Ceaser Finds Out Dutchess Cheated While They Were Engaged – Black Ink Crew Episode 17

Dutchess has been fighting through a firestorm of backlash from the futon critics over the past few days after going on a rant about Sky not being involved with her kids, and
unfortunately things may not be getting any better for her anytime soon now that it’s being revealed that she cheated on Ceaser throughout their relationship. Watch as Cease fume over the revelation in this scene from Black Ink Crew Season 5 Episode 17….


  1. Caesar is a clown,dutchess is Indian and so are you….the difference dutchess still on reservation lol

  2. I was on the fence about Dutchess all along but now I’m uterally disgusted this girl who calls her self a boss lady is truly messy. How dare she act all high and mighty and she has been the cheater and scamming poor Ceaser. I pray that girl gets nothing from now trying to go after him financially. .. KARMA that’s all I can say

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