Ayisha Diaz Ain’t Living ‘That Life’ Anymore!

Ayisha Diaz Trickin' Aint Easy

HSK Exclusive – First she lost her spot as Bow Wow’s girlfriend.

Now, Ayisha Diaz has lost her African sponsor too! It’s no wonder why Diaz is reported to be working as a Brooklyn bartender — at club LUST — “to make ends meet.”

The drop:

“Ayisha’s African trick picked her up on instagram and since the music video game is slow Ayisha is now bartending.”


  1. I guess her African sponsor had to return to symphoning much needed funds for rural development, into his account.

    • LOL….dead! These billionaire afreaks kill me. They have the government on their pockets and their own private armies. No money for immunizations, education, or infrastructure….but they van trick off on some.project ho, as long as she looks exotical.

    • Many African countries, though independent on paper, pay a form of colonial tax and their farmland is often under unfavorable lease agreements(99 years for pennies and acre literally from foreign investors). Building infrastructure is difficult however China has been a benefactor as they come to do business and not colonize. This is why Africans are able to thrive better in Western societies than in their own countries which explains why there are more African doctors outside the continent than on. The skilled/educated spend youthful working years in another system and dont pay it forward. Similarly when upwardly mobile Black Americans relocate to the suburbs, the community experiences brain drain(resources) and is in disarray.

      The current coltan mineral conflict is a good is a textbook example of foreign manipulation. Also, they are prevented from unionizing, like the European Union. We saw the unfortunate example made out of a thriving Libya and Gaddafi when he tried to unionize Africa and place currency on gold standard (abundant in Africa, rarer in the West) instead of paper/fiat trumping the global economic structure. Also residents have to apply for visas for some neighboring countries when traveling within (artifical)borders. (ie if I live in Cameroon and want to visit my cousin next door in the DRC I have to pay fines cut through red tape). Visas are not required when traveling within the EU. You can travel from Paris to Amsterdam without presenting ID. Also I dont need a visa when I cross to Tijuana through San Ysidro or when crossing through Buffalo station to Canada. Just a clean criminal record and proof of America citizenship when returning (military id, birth certificate or passport. Passports are not required to enter through land or sea).

      Don’t mistake me, there are shiftless nwords there as well. Plenty!!! Sad thing is that Africans tend to welcome foreigners than their own – a plus for Americans who want to do business and invest in community development. Also home ownership is better and land access as Africans dont have Draconian permanent property tax laws.

      Blacks without Borders is a nice documentary and available online.

    • maybe she got paid to work there as a guest bartender and just because she’s dating a African it doesn’t make him a sponsor. It’s called falling in love and being genuine happy. Ayisha could go to work if she wants to sponsor or not always been independent. As for bow wow I recall her working every other week/day as a bartender where was baller bow wow at? No where but on Instagram fronting he got it when he don’t. not every one dates people for the money. You speaking on stario type with out knowing the truth behind it. Did you bother doing research first? No so let me give you the 411
      Sponsor or no sponsor doesn’t mean stop working and get taken care off nothing wrong with working even if your man is wealthy! and just because she doesn’t post bags,shoe’s,clothes, bottle popping or material shit doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it maybe that’s not important to her.

  2. Look times are hard right now. At least Ayisha has a job. With all of the african sponsors you would have thought it was FEED THE CHILDREN or something.

  3. Whats up with these washed video chicks? Get a real job, go to school, and make something of yourself. She could ask Mona Scott for a spot on Love n Hip Hop but I think her and Erica Menace would probably bump heads.

  4. These whores need to realize nothing last forever. You don’t stay young forever and there’s somebody that looks better than you.

  5. Who is this person? Still trying to figure out when and why the dealings of hoes and johns became so interesting to people.

  6. Tax purposes, you can’t put stuff in a hoes name. You can get caught for money laundering and ax evasion. You can set her up in a business and support her through it.

  7. Who the hell is that? She looks like Erica Mena in the face. Vh1 would hire her.

    • Some one you dream and wish you could look like not even in your nightmares would look like her CB.

      • Who wants to dream or have a nightmare about having a fake purchase ass on a curve less body?!!!

  8. Most african billionaires are into oil and mining. They didn’t steal anything. African americans are just mad cuz they ain’t got shit. No land no nothing. Africans have land and access to natural ressources which allows them to make real money. All your millionaires became rich by entertaining white folks.

    • @kreole… No African slave descendants don’t become rich from entertaining white people, SOME (and i do mean some) become rich by giving up and denying themselves of who they are to get ahead. That’s why African Americans like myself call them sellouts, cause their the type of blacks that’ll teach white people our creative way of being for a buck and at the same time Mr Whitey branding and copy writing with ownership, what we may have taught them. This is why we as a people can’t and will never get ahead in this nation. Mr Whitey won’t let it happen cause we’ll become competition. Which is why we’re copied so much and they promote it like it came from their bland flavorless assess, as if it came from them when it didn’t.

    • Oh and by the way that goes for white women to, that ass want to act all innocent like they did nothing but their in that boat to.

    • @ kreole… I forgot to add, you’re right about Africans you do own but trust we’re not mad at you !! That’s good for your people, get ahead that’s what you suppose to do.

  9. Yall African Americans are so intimidated by Africans. we are the real deal yall stepped on. Your fore fathers were some dumb fucks couldnt duck the slavers broke ass bums.

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