Caught on Tape: Swizz Beats Admits to Cheating On Alicia Keys!


    Once-Twice-Three Times a Swinger!

    In the video, that looks as if it has been filmed without Swizz Beats’ knowledge, the rapper can be heard explaining away why evidence of infidelity is no big thing. Turns out, a little lipstick on the collar is no big thing.

    Here’s what Swizz is over heard admitting to his boyzz:

    “She know I have fun, the wife know I like to have fun. We have fun. I’m going home”

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      • It is and it isn’t. She wanted to get married and have a child and when she decided on Swiss, she just had to have him. Not for bearding purposes. She really wanted to be with him.

      • Well that what he did to his wife right? He dumped her for Alicia! Chickens coming home to roost!

    1. If they were not lesbians before they are now once in the industry that’s how they get down.

    2. swizz meatz has been swizzing his cheese stick around the olive

      can you say karma can’t belive he left that sexy chocolate women for
      ugly fake imitation of a blaque women

      • AK is black, her black daddy left her white momma. So she is black. Lets not try to pit the light skin against dark skin, its rough enugh fighting the enemy without having to fight your fellow brother/sister.

            • are you dumb or just stupid???

              blaque people can’t be racist but be
              judgement so take your cooney
              buffooney azz somewhere else

              • Chocolatey, it’s mean and nonproductive to call out lighter shin women and say that they are naturally inferior to chocolate skin ones.
                That’s some dangerous shit. Black is black.

            • Actually i just got done reading about how Egypt was punished for turning away from God almighty and decided to sell out thier own people and worship the dollar, and for that reason we ended up in slavery and are still enduring the effects, what books have you read lately?

              • the book i just read is about rose hall a white women
                who owned a plantation in Jamaican the slaves put
                spells on her they even burnt her photo’s because they didn’t want to see her face

              • Lol CB, you are a mess. That come back comment actually made me laugh out loud. U never miss an opportunity , do u

        • @Sunni are you sure Alicia is black? Cause Alicia didn’t seem too sure when she was asked by an interviewer when her career first took off. She seemed a bit hesitant and begrudingly said, “I mean….yeah….I’m black” like she didn’t really feel that way. A black father does not a black person make.

          • Nonsense.The male carries the seed.How else would a woman get impregnated without the DNA of a Man?That statement made no sense at all.

            • Black is right it’s all about the mans DNA ….Damn dont people know this already ?

            • They get an equal set of DNA from mother and father, how else.can a mans seed be brought into the world if not by a woman? Your theory is inaccurate

            • BA still believes the earth is flat….sigh….I wish he’d walk to the edge and fall over.

              • Aww, scripture. This time, at least, you didn’t make you retort all about your A** and your desire to have it kissed. You’re evolving.
                PS: I love dogs

              • Anon 23:15 You should love dogs because both are bitches!!Let’s not forget,you are what you eat!

          • alica is on the fence she’s neutral
            just like hallie berry and other
            biracial people

            they may look blaque but do’t act lit
            you may question what i just

            if you talk about slavery etc most of them
            blame blaque people

            • CB you’re making me nervous with your lack of intelligence and/or common sense. But here you are posting on every story like you was Mensa or some shit.

              • i’m fed of defending myself on here
                i thought this site was about uncovering the truth
                guss i was wrong so i decided i won’t be
                posting any comments on here anymore

              • Hey cb. Feels like you WOKE UP recently. If this is true, we know u are trying awaken other people. But breath, you don’t have to be on every post. But don’t throw in the towel. Just breath.

              • Chocalate, this site is a gossip place for primarily discussing black celebrities and people in their sphere(like the ugh Kardashians.) Yes, sometimes the “truth” is exposed, but it’s not like every damn thing said here has to be racial bitching. That gets real old real fast.

          • @Anon 13:28 U have to with the race by the father. He has dominated gene or recessive gene. Basic science at its best

            • Bullshit. Yall just regurgitating YouTube theories as usual. If you really know anything about DNA you would know what you are saying is way too simplified. Plenty of people in Korea and Eastern Europe looking white as f*ck and are as much if not more sub Saharan than your typical African American. In other words white looking black people. The almighty knows exactly who his people are. He will call them all because He ain’t befuddled by a phenotype. Look deeper.

              • Exactly my friend jamies dad is black as night and she came out with porcelain white skin, blue eyes and blond hair,.then she had a baby by my boyfriends cousin who is a dark black guy and the baby came out with that same white skin blue eyes and blond hair, people dont even know hes black, im biracial and i have more my moms features (who is black) some people dont know im mixed

              • @Anonymous

                i make you nervous??? you think i’m dumb
                hate to burst your bubble but i’m a

                trained sexologyist

      • your not talking about food are??
        didn’t think there was a sex position called tacos

    3. thats why the ex went on vaca with them she knows what really goes on and now we all do




      • Naw,he left Mashonda because he was broke and AK was his meal ticket away from being Destitute.Mashonda was in the music industry before Swizz and he was her male groupie broke as a joke sleeping on her couch early in his career before he got put on by RuffRiders.

        • true. well he was with mashonda when we dated because he was broke wearing the same clothes and had got his first big gig DJing for DMX on that Jay Z/DMX tour (late 90’s).

          he is a really nice guy.

    5. Who in their right mind want to see their husband or wife, being with another person? You can not possibly have genuine love and allow that mess. When couples stoop to level, I feel they’re opening up a gateway to satan himself. It also seems like a last resort effort.

        • That’s just sad. I would never play with God like that. Marriage is serious! When I come across married folks, I keep it pushing. For women that are falling into those traps. Good luck!

        • Marriage in America AKA Babylon The Great is nothing but a business and you have to pay for a certificate. Marriage of the bible and in the eyes of the most high is sex.

            • The bible condemn homosexuality.I’ve been married many times because I’ve had many partners.I was once referred to as”The Pope Of Pussy”before I retired from skirt chasing.Ha.Ha.

              • Holy shit BA! The Pope of Pussy?? BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!! But back in those days you didn’t feel like you were marrying each one of them right? It was before your awakening?

              • Yes,it was before my Renaissance and I didn’t feel like I was marrying them because I didn’t know any better.But now today if I engage in sex with a woman
                she’s viewed and treated as my wife.I have to keep the Laws of the bible.Shalom.

              • You need to go back to calling yourself that, lol. How about just…the Pope for short?

    6. You are what you eat???? What has my diet got to do with anything? BA, you are clearly too dumb for words. How do you get through the day being so dim? Do you have a minder or nanny to provide constant supervision? How have you managed to stay un-institutionalised this long? Are there any meds for your condition? Lawd, so many questions. I’m sorry but I can’t help but feel a little concerned.

    7. Nowadays swinging seem to be pretty popular. I guess desperation is up too. Marriage is sacred! If you want to swing from something, I suggest you swing on the word of god. Because from the looks of things a lot of people are headed to the pit.

    8. Aww, poor girls. Who’d want to mate with you? And its not technically skirt-chasing if you have to pay for it

    9. Alicia may not be a stranger to tasting cooch but hooking up w/ Swizz cheat hurt not help her image. And since cheating is how she got with him she will tolerate his philandering at least for a while

    10. too funny…both of these people have tried to holla….and now they are together…damn…I should’ve played both these fools!

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