Shay Johnson Is Dating An Openly Gay Rapper

Buckeey Dating Gay Rapper

Rapper Kore Stacks, who once admitted he was gay, is now dating former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, Shay Johnson aka Buckeey.

Buckeey showed up to support her new boyfriend this past Tuesday, at the rappers mixtape release party.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Shay Johnson was in full support of her new boo’s project and she even took the mic to congratulate him on his new record deal with EOne Records.”



  1. Okay how does this works again? He is openly gay and Shay is straight. So he is basically f*cking her in the ass and she strap up and vice versa. Look help a Vista out with this one cause I am totally confused!

    • I dunno about the skrapnon but I know she cut her nose off! Damn she looks like planet of the apes.

    • I was confused by the headline and I was thinking the new openly gay dude DayLyt, never heard of Kore smh !

  2. Hola Radiant, it doesn’t make sense. These people are Trisexuals, they’ll try and do anything for money and fame. So sad…..there is no way I could be with a Gay, or Bisexual man. Gross. These people don’t care Hollywood is an illusion

    • Ser Stalae and Lovest, now I some family members is gay about four of them three big, but what Shay and dude got is straight up crazy! That straight heterosexual duck is truly hard to find. But the only way U can finds those thru married men.

      • What you mean married?!?!?! I’m neither one, not married and a looooooooong way from being part of the froot loop troupe.

          • To be honest, I’m looking to relocate I hate Va. I have been looking for houses everywhere. Anybody live in a wonderfully progressive places. If so let me know, I’m taking trips for the rest of the winter.

            • Slow is nice, I need to be around people who are not stuck with a Jim crow mentality, and are looking to network and become self sufficient as people in our own communities. I need to find some of our people without the crabs in a barrell mentality.

            • Well there is Charlotte, ,I know U don’t want Atlanta. How do U feel about Jacksonville? Or U can relocate to Columbia, SC

            • I am from the Great Lakes area, I have family in Wis “sconce” sin. Minnahh”soda” and Chee”cah go” (white folks pronunciation. Minnesota is beautiful, lots of hills and valleys, very scenic but bitter cold in the winter. Chicago welp, ya know. Wisconsin is racially segregated so us Black folks are not welcomed to move around the state too much if you get my drift.

              I have been seriously thinking about Iowa, for business purposes. It seems laid back and decent, I just don’t want to be land locked, I love being around water. I don’t like the west or the east (been there done that) coast. I’m scared of Florida, haven’t been there since I was a kid but I remember there were snakes everywhere so that defiantly out of the question. I know I want to move elsewhere from my present situation. (Get thee away from thy people) cuz they are driving me crazy.

              Ahhhhh, dilemmas, dilemmas……

            • Wow BE, I have done a little tine in the Great Lakes area. I love Waukeegan, I use to roll over to Racine to go fishing for salmon and trout. Racine a is unique place to say the least. I know why there are no black people on Happy days…lol. And when you say bitter cold you are taking a little off don’t you think? Bitter cold does not even begin to describe that kind of cold. I knew I was in trouble one winter it was dangerously cold. I remember cranking the heater up full blast in the house, Went to sleep with about 4 blankets and woke up to ice on the inside of the windows. A lot of ice. But I love “Chee Cah Go”. That city is rich with culture and when it comes to food(resteraunts) it’s near the top of any list. But it’s like a hooker, when you go in, you can’t stay too long or it will cost you a lot of Money, it’s gonna be fun while you there but it’s always gonna be dangerous….but seriously it’s a great city.

              But it’s funny you speak of Iowa. I had a co worker from Iowa, she was black. I was amazed, I really was. I didn’t know hey had any black people there and I will explain. But she had to get sick of me because I picked her brain for a week about that place. But The reason I was amazed is because when I was in basic training there was a white guy that was always staring at me, well come to find out he was staring at most of the other blacks in the company. One Sunday when we had down time, I asked him what the hell was he always staring for. And he said he didn’t mean any harm but he only place he had seen black people in person was the day he left home to come to basic training. He said he had only seen us was on TV. I asked wher he f*ck was he from and he said Iowa. I didn’t bother to ask what part, I just figured it was some place I was never going. Speaking Ask, that was his last name ASK. his parents came to graduation and the brought him som moon shine. He called me over whle he was drunk, called me by my last name and said yall are not that bad and offered me some moon shine. I said no thanks and y’all are not as bad as y’all were….lol. But you think Iowa would be a good move, where would you go Demoines?

              What part of Fla did you go to? I’m from Miami and even in the city I would regularly see snakes, so i can relate. If I went back to Florida, it would have to be on the Gulf coast of Florida, I’m not even entertaining anything on the Easter side of the state. The water is huge for me, Its a deal breaker for me too. That’s why I dont think I could deal with Iowa. I have been to a few cities where there was little to no diversity and it feels crazy, that would be a huge issue for me…lol

            • Okay, you’re right there is no way to describe how cold it gets up here, lol I love Minnesota but it is entirely too cold. My daughter lives in Racine, she wants me to move there. She lives 4 blocks away fro the lake so I visit often because I swear sometimes I felt it calling me. I can sit there for hours watching the waves no matter what time of year it is. So it is definitely an option.

              One time I went to Chi, we were clubbing till 6 in the morning. We went to my sister’s boyfriend people’s house because we were too tired to drive back. I will never forget it. The house was on 69th and Ada on the Southside. I could only find a parking space in front of an empty furniture truck a block away. When we got there he told me just find a spot to lie down. There were six complete living rooms sets in the 3 front rooms and everyone that ways laying on various ones had a gun on them or beside them. I was like oh well and laid down on a couch facing the door and put my gun on my chest and went to sleep. I was like whatever they are waiting on to come through the front door, I better be prepared too, Haaa haa! (I thought I was so gangster back then, I’m truly a different person now.) When I woke up it was to the sound of laughter. His family was like who is that girl in there with that cannon on her chest? I like her, she’s a ride or die chic, lol. Real talk, Chicago can be really fun and really dangerous, I wasn’t taking any chances, lol. But the food, forgetaboutit! Never tasted anything bad there.

              Iowa might not be the best choice but is has one of the best cottage food laws for my baking business. My family keeps telling me I am not going to like it because it is so boring with only farms and pastures and a sparse Black populous. And I know I would miss the water too. But the idea of a farm house with a few critters is appealing to my natural living side. I don’t know, I still trying to figure it out.

              In Florida we lived in Lake Whales near the orange groves where my dad joined the Air Force. Snakes everywhere. We didn’t stay there long as he was constantly being station all over. I remember when we would travel there from New Jersey, I knew when we were near because the smell of oranges fragranced the very air, it was lovely there minus the reptiles.
              I thought about Savannah Georgia for its southern charm but my brother and his wife recently moved near there and I’m afraid it might not be big enough for the both of us. As you can tell we do not get along at all.
              So I’m kind of torn with my decision right now. Will continue to research on it.

            • Well that’s impressive, I don’t know what the cottage fod law is, I will be looking it up. But you that pretty cool, you bake huh? Well, I dont know if you are advertising or how it even goes or the rules, I would ask for info so I could support but They might charge for advertising if you put the name up…lol. But I would like to know more

              And don’t get rid of that cannon if you haven’t. …….I like cannons, I have a few more to get .. 2 more and I will be

              Racine, like Racine, I was reply thinking about staying in Racine but I realized that the only two reasons I was thinking about It was because It has black people and the lake is incredible in Racine. I had to be honest with myself.

              Lake whales oh Lawd, the Love bugs will carry you away there, you have to wash em off the car when you travel through there. Yeah, like I said I can imaging reptiles in those areas, I have had run ins with all types in the city so I know they are bad there. We have canal systems that run through the city and the got big snakes in em and Aligators. OJ used to play golf in Miami a lot. The course he played at had a bunch of gators in it because the canal system fed the lakes on that course. But I Had a stand off with an iguana, he dropped out of a tree and wanted to get it on. Good thing the tree was in front of my house, yeah I ran from him….lol

              Wow, I was just looking at Savannah, yesterday. The houses are great for the money, its on the water and thats a major plus. savannah was drawing serious consideration, it really was. But is I look around I will keep you informed on what I come across.

            • LMAO at the iguana incident! YIKES!!!!! Yeah I’m a Pastry Chef doing my own thing renegade style heee hee. I’ll try and post up some stuff on a photo site that you can check out online.

              I liked Georgia too because of the homes facing the squares, I love Victorian styled houses. The duplex apartment I live in is in a historical community, the heating bill is whooping my ass right now, lol. I don’t think I could ever live in a home or an apartment without character. If you find anything there in Savannah I know it will be beautiful, keep us posted. I would love to see pics of it.

          • I lived I Jacksonville before, it’s some crabs there. Bad thing about it is that, so far on the east coast Atlanta is the only place where it seems like black people are networking properly I know there are some more but right now, all of my real deal connections are there. I have heard good things about Charlotte, I’m going to put my feelers out in that area. But I don’t know anybody in columbia unless you are there. I know a little about Florence, chuck town. Been to Hilton Head to fish. But that’s it. But the only other serious considerations after that would be Houston or Dallas. I like Dallas, I got some people there, but it’s hard fr me to get to the water. I fish a lot of saltwater tournaments. That’s good money too.

            • Earl I am down the street from Florence. Columbia I am forever going over there for military stuff especially that VA hospital. I am only 1 hour from Cola. Charlotte is two hours and Atlanta is four. Atlanta and Charlotte sounds about eight. Whatever U decide, ask God to help U and guide U.

            • “He called me over whle he was drunk, called me by my last name and said yall are not that bad and offered me some moon shine. I said no thanks and y’all are not as bad as y’all were….lol”

              LOL Good comeback, Eddie! Sounds like something I would’ve said. And yeah, I’ve been in a similar situation with a white person who’d never seen blacks in person staring at me, only in this case it was a female fellow student in one of my college classes (Which was especially weird considering the University I attended was diverse as hell) and she wasn’t racist, just naive/’green’ as hell (She was a Freshman, naturally lol). It is strange as hell to be viewed like you’re some kind of Zoo animal or on display, but…It happens lol

            • Raheim, I can dig where you are coming from. It’s pretty messed up, I never expected to run into people from the united states “Americans” who Have not seem black people. But you say that the school was pretty diverse so do you buy that she wasn’t used to seing black people or do you think she was embarrsed that you noticed her staring. I tell you what though, it’s sad that we are still going through certain things and the hate still runs deep. Before I got out of the military, which was just recently, I saw something that was incredible. I wanted to lay out the entire story but I erased it because was too much info in it. I will just leave it. Before I got out of the military I was in charge of somebody named Arianashon Infinity, birth certificate name….sad.

            • not Texas……not right for darkskinned people…they execute too much for me….not Memphis either……too many outside state influences…..when dealing with darkskinned people

            • Wow, ok. I still don’t think I would enjoy myself there. But I might be wrong, you never know, I do realize I’m being prejudiced about that state though.

    • I’ve Dated Gay Men In Past, Their Sex Is Give Away
      I Know How Gay Men Sex, And I Know How Straight Men Sex

        • @Jazzy

          Stop What??

          Ain’t Doing Shyt Just Giving Women Advice About Gay Sex Vs Straigh Sex
          So Far Gay Sex Is Winning, Straight Men’s Sex Is Rough And Tough.

          • You have backwards from the feedback I’ve been give, gay sex is rough abd tough because they are use to having it with another man, but sex with a straight man is gentle and attentive, after all you want her to have an orgasm too

            • @Carlos Harris

              Gay Sex Is Better Than Normal Sex, Black Women Need To Start Dating Gay Black Men Because These Straight Nicca’s Ain’t
              Looking For Black Women, You Take The Dick When You Can!!

            • DaRadiant you know! Um like How You Gone Tell Me? She must have never had that boar hog hump put on her. But you know most folks don’t know nothing bout that. That comes with skill from ole vets that know how to make love to a woman, lol.

            • Lmao! Yes BE she need that kind of hunchin! Gotta get ya an older man! Go to one them hole n the wall clubs and find U a Melvin, a Lucious, an Otis, a Clarence, or a LeeRoy. Then names right there will put U on your ads in that bedroom! Lmao!

            • Haaaaa haaa, Nah Nah Nah, I’ll take a skilled Ronald or a Jaheem too but I’m not going to be with nothing too much younger than me or prettier.

              What I don’t understand is who has sex with an openly gay man? And why would you want to knowing that he has appetites that you (as a woman) can’t physically compete with?

              I don’t know. Their world…. Spin….. (Circles air with index finger)

  3. I guess I can sort of understand it
    Its like having a half of a man and half of a female friend at the same time
    *shrug shoulders*,
    Whateva works for her

    • Yep. They are generally creative, smart, funny and good listeners. Doesn’t hurt the ones that I know don’t have to watch their money like hetero men with their bad decisions and child support. Nothing beats a nice conversation over brunch, followed with a shopping trip, and night out on the town, drinks included, without the expectation of dropping those drawls afterwards. God bless the phags and the hags that love them. They keep you chaste and well put together…

      Which is why I suspect this dude is NOT gay judging by Buckeye’s edges and that beauty supply grade weft showing at the part.

      • Let’s give gays a slap on the back, they deserve it. FYI. They are good listeners cause they don’t give a f*ck for what you got to say. They hate women and your co signing them. Ur a idiot.

      • It’s so cool to be gay. Women like you more the straight men. It’s this backslapping bullshit that’s f*cking err thing up. People ain’t born gay. But all this consigning encourages it. You are so f*cking stupid and don’t even know it. Be carful of what you want cuz you might just get it.

      • And you wonder way everyone’s married to a dl. You nearly saying gay man a better as people because they don’t wanna f*ck you. Fuckin idiot. Straight men don’t want you cause your looking a gay guy.

      • Women have to stop this rot. Don’t try to turn us into fags. I’m sick of it. Gays don’t give f*ck a bout women. You are rivals to them. They just wanna trade sex stories that’s it. That’s all that gay people talk about anyway.

        • And blacks are rhythmic dancers, asians have superior algorithmic acumen, and everyone should keep a jew retainer for legal counsel..

          • I know you wanna look smart. But it’s all true. You keep consigning gays and bitching bout heterosexual. If what girlfriends to hang out with get girlfriends not a blokes who want to be a women. Maybe it’s your character that makes you wanna hang around people who are gay.

  4. I do believe there are plenty of straight single males out here for every straight single female that wants one.

  5. But the real question is why is Shay just now shaving a side of her head???? That hairstyle is played like Flava Flav played her.

  6. Straight Men And Gay Men Sex Is Different

    Straight Men’s Sex Is Rougher And Tougher, Where Gay Man’s Sex Is Softer And Gentler

  7. finally. one of life’s greatest, most
    mind-boggling mysteries, solved!!

    thanks buckeye bc i’ve always, always wondered
    exactly who are the faceless, backroom chicks
    that are KNOWINGLY, and REGULARLY, sexing
    gay dudes?!

    but, wait, there’s more. this doesn’t qualify her
    as bi, gay, transgendered or lesbian, right?
    …if not, then what would be the label?!

  8. you phukk flav you’ll phukk anybody.

    she phukked every other type dudes weirdos like andre 3000 yeah I can see her with a fag.








  10. Kore Stacks ain’t gay no more. He’s been delivert. (smh) Poor Shay dumb azz probably thinking she has really turned ole boy straight and I wouldn’t be surprised if Exploit ’em Mona gives them a storyline on LHHATL… with a promise of a spin off.

    • lol Antoine Dodson was also a perfectly alright gay man before he became a Hebrew Israelite, was delivered, and sired his first illegitimate child by what I am told is a woman but images resemble the prototype of an ATL stud.

      Society should leave the well-adjusted gays alone and focus on healing closet cases whose deception can damage families.

  11. @CrazyChris

    What About

    Thomas The Tank Engine
    Bear In The Blue House
    Alvin And The Chipmunks
    Tom And Jerry
    Pinky And The Brain
    Bert And Ernie

  12. I had a bi-sexual boyfriend b4 and believe it or not
    The relationship was more fulfilling then with a straight man. Less hang ups and more honesty

    • That’s sick! You people are determined to make a liar out of THE MOST HIGH….but he is going to show you all he meant what he said about this nasty shit. This is why there are do many new HIV/AIDS cases are popping up all over the place. You people are like a dog who vomits and them turns around to eat it.

      • I wonder what sins on file That The Most High have on u
        Im sure if I saw them I would be appalled and digusted by u
        There is a scripture that also says They that worship Him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth and all I was doing was telling my experience and opinion in my TRUTH

        • He has some, but you know what I repented of mines. I don’t go around trying to promote them and make them seem right. I ask for forgiveness and I don’t come up on THE MOST HIGH with the same arrogant, ignorant spirit that seems to have taken hold on you. We all have sins because we are flesh and blood, but the thing is to overcome them. Don’t make them a way of life. Now shut up!

  13. A low self-esteem woman will tolerate anything from a man just so she can say she has one. She is playing Russian Roulette with her health/life.

    • i would rather get no dick than to fck a dude that i know is gay…..dont know rel woman wanna puck to dirty shittie dick yuck

  14. The crazy part is that a lot of women are married to undercover gay or bisexual men
    A lot of slept with some uknowingly or are even in a relationship with 1 unknowingly
    And you have alot of men (even on this message board)
    Who are full blown gay and are in denial
    Shay just got to do what makes her happy
    and muthaf*ck every1 else

    • NOW you’re talking! Smh. Most women have no idea what their very married husbands are up to on the other side of the closet…

  15. Has she brought him back from “The Gates of Babylon?” Or, is this a PR play to get some attention? Anyways, the genocide continues!

  16. If Donnie Mcclurkin and Antoine Dodson can get their hetero passes reinstated then why cannot this guy? As a proverbial outcast, I don’t understand groupthink

    He looks like he is having a ball eating that cake. It’s kinda gross since she has those long unhygienic nails non neutral coloured fingernails with no disposable serving gloves.

    • Groupthink. Stop trying tell everyone they wrong. You think like that. Maybe you are wrong. Oh no not self important can’t be wrong. Selfishness is important isn’t it. Ura idiot.

  17. I don’t know dude, but if I were to assume based on what I know, I would say he not gay, she knows he not gay, he just doesn’t know. Shay is a real woman, so she go recognize when a straight man is really gay AND when a gay man is really straight…


    A DECENT WOMEN WOULD NOT BE CAUGHT WALKING HOLDING HAnds with a dude the world knows is gay.

    shay’s a freak anyway it was dyke parties everynight when she was on flavor of love her claim to fame.

    a dyke said it best on a talk show bisexuals stick together and these gays and lesbians ARE STUPID.





    TAlks about anal sex with women too much brags about phukking girls in the ass.

    ex convicts dead giveaway nobody jacks off for 3 years.

    check his musical intersests this says a lot sensitive dudes listen to r&b singers who were closeted themselves luther, teddy, el debarge, babyface if he likes nothing but ballads yes hes a homo.

    when this white dude told me he was a big fan of katy perry’s and lady gagas music I found out then hew was bisexual.

    does he like ellen, tyra, queen latifah, the view, no straight man watches the damn view or anything on oprah’s newtwork.

    does he hum the lyrics to wendy Williams how you doing theme song.

  20. more hints does he constantly defends gays.

    going to clubs partying with weirdos popping x flashing neon lights.

    watches tyler perry and lee daniels too much.

    actually watched broke back mountain knowing the plot black dudes who actually want to see 2 white guys kiss is a dead giveaway.

    anybody who smokes weed or drinks with a openly gay dude.

    anybody who claims they are a gay supporter just start waving the rainbow flag already.

    anybody who wears a toungering but some people think its for oral but quit following trends.

    I called out 2 young white girls for being lesbians cause they had star and raijnbow rainbows and they asked me how I know they were bisexual.

    any woman who practices wicca and voodoo are bisexual.

    any man who wants to watch another man have sex with his wife or girlfriend.

  21. any man who complinents another mans dick yes im talking bout u t pain.

    anyman who says no homo after they talk sexually about another man.

    anybody who hangs around gays but claims they’re not doing it but they are always seen hanging with the same dl crew.

    men who smoke crack will suck a dick for 10 dollars.

    at least the female junkies will admit they eat p*ssy for a rock.

  22. all these dl weirdos wearing skirts or kilts or saying its manly to wear a skirt these days.

    how the hell can kris jenner defebnd bruce saying hes going through something.

    we understand bruce wants to be a bitch.

    why cover for him.

    baby and wayne would have gotten dissed like crazy if they did what they did in the 90’s.

    straight dudes don’t kiss their real dads on the lips unless they’re kids.

    dudes who sag yes the girls might like it but those fags wanna know whats going on with that ass too.

    what straight dude wants people to look at his natural ass anyway sorry its for women. who wan ts to see a dudews nasty ass draws why would a decent guy want to show his draws anyway.

    • Agree with everything except Bruce Jenner. He seems to be one of those mentally ill men who want to be a woman, but he’s still into women. He sees himself as a lesbian trapped in a womans body. When he finally comes clean, and they say thats going to happen at the beginning of the 13th season of KUWTK, you just watch and see if he don’t have a girlfriend who accepts him as a lesbian. Bruce has been famous since the 70s and he has never had gay rumors around him. You would have men coming out of the closet telling tales by now. And he always was with women and having childrens as fast as a rabbit. Nope. He ain’t gay, he’s just mentally ill.

  23. Look Imma sum it up just for me. I am a heterosexual woman and my man is a heterosexual man. Me and Mister are just fine. The End! Questions? Hmmm…Anyone?

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