, we will see those braces hanging out her mouth like a busted toaster

  8. Some black women are stupid for getting with black men after they lose everything.

    Let him be with the kind of woman he wanted when he had money and go about your life with your self respect intact. I would be embarrassed if I were in her shoes. No way I would pose for pictures having an out of wedlock baby with a scrub.

    Black women do better. Start by loving yourself over black dudes. Take care of yourself and stop thinking about them. Stop having sex with them.

  9. Well most women are average so you have no room to call anyone average.

    And who cares that she has braces now? Yall classist as f*ck. Most kids don’t need braces anyway.

    • Nobody gives a FUCK…thatz why itz called an observation!! And the time to straighten your teeth out IS when you’re a kid…when you first get your adult teeth in and you realize they busted and look like train tracks. Nobody first realizes they need braces at 30. Take your classist f*ckin’ opinion somewhere else you groupie biatch!!

  10. Well braces are expensive so my opinion on yall being classist as FUCK stands.

    Oh and FUCK you too snobby bitch.

    • Fuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkk Yoooooouuuuuuu!!!!! It’s not being classist saying somebody needs braces. WTF wanna walk as a grown azz woman with mf braces. So if you got kids, you gonna wait till they adults and make them get their own braces???? GTFOH!!!! People on welfare have braces so the average income can afford it. Maybe baby mamas and baby daddys should stop coppin weed and Manishevitz wine and buy they kids some f*ckin braces. Dumb biatch!!

  11. Bitch come out of hiding. I know EXACTLY who are.


    Cuz you are PROVING me right.

    Take your azz back to the welfare line.

    Jacky shut the comments section down. People on here don’t knoe how to act right.

    • “Bitch come out of hiding…” said the BITCH posting as Anonymous!! BWAHAHAHAHA! You should have just stated your moronic opinion and kept it moving…you wanted to label people…and say f*ck you…that’s the problem with these stupid bitches on these posts. They can give it but they can’t take it…You got back what you put out there. Fuck YOu!

  12. OCHO may not have the money he once had but he is far from broke. Don’t believe everything you hear.

  13. These women are truly sad. Having a kid by a man with more than one child grossing < 250K annually isn’t a good come up. The woman who has the first child or files the court order wins. Don’t know about Florida, but in many states the non-majority parent's income is reduced by the amount of child support paid for previous kids. Normally the percentage is 17-20% for the first child and each child afterwards get a deviation of the amount. With baby number 5 that chick may be lucky to get 2K a month. Not a lot of money sharing DNA with dude with children peppered across the nation but perhaps for the hood rich. Education or apprenticeships are better options to reach financial freedom without getting an innocent life involved. Circle prayer for the unborn baby girl and the like to break the cycle of ratchetness.

    Aside: Honestly don’t see why an unattached woman would seriously date a man with young children. Perhaps I am being selfish but I am not contributing my hard earned above median income or time to a kid from a broken home unless it’s UNICEF/ tax write-off worthy. It’s like polygamy without the title and parenting without the authority to whoop ass. I’d prefer positive interaction with my own, blood relatives or legally adopted, in my home. And wouldn't it suck if you’re attached to the kid when dumping the parent? What kinda psychological damage will it do to the kid?

  14. Damn Through This Nicca Hate Black Women, Now He Knocked Up A Black WomAn, A Good Looking Dark Skinned Woman At That
    Hold Up Didn’t This Nicca Have Some Type Of STD?, So He’s Passing His Dick Infected Community Dick To Black Women
    That Explains It, He’s Using Black Women To Get Rid Of His STD!!

    • That can’t be real. You get rid of STD’s by f*cking them out of your system? That’s out there even for you.

  15. They are in 1C and ID in F/C on a Delta MD 90.

    Sorry to disappoint y’all who are clowning him for being in coach. You can see the metal framework for the cabin divider with curtain in you look at the upper right of the photo.

  16. That used to be my job, so I think I know the configuration of the MD90. That is a window exit behind them.

    And yes, I will let it go.

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