Cash Jones Details Yung Berg’s Studio Circle Jerk


Cash Jones aka Wack100 is adding a little more detail to what he witnessed in the studio when he apparently unexpectedly walked into a studio session of Yung Berg and a lil homie, said to be the god nephew of Keyshia Cole. and it sure sounds like a good ol’ fashion gay bath house circle jerk to us…

Here is what Cash Jones put down:

“Here is the scene both had there (sic) hands in the cookie jar lubricant on the desktop..”


Berg responded with this:



  1. First of all what the f*ck is a “god nephew” SMG black folks will make up a title for folks that they are close to but not blood related too

  2. What the hell is cookie jar? I understand the lubricant but what does they had each others hands in the cookie jar? I thought women had the cookies and men had the bats ta beat that cookie up? So what are you saying? Burge had his bat in ol boys Duke shot? Or did he have burge bent over? Can you be more specific? This is wild man omg!

      • Having someone DIG in your ass is a thing!? HOW THE FUCK IS THAT A TURN-ON!? (You kids are gettin’ too weird for me…)

      • Thank u for asking about the “cookie jar” cause I had no idea what the hell they were talking about either. What’s up with all this gay studio action all of a sudden. This is the 2nd story I’ve read this week like this.

    • Urban dictionary says cookie jar is usually vagina but its also Las Vegas slang for anus.

      So Mr ” I’m straight nd didt see anything” knows gay slang.

  3. I can’t jump on the bandwagon with this one. Sounds too fabricated from a shit starter. Yung Berg was washed up way before he had any halfway credibility so this isn’t neither hot or cold tea. He was a done deal when he talked about not liking dark butts. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is plotting this stale story for some publicity.

    • Something’s up with Berg.

      He gets fired from LHHH after allegedly beating his gf and castmate Masika.

      The next day, a woman in Chicago claims Berg is the father of an autistic child and owes $10,000 in support.

      Now he’s a pedophile..

      Is this another shakedown ala Katt Williams, Charlie Sheen, etc?

      Seems like he’s having a very big run of headlInes right now….

  4. word to. Berg was like “well turn up then.” Not only that, when he was with Hazel he said “turn up shawty.” I concluded that must be something he says during sexual excitement.

  5. I’d find another way to get publicity lol that’s kinda out there is he that thirsty?

  6. I assisted the team manager and sports medicine crew in high school for jv and varsity basketball and one of my besties walked into the locker room to starting line engaging in a circle jerk. She was literally blue when I saw her. One guy threatened and insisted that it wasnt gay. Also, he used to beat his girlfriend and was the alpha male type. Most got married, had kids. One was notable player for the Kentucky Wildcats during college.

    It happens more than we think and its one of those homosexual acts thats not considered “gay” since there is no penetration like Mr Cee receiving brains from a trans. My point it happens more than you think and its technically not GAY gay. If this story is true its just another pre game warmup/ritual.

    • Not gay huh? I’m guessing no women were asked about their views on this. Smh @ the things men tell themselves when they know damm well what it is! So by these men’s standard giving or receiving oral pleasure, fingers in the anus, rim jobs, grinding, kissing or masturbating with another man is NOT considered gay because there is no penetration? I don’t see it!!!

        • If its something you wouldn’t want to see your parents doing, its sex. I wouldn’t care if I saw my parents shake hands. That’s not sex. I wouldn’t want to see my parents hand in the cookie jar. * reaches for bleach, dunks eyeballs*

      • Truth!!!! Men are mentally disturbed. For real.

        That’s why industry men gotta fetish for pre op trannies All y’all faves -,Chris Brown, LL cool j, Jay Z, ect. They convinced themselves that because it looks like a woman, that it ain’t gay.

  7. What the Hell?
    Now we have different levels of gay?
    NO…DUDE is gay..
    “No penetration” is this what these guys are trying to tell us now?
    If you you are being intimate with another man, and you get an erection, with another man, you are GAY.

    • Thank you. Now i can pick my face up off of the floor. Thats just like telling me its pouring down raining outside and I dont need an umbrella,smh. If you engage in sexual acts with the same sex then its because you were attracted in some type of way to that person, which in turns mean that you have a gay preference, hence, gay or bisexual,facts…

  8. is this why, these Rappers music is so wack.
    Spending studio time jerking off, rather than perfecting their craft.
    In mature teenage boys, who think abut sex every 2 minutes.
    Got busted, when Ray J’s manager walked in.

  9. I remember watching Blood Sweat n Heels on Bravo and retired video chick Melyssa Ford was on it looking broke and she was doing real estate to make ends meet. These chicks need to know they cant rely on men to support them.


    IS THIS WHAT E.U. SAID WHEN THEY SAID Ain’t nothing wrong iof you wanna do the butt all night long.

    yeah asome dudes like to get fingered in the ass some women will test their man to see if hes gay by trying to slide her finger up his ass.

    if the dude accepts her finger poking in and out of his ass he’s a dl man.

    other dl signs is anal sex.

    some girls like anal but a man who constantly phukks a girl in the ass and never hit the p*ssy is a dl man.

    • Like that “who booty is it” song, or that “bottoms up” by Trey songz

  11. If both Keyshia and Neffe came out of Frankie’s poom poom this boy would be Keyshia’s nephew. Where did god nephew come in? People need to stop making up stuff. Lol.

    • Really people? Its common sense! God nephew= god son and nephew. My little cousin is also my parents God son.

  12. It could be that Keyshia is his aunt and godmother. I think that’s where god nephew means.

  13. Notice Berg didn’t deny it. He doesn’t need anymore acquaintances spilling more tea on his downlow ass

  14. Is this it? Dude get out of here with that nonsense. Berg probably is gay, but this “act” is lame as hell.

  15. Nope it all started when they had the reunion show and Ray J heard yung Berg supposedly had sex with Teairra .Although she insisted her and Berg were friends and only kissed Ray J seemed angry and pumped up lol. Now Ray j is with his own chick but still has feelings for Teairra I dont care what he says on the show.Go take a look at his reaction when Berg says he had sex with Teairra. Ray j is sneaky and got connections with certain people .So he asked his manager to handle Berg and Berg knows whats going down even if the gay sex rumor is true or not…..ever wonder why no talent Ray j keeps getting on these reality shows? Hes a handler to some of these women among other things (Clive Davis)……Mona Scott

  16. I knew that rapper reminded me of someone!

    google “Raymond Frolander” #uncannyresemblancesamecharges

  17. Yoyo Bug is obviously gay.. attacking women, calling lady friends out, etc … scared to admit who he is!! Lol. Im a straight woman and my gay male friend told me once how he greases up and chicken jerks on the daily.. and with other men. Hes a diva.. but I always dont need to hear the details.. trying to find my own man!! Yes, and real men walk away from that gay shit and gay men participate in that gay shit!! Glad they took him off the show for beating up Masika.. I like her…rooting for her to wise up and boss up.

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