Carmelo & LaLa Anthony Kept Sheneka Adams As Personal Sex Slave

Carmelo & Lala's Sex Slave Shenka Adams

HSK Exclusive – Carmelo Anthony and his wife LaLa, maintain an open marriage. Know why? Because LaLa  gave her husband the green light to smash Sheneka Adams. Don’t believe me.. Ask LaLa’s cousin Dice.

A source is saying the New York Knicks power forward and his wife had Sheneka Adams as their personal sex slave.

Dig the drop:

“When LaLa was on the road promoting her book. Sheneka was taking care of Carmelo. They had threesome with Sheneka and when LaLa wanted some private female loving, she would call on Sheneka for a solo.”

Sheneka Adams Carmelo Lala Threesomes


  1. this couple absolutely freaky and they are pervert but I’m not surprised,this is what they do in the entertainment world is sad but is true.

  2. Well La-La is a lesi and Carmelo is her wig, so this makes perfect since.

    What do they call men that marry lesi women, so they can appear straight?

    • Wonder what percentage Jacob York made off pimping Sheneka around NY and ATL? I can’t wait for that chick to find Jesus and write a tell all about her former whoring.

      • She is. She’s not a pure lesbian. She likes 3somes with her man. Lots of women do and men really like it. As long as everyone is on the same page who are we to judge?

    • men on the downlow who like men, and to cover up the fact that he likes men and loves to get his thang sucked by other men, and possibly get his booty ate by other men because most women, mainly in marriages, don’t get the booty and Carmelo seems like he loves his ate out. im just sayin and keep it real. in addition men like him marry lesi’s to hide the woman’s true sexual preference. hence why he and him had a baby – that cutiepie of theirs.

    • They’re called a merkin, or merk, for short.


      A merkin in the gay and lesbian set in Hollywood refers to a “usually” straight male escorting a gay woman to public events so as to attempt to camouflage the lesbian’s secret sapphic lifestyle.
      Ex.: “T”, the (secretly gay) actress is photogrpahed at the red carpet premiere holding onto “J”, a well-known straight actor. People think they’re “dating”. He’s her MERKIN for the evening.

  3. thats hollywood. seems like its working for them even tho that p*ssy aint good enough to save the bum ass knicks season..but like NeNe say “If u like it, I love it”

  4. When It Comes To Sex I’m Selfish I Don’t Like Sharing Dick!!

    Is One Per Person

  5. I put nothing past this girl. her self esteem is at an all time low. i can’t believe she practically begged for Jacob York back.

  6. This is true!!thats how she got put on! First she was f*cking Soulja boy than she released her nasty hairy p*ssy pics soon after that while on facebook when she had a fb to be exact she started f*cking melo & lala knew about it that’s why Jacob took her under his wing lol she’s living off him til this day! Every body in atl on the south side knows this! She ain’t low! Her p*ssy been run threw

  7. Monique brought this issue out of the shadows…Open Marriage! If both parties consent, it’s not cheating. 2 scoops of caramel, that’s heaven on earth. Who is against that, Just Saying?

      • its like 2pac was shot but jfk was assassinated.

        both are dead though.

        when a normal person is killed or diers in a planecrash its normal except whenyou’re a kennedy which means everyone who dies in your family is a curse.

  8. i figured LaLa was a bisexual freak. hell it runs in the damn family..look at Dice hardcore ultra-manly super-butch ass. and i believe my boo Carmelo will go too…loving the same gender. he only staying married to LaLa so that they can seem like the happily married couple when in fact it’s an all-out free-for-all f*ck fest going on behind closed doors with them. in addition, and quiet as it’s kept, Carmelo is bored with LaLa and has been doing the “do” with other women a long ass time. so yea, next! and this is no surprise to me if their marriage is of an open one.


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