Claudia Jordan’s Ex-Boyfriend Extorting Her Over Nude Pics & Sex Tape?

Joel Randall Claudia Jordan Extortion

HSK Exclusive – Claudia Jordan’s ex-boyfriend, Joel Randell, is rumored to be extorting the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member. Know why? Because Claudia ex-boyfriend has nude pictures and a sex tape of her and he’s threatening to go public if Jordan’s price isn’t right.

Jordan’s legal team is saying Randell broke into Jordan’s computer and stole x-rated pictures and a sex tape that the couple made when they dated in 2013.

Here’s what Jordan’s attorney said:

“Joel was arrested last year for harassment against my client and he’s going to be facing a judge again for breaking into someone’s property.

Joel is a convicted felon with fraud and identity theft on his record. My client filed a restraining order on him last year April.”


  1. He’s a 2015 Mitch. Why do men always think this is a way to get even? Unless it’s something scandalous like her shitting on him or gangbanging, who cares about vanilla sex?

    • She is 2015 whore so who cares. People still stupid enough to make sex tapes..keep leaking them

  2. Yeah Joel could get it. But I really don’t believe anyone is trying to extort Caudias broke ass. She works that dubai /african billionaire escort scene just like the rest of those broke hos. Likely she is just trying to drum up a story line to negotiate a pay raise and contract extension when its time for her sit down with Miss Andy. Because I can’t see even Vivid wanting fotage of her over worked snatch. Like, who cares.

    • Yeah, I said it. What of it? They aren’t mutually exclusive terms.He’s quite goodlooking. Which is what the expression he could get it means. And she’s a broke ho because her old ass aborted a baby because the father didn’t have money even though he wanted the kid. And she sells ass to ugly toad looking africans for money. So yeah…broke ho it is.

      • Maybe I have bird tendencies or misplaced conservatism but I couldnt see myself having a child by someone who netted way less. He would at least need earning potential. If I had a sudden death, I want my kid to be in good hands and be taken care of outside if my inheritance. Else I would get a sperm donor or adopt a UNICEF baby if I wanted to go at it alone. Men should be providers though many act like 1950s housewives nowadays. Looking for strong independent women and shyt yet harp on females for being “mannish”.

        That fetus should be gone with a mom like Claudia and emo dad who releases nudes. Claudia is a ho but I respect her for not settling and bringing an unwanted child into the world. Id rather for her to keep peddling that gray ass cock in GST time than be a other half ass mom and breeding more shyt.

      • I know what “could get it” means I just have never auctioned or proposed by temple body for a stranger just because we had shared the dislike of an ex of theirs I mean if you’re a dude then power to you Get your freak on but as a grown woman who’s life is but a choice to be sought out as a queendom rather than a orgy or a paycheck I don’t know about you but I can’t consider some1 else’s decisions as mishaps not only because I have no care for them but mainly because they are entitled to making them all on their own Where were you when she did all of what you’re saying? You don’t matter to her Why does she matter to you? It’s her path Let her travel it Fuck her dude if that’s appealing to you too Nevermind what you manifest your entire life on a soul search & then foolishly waste for “goodlooking” dick & a “broke ho”

  3. Eric Benet started this (Bitch Ass Nigga) crap when he divorced Halle Berry. He writes for Maxim, I highly doubt he’s a Chocophile. A lot of chump dudes walking this planet right now.

  4. why folks tape their sex lives and then get famous AND THOINK IT WON’T COME BACK TO HAUNT THEM.







  5. r Kelly made sex tapes with his pedo ass.

    Kelly made the chocolate faqctory album stating he was pedo since he called himself the pied piper.

    the pied piper and willy wonka were both pedophiles.

  6. WAIT! Ain’t this the same dude yall had the other article about with pictures of the text messages where she said she was pregnant by him but aborted his baby cuz she said he “didn’t have enough money?” And he said since they were both 40 they should keep it. Like what kind of chic aborts her baby when she’s a celeb w/money cuz the guy doesn’t have alot of money. Sounds to me she’s a gold digger, and when she realized the bucket was empty she killed the baby. Karma coming for her tail. Sex tapes, racist comment videos. She’s an old hot-p*ssy pedaling mess. Have 3 seats girl. SMDH

    • I bet if Claudia HAD every baby she’s been pregnant with, she would fat, broke and alone. Bad judgement all around. Who f*cks dudes who turn around and blackmail you? What kind of relationship did you have? The dudes in my life have been more loyal than the females to be honest, it would be the female friends I would have to worry about. Or better yet, FAMILY.

  7. Ok Just leak it already. Its obvious she let that laptop get stolen on purpose. Sex Tape = Publicity. Thats thot know what she is doing because she carries that Laptop with her every where she goes, there is no way she would leave that laptop by itself in a car like that, unless she purposely wanted it stolen knowing that the sex tape would be leaked eventually thus publicity to keep her ass on tv still. I bet the tape will be leaking soon and she’ll be trying to use the attention for herself, publicity hog, its what these thots are known for. They love the attention.

  8. I Must Say He’s Fucking Fine, Wouldn’t Mind Him Rocking Me To Bed With His Dick Every Night!!

    You Black Men Stop Making These Mixed Chick Turn You Foolish

  9. Claudia Jordan, Stacey Dash, Kenya Moore and Traci Bingham, four of the dumbest black bitches in black hollywood! Seriously, how can you go through your entire adult life f*cking dozens of millionaires and still end up broke? I just don’t get it.

  10. Claudia Jordan is not a housewife, she is a 43 year old hoe. Who did she suck off and swallow to get on Real Housewives Of Atlanta?

    P.S. Have you guys seen Claudia Jordan’s feet? That shit is f*cking disgusting!

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