Rick Ross’ Malita “The Mogul” Rice Fraud Arrest Uncovered


Malita the Mogul Rice Fraud Arrest

Victim turns Victimizer!

HSK Exclusive – William “Rick Ross” Roberts assistant, who HSK recently exposed for running a scam casting agency, Malita “The Mogul” Rice was busted back in 2011 for identity theft.

Rick Ross got Malita scamming models out of their money because he’s not paying her

Here’s the drop:

“Malita is claiming her casting agency for video models is not a scam, and that she is an educated upstanding business woman… but in 2011 she got busted for fraud.

She also has loose lips, she told everyone she knows that her roommate Taylor Hall smashed a happily married, Wiz Khalifa, after his video shoot.”


    • I just googled it and it says she was arrested for assault when she 19!! It says nothing about fraud. It’s scary cause people can and will make up anything just to find relevance. Seriously who hadn’t gotten into a fight before ? This is the dumbest shit

  1. what you expect from a dude who thinks hes somebopdy else.

    one minute hes freeway ross then he’s mc hammer then hes 2pac then hes larry hoover.

    hey rick ross was the worlds first gangbanger.

    rick ross invented ganster rap he was hustling with eazy e and suge knight back in 87.

    rick ross put snoop in the dope game no lie he made a song about it.

    he trained 2pac and biggie also.

    rick ross taught too short the pimp game.

  2. rick ross looks like gonzo (from the Muppets) and this busted bytch looks like big bird (from sesame street)

  3. Rick Ross is a studio wanna be thug making a living off the REAL Mr. Rick Ross if she thinks Rick Ross can protect her she is a delusional THOT. What was once silent will make a sound..Too late… In other words you don’t hear a thing so you think it’s all clear when the sound comes for her….. Tread my dear in fact her ass better tip toe so she does not awaken that which has been silent.
    This makes sense to her I KNOW IT DOES

  4. Oh and she gotten pretty good at hiding her paper trail which is why she ask for receipts but she is so damn messy and believes her own damn hype she slips up and all the crumbs are right at her damn doorstep. MADAM

  5. Damn lets go all in she SNITCHES/INFORMS thinking she has paid her debt silly girl in the process got the FEDS watching her now…. Since she know so much info dummy did not think they would want to find out how she knew the info in the first place. See now I’m finished BITCH needs to leave it alone and stop rattling cages.

  6. Everybody he run witt out here try’n scheme shit, birds of a feather flock together. If you do’n “business” Witt William Roberts II and his “associates” expect to lose.


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